10 Best Foot Peels & Masks for Softer, Smoother Feet in 2022

Look down and be honest: Your feet could probably use a little extra attention, right? That’s where the best foot peels come in. Calluses and cracked heels are year-round problems, since they can build up in any footwear (we’re looking at you, sneakers and boots) and get put on display during sandal season. But thanks to internet-famous products like Baby Foot, getting rid of them is only one mask away.

Unlike the rough scrubs and files you’re probably accustomed to, foot peels can be done at home with minimal effort. Many are chemical peels, which often use alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to dissolve dead skin until it literally sheds or sloughs off of your soles. If you have sensitive skin or would rather skip the week-long peeling process, you can also try foot masks, which nourish feet with rich moisturizers. Either way, you’ll walk away with soft skin, no salon trip or dermatologist visit required.

To make your choice a little easier, we tracked down the very best foot peels and masks available right now, according to reviewers. Whether you’re hoping to achieve smooth skin as quickly as possible or heal cracked feet that have been worn down by running, you’ll find a top-rated option here. All you have to lose is your dead skin.

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