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10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy that involves managing and analyzing your interactions with customers and potential clients.

Its main idea is to improve the relationship between customers and businesses – not only for growing sales and profits but also for building trust and loyalty.

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You can do so by manually creating spreadsheets, reports, and sorting emails. However, it might be a time-consuming task, and important information may get lost during the process.

On the other hand, it will be much easier to collect and manage customer data using one of many WordPress plugins. It provides tools for contact management, appointment schedule, and analytics to help increase sales conversion rate and improve productivity.

Luckily, there’s a vast range of WordPress CRM plugins available to cater to different business needs and budgets.

What Is a CRM Plugin?

A CRM WordPress plugin is a CRM system tool that helps manage sales, customer data, and the business’s workflow directly on your WordPress website.

In fact, nearly 92% of businesses from a recent study said that using a CRM tool is essential for reaching their revenue goals.

They come with such features as contact management, built-in mailing systems, and reports on sales activities. This provides data that helps businesses offer personalized services, products, and customer support for each client.

WordPress CRM plugins can also be a collaborative platform for businesses, letting you schedule meetings and calls, keep an activity log, and add reminders for your colleagues on customer profiles.

This way, information will not get lost during lengthy email exchanges, and your entire team will be up-to-date, knowing when to contact a customer or renew their contract, for example.

Top 10 WordPress CRM Plugins

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we selected 10 options to help you find the best WordPress CRM plugin for your business.

1. HubSpot

Screenshot of Hubspot plugin's banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 200,000+
  • Notable features: contact forms, chatbots, and a beginner-friendly email builder
  • Pricing: freemium (premium version available from $270/month)

HubSpot is considered one of the best WordPress CRM plugins as its free version comes with many great features.

It provides live chat and chatbots for ticket creation, booking meetings, and lead qualification. It is also possible to create a bank of reusable answers for frequently asked questions, saving time and keeping your workflow consistent.

HubSpot lets you manage contacts and get insights into what visitors are doing on your website. You can also view reports on page views, sales activities, and form submissions without leaving WordPress.

The plugin has a dynamic contact form builder that lets users make pop-up forms, forms based on conditional logic, and newsletter forms.

There’s a drag-and-drop email builder, plus five email templates ready for use. Users can also schedule emails and track them, receiving notifications when people open or click on the emails. 

You’ll also get one shared inbox so team members can check for upcoming emails and chats.

HubSpot integrates with third-party tools like Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Messenger, and most WordPress form plugins. It offers more than 650 apps, free and paid, including Gravity Forms and Stripe integration.

If you need additional features like task automation, A/B testing, and SEO suggestions, HubSpot offers paid plans.


2. UpiCRM

Screenshot of UpiCRM plugin's banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 1,000+
  • Notable features: supports multiple lead sources and UTM tags
  • Pricing: free 

UpiCRM is a plugin that integrates with all WordPress contact forms. It collects leads from various sources and stores them in a single database. Moreover, users can also gather leads from social media platforms.

This WordPress CRM plugin uses the UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tagging mechanism. It’s a code snippet that’s added at the end of an URL to help track your campaign’s performance and identify traffic sources. 

At first glance, the admin panel can seem overwhelming due to the many configuration options. However, it’s very intuitive. There are instructions on each tab, so it won’t take long to get used to it. 

UpiCRM is also a collaborative tool. Users can route and assign leads to specific team members and automate lead management. What is more, it’s possible to customize email notifications and templates. 

The tool’s dashboard shows analytic presentations of the generated leads and their status. You can also export all the data to CSV format or Excel. 

The plugin is free to download and provides other features like Google Sheets integration and inbound web service.



Screenshot of WP ERP's plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Notable features: advanced contact filter and activity log
  • Pricing: freemium (premium version available from $12.99/month)

WP ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that helps you manage your WordPress site and different business aspects from a single platform.

This WordPress CRM plugin has three modules – HR Management, CRM, and Accounting systems. With the HR and Accounting modules, it is possible to manage employee holidays and receive customer payments.

The CRM functionality lets users manage customer lifecycles so that they can respond based on priority level. It is also possible to segment contacts and filter them, making it easier to pinpoint clients.

On top of that, it allows to assign contacts and tasks to team members, add reminders or additional notes on customer profiles. Feel free to set deadlines and highlight the most important parts of each task.

WP ERP comes with a built-in mailing system that makes it simple to send emails directly from the contacts page. To keep track of your team and business activities, schedule meetings and calls, and keep an activity log.

