10 Best Youtube Channels For Learning Electrical Engineering

There’s no arguing that YouTube significantly impacts how today’s generation consumes information. Many people, from individuals to huge companies, use YouTube to share their thoughts, ideas, stories, and insights with their audience. These days, we carry the world in our pockets through smartphones. Electrical Engineering contents are not left out.

YouTube channels have a plethora of useful videos for Electrical Engineering. Have you subscribed to any electrical engineering YouTube channels? Are you looking for a little extra? Or maybe something educational but fun?

Let’s take a look at the 10 best YouTube channels for learning Electrical Engineering.

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10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Electrical Engineering

Numerous resources are available to teach you how to construct things independently exclusive statements from the people behind the Youtube channels, as well as some of the industry’s leaders.

You can find out what the world of Engineering holds, just from YouTube. The 10 best YouTube channels for learning Electrical Engineering are-

#1. Interesting Engineering


Views: 102,430,654

 With over 600,000 subscribers, this channel provides the current information on how electrical engineering moves the world. . I.E will keep updated on all the latest breakthroughs in engineering, whether it’s in automation or climate technology.

Interesting Engineering could be the channel for you if you have an insatiable hunger for fresh information. And the best part? Every couple of days, they release new content! It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

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#2. EEVBlog


Views: 183,247,431

 EEVblog is a video blog for electronic engineers, amateurs, makers, and other creative content. ‘The scope of the field is practically boundless,’ Dave Jones told us. Regardless of your experience level, you can and typically learn something new every day.’

They appear to be getting better and better as they chase down the 900,000 subscriber threshold! The EEV blog ranks second on our list.

It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering. The blog and YouTube channel are dedicated to electronics engineers, hobbyists, hackers, and makers. 

His content has been described as “in-depth equipment assessments and insane stunts.” Jones claims that in the 1980s, he began publishing electronic design project designs in electronics DIY periodicals such as Electronics Australia. Several of his project pieces have been published in Silicon Chip in recent years.

Jones is also the creator and co-host of The Amp Hour, a radio show and podcast about electronics engineering.

The channel offers in-depth equipment reviews as well as electronics commentary. Jones has over 1000 episodes online. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering

#3. GreatScott!


Views: 232,131,589

Do you want to make something unique? GreatScott is the place to go. This YouTube channel ranks high as one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

GreatScott’s Youtube channel ranks third on our list. The channel has about 1.667M subscribers. If you love to try new ideas, check out this channel. They would show you the easiest ways of doing most things you have been finding very difficult.

He also contributed to Brady Haran’s YouTube channel, Computerphile, by explaining computer security issues. He always wears red T-shirts, which he began wearing for consistency throughout filming.

Since Scott was wearing a red t-shirt in the primary image he used for his website at the time, he chose red as the accent color for the website.


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#4. Adafruit


Views: 87,914,636

With 415K subscribers, Adafruit is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering. Limor “Ladyada” Fried, an MIT engineer, created Adafruit in 2005.

Limor was the first female engineer featured on the cover of WIRED magazine. Not long ago, she was named “Entrepreneur of the Year!” by Entrepreneur magazine.

Adafruit began as a retail website selling things for learning electronics and makers. But there’s a lot more to it than that! Engineers, makers, and electronic hobbyists of all levels can find a wealth of informative films on her channels. She runs one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

Adafruit Industries creates, manufactures, and sells various electronic goods, components, tools, and accessories.

It also creates instructional tools, such as live and recorded movies on electronics, technology, and programming. They show you the process of all this on their YouTube channel. Click the link below to subscribe.

#5. Mjlorton


Views: 40,198,304

‘Have fun playing, discovering, learning, and having fun!’ When you visit Martin Lorton’s channel, he advises you to do just that. He presents his videos in an amateurish manner.

He even made a Red Pitaya introduction video. This makes it one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

When asked what the best thing about (Electrical) Engineering is, most people say… ‘There’s always something new to learn about…it never gets dull!’ he simply remarked.

We couldn’t be more in agreement! If you are interested in electrical engineering, you should visit this channel. He would make you fall in love with it over again.

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#6. Jeremy Blum.


Views: 18,155,942

This channel started with Jeremy Blum. Jeremy is an Electrical Engineer who uses his videos to “teach people about the worlds of engineering, technology, and science.” Aside from that, he maintains a blog with a wealth of useful information.

