10 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Investing

On the internet nowadays, you can learn about everything. Free internet resources can teach you everything from cooking to musical instruments to programming to investment.

 However, one website has established itself as a free source of instructional content that is both easy to study and accessible. 

Of course, we’re talking about YouTube. As a result, we’re looking at the finest best YouTube channels for investing today.

Thanks to tools like these, you don’t have to go to an expensive institution to gain this information. 

While internet learning might not provide all of the benefits of traditional education, it can provide you with all of the skills you need to invest your money properly. 

You can even safeguard your future and generate other income streams if you put in enough effort.

 Ensure to keep reading as we unveil to you the best YouTube channels for investing. 

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What are the 10 best YouTube channels for investing? 

Without wasting much time, let us delve into the best YouTube channels for investing you will find anywhere on the internet:

#1. Andrei Jikh

Number of subscribers: 2.02 million subscribers 

Total number of videos: 405 videos 

Number of average viewers: 191.6 million views 

On our first list of best YouTube channels for investing is Andrei Jikh. He is an online entrepreneur who focuses on investing and financial minimalism on his YouTube channel. 

His videos are made for YouTube and can be viewed at any time, regardless of whether or not you have a subscription. 

While his video release schedule does not appear consistent, he tends to upload at least one video every week.

Andrei’s channel covers a variety of financial subjects, but he appears to be particularly interested in bitcoin. 

Making money with bitcoin, Bitcoin price, and buying NFTs are just a few of his videos. There are also videos about the greatest stocks, investment apps, and other topics.

Andrei puts his money where his mouth is, with a net worth of $3.5 million in 2021. 

He trades stocks through Robinhood and WeBull and frequently discusses his experience with Robinhood on his YouTube channel. 

As a crypto enthusiast, he has amassed a significant amount of his wealth through cryptocurrency. Several real estate interests boost Andrei’s total net worth.

While his channel is mostly educational, he also acts as a YouTube personality and entertainer. 

So, if you’re searching for a channel where you can learn from someone who freely shares their thoughts, this is an excellent one to check out.

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#2. BeatTheBush

Number of subscribers: 364k subscribers 

Total Number of videos: 1.1k videos

Number of average viewers: 74.9 million views 

BeatTheBush is a YouTube channel for investing that is both informative and friendly. 

This channel has a lot of useful information for people who are new to investing and personal finance techniques. Even the most seasoned pro can benefit from watching these videos.

This channel offers a wonderful combination of personal experience, general guidance, and breaking news.

 It’s reassuring to know that not every video is about a high-level subject. For instance, are you wondering if traveling to a cheaper gas station saves you money? 

You’ll find it, as well as other related topics, here. One thing you’ll notice about this channel is that the host’s name isn’t displayed anywhere. 

The channel began in 2014 as a “random” (as the host puts it) collection of DIY films, some of which were financial. 

With over 364,000 subscribers, the channel evolved into a personal finance YouTube.

There’s a lot to gain from perusing this channel because of its approachability and variety of topics covered. 

There’s something for everyone, whether you want to learn about early retirement, the expense of health insurance without a job, or gift card fraud.

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#3. Graham Stephan 

Number of subscribers: 3.83 million subscribers 

The average number of videos: 789 videos 

Number of average viewers: 383 million views 

Graham Stephan is a YouTuber with real estate experience. He began working in real estate at the age of 18 and has since sold over $125 million in residential real estate.

 He started his YouTube channel to share his real estate experiences with people who are interested in pursuing this career path.

Graham became a full-time YouTuber in 2020 after juggling real estate and generating YouTube videos for a few years. 

He primarily mentioned his real estate assets and earnings when establishing the channel in 2016. He’s broadened his programming since then to include other financial issues as well as news commentary.

Like many other YouTubers, Graham portrays himself as a YouTube personality and entertainer in his videos.

 He shares personal experiences and portfolio information in ways that viewers can learn from his achievements and errors. 

You’ll also find films on productivity tips and daily habits, which can be applied to investing or other aspects of life. It is one of the best YouTube channels for investing out there. 

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#4. Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing

Number of subscribers: 429k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 470 videos 

Number of average viewers: 27.4 million views 

This YouTube channel for investing l is unique in that it concentrates solely on one type of investing. 

Rule #1 investing claims to be immune to stock market ups and downs by employing Warren Buffet-style investment. Phil Town, an investment counselor, hedge fund manager, and New York Times Best-Selling author of Rule #1, run the channel.

If you’re used to YouTube personalities, Phil’s videos aren’t as spectacular as you may think. Most videos are around 15 minutes long, so you can stop by whenever you want to learn something new without devoting your entire day to staring at a screen.

 Phil Town also co-hosts the InvestED podcast with his daughter Danielle Town so that you can listen to his lessons on the go. Phil’s channel covers a wide range of vital financial subjects. 

His thoughts on matters like inflation protection and Bitcoin predictions can be found here. You’ll also receive tips on how to find high-quality companies and create a passive income stream. 

Instead of pursuing a personal journey, you can pick and select topics that interest you without feeling like you’re missing out on anything.

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#5. Ricky Gutierrez

Number of subscribers: 1.03 million subscribers 

Total number of videos: 2.6k videos 

Number of average viewers: 83.7 million views 

Ricky Gutierrez uses his YouTube channel to share videos and develop his audience. Ricky started a Discord server called Techbud Solutions in addition to his YouTube channel. 

This is a free discussion forum where investors and entrepreneurs may discuss their achievements and failures with others who share their interests.