The plugin also provides easy-to-understand CRM reports, which include information about customer and business growth. Complete documentation is accessible if you need more tips on how to use WP ERP.

To have access to Mailchimp and Gravity Forms integration features, you need to upgrade to WP ERP Pro.


4. Jetpack CRM

Screenshot of Jetpack CRM's plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 6,000+
  • Notable features: client portal and invoice builder
  • Pricing: freemium (premium version available from $11/month)

Formerly known as Zero BS WordPress CRM, Jetpack CRM is a flexible and straightforward WordPress plugin. It’s easy to set up, and it offers a welcome tour to show its main areas.

It allows to manage unlimited contacts and use tags to group them. There’s also a complete log system for keeping track of interactions with customers.

The log editor is easy to use, and it gives you the option to log events automatically. 

This WordPress CRM plugin also comes with a client portal where customers can see their files, invoices, and transactions. It’s secure and extendable, so clients have less to worry about data leaks.

With Jetpack CRM, you can also create invoices directly on your WordPress website. Preview them as a PDF file and send them with just one click.

To help you keep in touch with your customers via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, Jetpack CRM offers social integrations. It allows you to store and access your contacts’ profiles and automatically promote your social media channels in email campaigns.

On top of its core plugin, Jetpack CRM offers premium versions that include PayPal and WooCommerce integration, plus a year of support and updates. You can also purchase Jetpack CRM’s add-ons separately.


5. FluentCRM

Screenshot of FluentCRM's plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 3,000+
  • Notable features: email marketing manager and visual automation builder
  • Pricing: freemium (premium version available from $129/year)

If you’re looking for beginner-friendly WordPress CRM plugins, FluentCRM might be the best choice for you. The setup doesn’t take longer than two minutes, and users can start adding contacts straight away. 

Importing data from CSV files or other WordPress users is also possible. You can manage your customers by adding tags or sorting them into lists. Plus, there’s an option to store notes and activity logs on their profiles. 

It also implements an email block editor, so feel free to use premade templates or upload your own. Additionally, you can save pre-written emails for later use and schedule their send date.

FluentCRM’s dashboard gives a quick overview of the number of contacts, campaigns, and emails sent. Charts displaying subscriber growth and emails opened are available as well.

The plugin’s premium version comes with additional integrations such as WP Fluent Forms, a year of priority support, and updates.


6. WordPress CRM by Groundhogg

Screenshot of Groundhogg's CRM plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 2,000+
  • Notable features: unlimited contacts and funnel builder
  • Pricing: freemium (premium version available from $20/month)

WordPress CRM by Groundhogg is an excellent WordPress tool for managing an extensive contact list. Users can add unlimited contacts and have complete control over the data.

The plugin is also easy to use since it works directly from your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, Groundhogg has a setup guide and complete documentation to help you get started.

When it comes to contact management, it lets users create unlimited custom fields. Organize contacts through tags, add notes/files, send emails, and view activity logs from their profiles.

Groundhogg also offers email marketing tools, such as a drag-and-drop or HTML editor and email previews. Plus, mail campaigns can be reviewed and tested before sending them to contacts. 

The plugin comes with a CRM funnel builder to automate the workflow and user experience. You can import a template or start the funnel from scratch, adding benchmarks and actions with a couple of clicks.

Furthermore, the WordPress CRM plugin by Groundhogg comes complete with analytics. Other than the audience and demographic reports, there are conversions, click-through, and open rates. Users can also check the performance of their emails and funnels.

If you need advanced features such as email preferences, form styling, and funnel steps, upgrade to one of Groundhogg’s premium plans.


7. WP-CRM System

Screenshot of WP CRM System's plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 800+
  • Notable features: drag-and-drop editor and CSV uploader
  • Pricing: free

WP-CRM System is another CRM plugin that you access right from your WordPress dashboard.

With its drag-and-drop editor, you can easily add new campaigns, projects, and contact details such as name or email address. If you have used a different CRM tool before, you can import contacts and other data with the WP-CRM CSV uploader.

If you have a team, you can assign campaigns and tasks to different representatives. They will receive email updates whenever the project is edited.

The email editor is very straightforward. It won’t take more than a minute to write and send messages, speeding up your customer service. 

Moreover, reports for tasks, projects, and campaigns are easily accessible. They show statistical data such as the progress and status of each activity. 

Users can add extra features by purchasing add-ons like Gravity Forms Connect and Client Area. Plus, the WP-CRM plugin for WordPress is free and translated into Russian, Polish, and Spanish languages.


