10 Home Décor Trends, According to a Celeb Interior Designer

We interrupt our regularly scheduled fashion content to talk about another area of great interest to fashion people: home décor. Our living spaces are as much a reflection of our personal style as our clothes are, so it’s understandable that it’s of such importance. And while home décor items can be more of an investment than a new article of clothing, the plus side is that the trend cycles don’t move quite as quickly for interiors as they do for fashion.

Speaking of trends, to put together our “Dream Home” guide, we went straight to the source and asked celebrity interior designer Adair Curtis to fill us in on all the freshest décor trends. In addition to co-founding and serving as the interior designer for JSN Studio with his husband Jason Bolden, Curtis serves as the interior designer for the new Netflix series Instant Dream Home. Given his credentials, you can trust what he has to say about home décor trends.

For this guide, we took things room-by-room, with Curtis filling us in on the specific items that are trending in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and every other space in your home. Keep scrolling to discover and shop the chic décor items that are popping up in the homes of the most stylish among us.



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