Ricky’s YouTube channel for investing features short, easy-to-understand videos on a range of subjects. 

From penny stocks and swing trading to digital and affiliate marketing, there’s something for everyone. Ricky has undoubtedly made a video about it if there’s a method to make money online.

Because of Ryan’s approach to the topic, this channel is very useful for novices. Several videos discuss certain stocks and how to prepare for market fluctuations. 

Ricky also offers several videos for beginners, some of which include step-by-step instructions.

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#6. Ryan Scribner

Number of subscribers: 785 subscribers 

Total number of videos: 454 videos 

Number of average viewers: 61 million views 

In 2016, Ryan Scribner began a YouTube channel to chronicle his investment journey. Before beginning his channel, he worked as a past-due bill collector for his local power utility company.

 He now provides investment advice to his 748,000 followers. Ryan’s channel covers a wide range of investment subjects.

 His videos include a mix of product evaluations, how-tos, and updates on his investment experience. He even gives recommendations on which stocks to buy and hold.

Forbes has named Ryan’s YouTube channel the “#1 must-watch channel for making money in 2019. Investing Simple and Farmland Riches are two of his blogs. 

His channel is worth watching, even if you generally seek financial advice from specialists.

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#7. Financial Diet

Number of subscribers: 977 subscribers 

Total number of videos: 696 videos

Number of average viewers: 102 million views 

Chelsea Fagan, the founder of The Financial Diet, started a personal blog to keep track of her finances. The Financial Diet has grown into a small business since its inception in 2014 to change how people talk about money. 

The Financial Diet offers a blog and a podcast in addition to a YouTube channel.

One of the best aspects of The Financial Diet is that it goes far beyond investment advice.

 The channel features videos about budgeting, emergency fund issues, food shop expenses, and more. Without being dogmatic, the channel is well-rounded and accessible.

The Financial Diet goes one step further by giving a membership program to its subscribers and followers.

 You may get discounted courses and events, members-only office hours with Chelsea Fagan, and more for $4.99 monthly.

 With a variety of ways to consume material and stay connected, The Financial Diet may be a step ahead of many of its competitors. Trust me, it is among the best YouTube channels for investing. 

#8. Warrior Trading 

Number of subscribers: 972k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 1.3k videos 

Number of average viewers: 82 million 

Warrior Trading is a research-based trading platform that teaches people how to invest. It teaches people how to be successful in day trading in particular.

 It was founded by Ross Cameron, whose films may be viewed on the Warrior Trading YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel is one of a kind in terms of what it offers. Instead of providing broad financial advice, Ross Cameron and Mike Herman host live day trading shows. 

They discuss their watch lists and make deals during these live shows. There are also monthly recaps, day trading tactics, and other topics on the channel.

The YouTube channel is an excellent resource for learning more about day trading. If you enjoy the content on the channel, a Warrior Trading subscription can help you continue your day trading education.

 Beginners and experienced traders alike can benefit from the platform and YouTube channel; it all depends on what you want.

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#9.Wealth Hacker-Jeff Rose 

Number of subscribers: 378k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 670 videos 

Number of average viewers: 27.7 million views 

Jeff Rose is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and the former CEO of Alliance Wealth Management, LLC, an investment advisory firm. 

His YouTube channel is dedicated to providing the most efficient methods for achieving financial independence. 

His channel is named Wealth Hacker, which indicates that the information you’ll learn here isn’t the same as what you’ll learn in school about personal finance.

Jeff’s channel is dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about increasing your money, whether it’s through passive income or a profitable side hustle.

 His videos are jam-packed with tips on how to build and enhance your business using online marketing tactics. 

You’ll also get information on productivity and investment techniques.

This channel’s key selling point is its approachability. Jeff shares real-world ideas and simple examples to understand and implement even if you’re new to wealth development. 

In my opinion, Jeff Rose has valuable information for just about everybody who is even remotely interested in understanding personal financial tactics.

#10. The Motley Fool 

Number of subscribers: 423k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 3.7k videos 

Number of average viewers: 19 million views 

The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is a stock-picking service that members may utilize to help them pick profitable stocks. 

David and Tom Gardner founded the firm in 1993 to assist everyone without a finance degree. 

(At least, most of us.) Service members anticipate the next stock pick with bated breath, knowing that the Motley Fool Stock Advisor has outperformed the market by a factor of four since its debut.


YouTube is more than simply a video platform; it’s also a search engine and an internet resource for almost anything. 

It’s no wonder, then, that there is a slew of best YouTube channels for insights dedicated to investment and other financial topics. 

However, because investing can be risky, it’s critical to obtain reliable sources of information that you can trust.

Because each YouTuber has a specific focus, the best investing YouTube channel for you will be determined by the type of investing you wish to learn about. 

You’ll need to locate a channel with experience to back up their advice, whether it’s about the greatest stock to buy or how to get started with bitcoin. 

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need as regards the best YouTube channels for investing in this current age. 

FAQs 10 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Investing

Why is investing important? 

It helps you secure your future. That is the aim of your investing.

How can I access the best YouTube channels for investing? 

You need a smartphone and a reliable and strong network to access these best investing YouTube channels.

How can I know which investment strategy is best for me?

The truth is, know what works for you. If you know watching YouTube investing channels will help boost your strategy, then go for it!

Why should I invest using YouTube?

Note here that YouTube does not guarantee that you will eventually get the right investment plan. It can only give you knowledge on how to go about it.



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