8. CRM and Lead Management by vCita

Screenshot of vCita's CRM plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 300+
  • Notable features: automated campaigns and client portal
  • Pricing: from $19/month

This CRM and Lead Management plugin works a little differently than other WordPress CRM plugins on this list.

For starters, its user interface is straightforward and won’t take long to get used to.

You can add tags to customers, start a live chat, send emails, and schedule bookings from their profiles. It is also possible to attach notes, payments, and documents to each contact. 

Prepare and send emails for invoices, appointments, and estimated bills in a few minutes. There are templates ready to be used, so you just need to fill in the required fields. 

You don’t have to worry about remembering to send birthday cards, welcome messages, and follow-ups. The vCita’s plugin assists in creating automated campaigns. The built-in calendar lets you check booking and meeting dates as well.

Moreover, your customers can log in at any time to view and manage their documents, payments, and appointments through a client portal. 

However, you need to sign up for an account on vCita to use the tool on WordPress. vCita offers a 14-day free trial of its plans, but the CRM core plugin is free to download. 


9. WP Fusion

Screenshot of wpfusion's plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: undisclosed
  • Notable features: field-mapping system and automation
  • Pricing: freemium (premium version available from $247-$540/license)

WP Fusion isn’t exactly a CRM plugin. It’s a tool that synchronizes your WordPress site with the CRM system you use.

It’s the perfect solution for those already registered to a CRM software or using several email marketing tools.

The plugin integrates with third-party software such as AgileCRM, Salesflare, or Zoho CRM. However, WP Fusion Lite doesn’t synchronize with or detect information generated from other CRM plugins.

To access integrations with MemberPress, WooCommerce, or other plugins, it is necessary to upgrade to one of WP Fusion’s premium plans.

In addition, the premium plans provide a field mapping system to connect user data from your website to standard or custom fields in the CRM system.

It can also integrate user accounts between multiple sites and send form submissions to your CRM software.

You can track the status of subscriptions and purchases to help you send follow-ups. Plus, there’s an option to recover abandoned carts, allowing you to send reminders to customers that they haven’t completed their order on the website.

Moreover, it lets you update customer lifecycle stages and display CRM data from your WordPress dashboard.

To improve productivity, automate recurring tasks, notifications, and reminders, WP Fusion can automatically apply CRM tags to contacts based on their activities on your site.

You don’t have to send product suggestion emails manually. This WordPress plugin will do it for you based on the customer’s purchase history. 


10. Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Screenshot of Salesforce's CRM plugin banner

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: undisclosed
  • Notable features: integration with Salesforce and developer-friendly
  • Pricing: from $25/month per user

Salesforce is one of the best CRM systems available. It uses artificial intelligence analytics to help you predict sales, conversions, and customer actions based on their past behaviors.

Having access to this data, you can discover relevant patterns that will assist you with automating workflows and increase productivity.

Even though Salesforce doesn’t provide an official WordPress CRM plugin, the Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce plugin connects your WordPress site with the CRM tool.

Customer information gathered on your WordPress website will be recorded automatically on Salesforce.

This WordPress plugin also allows to fully customize the contact form and use shortcodes to insert it in the page or post of your choice. If you prefer, it is possible to use the built-in widget to place the form in the sidebar.

In addition to that, the Brilliant plugin provides several filters and hooks so that you can include and change its functions. However, this is a solution for more experienced WordPress users.

If you don’t have much experience editing WordPress plugins, it is better to choose a beginner-friendly CRM solution such as HubSpot or vCita.



All businesses need to keep track of their customer journey. It helps to increase sales, have a more efficient workflow, and save precious time.

As your company grows, so does the number of contacts and business processes. Customer relationship management might sound like a complicated process, especially for small businesses, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re still unsure which WordPress CRM plugin to choose for your business, here are our top three picks:

  • HubSpot may be one of the best WordPress CRM plugins for business owners who want to offer customer service 24/7, whether through live chats or automated answers.
  • Groundhogg is an excellent free option for those who have a limited budget. It has more than enough features for customer management and business productivity.
  • vCita’s CRM plugin may attract your interest if you’re looking for a premium CRM system that is user-friendly and affordable. Its automation options will surely boost the customer relationship management process.

Being a WordPress site admin, you have access to a variety of CRM plugins offering various solutions. Let us know if you have any other favorites below!


Ratna is a web hosting expert and content writer at Hostinger. With her experience with all things tech and SEO, she is ever-ready to share. In her spare time, Ratna likes to read a good book or resume her cross-stitch project.

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