He is currently the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Principal Electrical Engineer at Shaper. They utilize computer vision to revolutionize how people use handheld power tools.

Jeremy Blum has an obsessive desire to construct things. He creates prosthetic hands, fiber-optic LED lighting systems, and home automation systems in his videos.

You would also find 3D printers and scanners, self-assembling robots, wearable computing platforms, and learning robots.

He published most of his research at international conferences and in peer-reviewed publications. The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine selected him for their annual 30-Under-30 list. He posts a video every other week.



Views: 17,959,554

‘Every day, Hackaday brings you new hacks from all across the internet.’ Hackaday is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of hacking.

This channel would also teach you the basics of constructing things. And of course, electrical engineering.

Hacakday’s channel, which has a solid 170+ followers, includes some very amazing how-to videos. These range from building a custom gaming controller to 1-Pixel Pac-Man. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

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#8. SmarterEveryDay


Views: 1,050,321,349

 SmarterEveryDay got launched by an American engineer. The channel debut was in 2007 and today has millions of subscribers. From an engineering standpoint, the episodes build on scientific discovery and inquiry.

Sandlin, who has a background in aerospace engineering, would have you develop an interest in space and flying.

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However, his YouTube account also features films on various other topics. This includes ‘Why dogs tilt their heads,’ ‘Turning gravity into light,’ and ‘Acoustic levitation.’

SmarterEveryDay may be able to answer some of your burning questions if you’re naturally curious about the world around you.

If you love engineering, and physics in general, you would love this YouTube channel. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering. 

#9. minutephysics


Views: 496,925,134

minutephysics is an instructional channel that has been running since 2011. It started through Henry Reich. The channel’s About page perfectly expresses it: ‘In a nutshell, fascinating physics and other delightful science.’ The channel has entertaining animated animations that clearly explain physics concepts.

They summarize topics in about one minute when the video starts. However, videos are now a little longer.

‘The Limits of Lithium-ion to ‘Why doesn’t time flow backward?’ are just a few of the topics covered. minutephysics is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

Minute Physics videos have appeared on PBS NewsHour, Huffington Post, NBC, and Gizmodo. This is another channel you can access via YouTube EDU.

The most popular Minute Physics video, with over 17M views, debates whether to walk or sprint to avoid the rain. Reich has also posted three videos that explain the Higgs Boson.

Reich made a movie in March 2020 that explained the exponential projection of statistics as data collection.

He did this using the evolving record associated with COVID-19 data. If you want to learn, this is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

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#10. Learn Engineering



Learn Engineering is an educational channel for engineers, launched towards the end of 2012. Learn Engineering could be your best bet if you’re not inclined to channels with quirky online personalities and strange experiments.

It’s a strictly educational channel that explains difficult technology by reducing engineering to its fundamentals.

Its animated videos are simple and easy to follow. It also covers a wide range of engineering topics, including automotive engineering, aerospace, and aeronautical engineering.

Also, It covers electrical engineering, equipment design, and thermal engineering, among others. If you’re a lover of the sciences, this is the one for you. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering.

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The best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering provide fundamental knowledge and visual explanations of topics.

They find a way to make you learn so much in a little amount of time. These channels are also engaging and fun in their way.

No matter what your taste in content looks like, you can find a channel on the list above. We are sure that there is a lot about electrical engineering you do not know. Begin now to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn electrical engineering on my own?

It is feasible to learn electrical engineering on your own, but it is difficult. Before beginning this project, you must first establish your budget, timetable, aim, and learning style. Investing in textbooks, online courses, and time spent in a laboratory is also critical. You would find it very difficult to learn with YouTube alone.

What is the best YouTube channel for electrical engineering?

EEVblog and GreatScott are the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering. They have a lot of subscribers as well. This means they must be doing some good. You should check them out. You can find links to their channels above. Scroll back up.

Is electrical engineering difficult?

The electrical engineering major is one of the most challenging in the fields. It requires a lot of abstract thinking. Even though the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering would help you break it down, it is still difficult.

Which YouTube channel is ideal for first-year engineering students?

5 Minute Engineering is a good channel to follow. If you are not comfortable with it, you can check any of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering above.

Is electrical engineering a viable career path?

Electrical engineering is a viable career path for young people. The course has hundreds of job opportunities accessible. You can work in virtually any profession that needs electricity. From government agencies to commercial IT corporations. Start with subscribing to any of the best YouTube channels for learning electrical engineering above.

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