10 Wardrobe Staples French Women Wear on Repeat in Autumn

There’s an intrinsic ease to French style that makes it so aspirational. With Paris being the home of many of the most iconic fashion brands and strict regulations on what is considered Haute Couture, fashion is in the country’s DNA. As a result, many believe French people embody a sense of style that is seemingly effortless yet always on-trend. They rely on classic pieces with modern design details as well as great tailoring. Re-creating this can seem like an unattainable feat, but with these 10 wardrobe staples, it’s easier than you think. 

When I lived in France, I was desperate to assimilate—not just by learning the language, sipping wine and getting photos of my morning croissants but also by emulating French style. There’s a mysterious feel to the way in which French women are able to always look stylish, as if all the outfit pieces were just thrown together quickly but harmoniously. In Provence, I decided to figure out which staple pieces will create that je ne sais quoi. What I found was the French wardrobe relies on great staples. Of course, trending items are added in here and there, but the foundations remain the same and, luckily for us, can be easily replicated. 

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