10 Weebly Alternatives Compared in Detail for 2022

Weebly is a simple but effective website builder. But if you feel like it does not make the cut for your business, here are some Weebly alternatives you can try instead.

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10 Weebly Alternatives if You Are Looking for Better Platforms dukaan logo 1

Launch, scale and manage your online business with just $11.99 on Dukaan. Annual plans start at $99.99 only.

Since Weebly is a part of the Square product suite, you can easily build the eCommerce functionality to your website and sell online.

However, does it have everything you need to manage and scale your business online?

A lot of sellers that have used Weebly will agree that it is not really scalable, making it only a temporary solution. It is not SEO friendly and there are a lot more issues on the platform.

3 Reasons Why You Should Look For Weebly Alternative

Here are some of the major reasons why sellers are seen migrating away from Weebly.

1. Weebly does not have the best SEO integrations

If you want your online store to rank on top of the search results, then you should optimize your store for a set of relevant keywords. Weebly makes it very hard to make your site SEO friendly.

Weebly has Terrible SEO

2. Weebly is very unpredictable and inconsistent

Sellers who have tried Weebly agree that what is mentioned in the tutorials and what you see in reality are totally different.

With every update on the platform, the features and integrations keep changing, leaving sellers having to readjust with the changes.

Weebly is unpredictable and inconsistent

3. Weebly has very poor customer service

Customer support is by far the biggest drawback of Weebly. A lot of sellers have complained about the almost non-existent customer support on the platform.

A lot of sellers have had issues on the platform that has not been resolved even after a month or more!

Weebly poor customer service

Best Weebly Alternatives to Try in 2022

Without further ado, here are the best alternatives to Weebly in 2022.

1. Dukaan

Best for startups and small businesses

Paid plans start at $11.99 per month


If you want to take your business online with a fully functional digital storefront within a matter of minutes, then there is no better option than Dukaan!

This alternative to Weebly will not just get you started quickly, but also help you run your business efficiently with a lot of room to scale it up. It is the best overall solution for entrepreneurs!

How does Dukaan compare with Weebly?

Feature Dukaan Weebly
Best For Businesses of all sizes Small Businesses
Overview eCommerce platform for sellers serious about establishing their business Website builder for personal websites and small scale businesses
Pricing eCommerce plans at $11.99 per month eCommerce plans start at $12 per month
Getting Started Create your online store in under a minute Though easy, it will take a few hours to go live
Customization Complete customization can be done Limited and has a lot of restrictions
Ease of Use Dukaan theme editor is very intuitive and simple Weebly editor is very outdated and complicated
Scalability Lot of room to scale your business Not best for scalability
Abandoned Cart Recovery Available on all plans Available only on the highest paid plan
Responsiveness Well-designed themes that are responsive across all devices Themes are poorly designed and not mobile responsive
Interface Very friendly and intuitive Not friendly or intuitive
SEO Offers advance SEO features like auto sitemap, robots.txt, and blog integration Basic SEO features like Title tag, meta, customized URL, etc.
Customer Support 24/7 customer support available Available between specific hours only


Dukaan is a ‘no coding required’ platform where you can build your online store without the hassle of coding or developing.

The simple and intuitive dashboard allows you to handle order management, inventory management, shipping, returns, etc.

Additionally, there is a huge range of plugins to expand the functionality of your online store. You can also access a range of free business tools to help with various aspects of your business, like slogan generator, image background remover, etc.


Dukaan has a range of well-designed and modern themes that are all free of cost. It is also very simple to activate the themes and customize them to reflect your brand.

You can make your store look very professional and put together by using plugins like pop-ups, live chat, etc. Dukaan also offers a range of easily customizable templates for social media, WhatsApp stories, and ad campaigns for your business.

Ease of use:

Dukaan is a very simple and straightforward platform. Setting up your store can be done in a few simple steps and entering some important information about your business.

Customizing your store and adding required plugins to expand the functionality can be done easily. You do not need any coding skills or design experience to build an online store on Dukaan.


Dukaan has the most cost-effective subscription plans when compared to other eCommerce platforms. Here is the detailed pricing plan:

Plan Monthly Yearly
Entrepreneur $11.99 $119.99
Agency $49.99 $499.99
Enterprise Custom Custom

10 Weebly Alternatives if You Are Looking for Better Platforms dukaan enterprise logo

The Dukaan enterprise plan helps you scale your business with advanced features and more controls.

2. Wix

Best for highly customizable online store

Paid plans start at $18 per month


Wix is a website builder that has quickly gained popularity for its high customizability and range of website themes.

You can easily build an aesthetically pleasing website and also add the eCommerce functionality to the website using a plugin. It is a highly potential Weebly alternative.


Wix is a website builder ‌foremost with most of its features focused on helping you build an attractive and functional website. As mentioned above, you can add the eCommerce functionality to your website on Wix using a free app called Wix stores.

This app allows you to build a professional eCommerce website by layering templates, and you can handle all the aspects of your business, like orders, inventory, shipping, payments, etc. all in one place.


Wix has over 500 well-designed templates that can be easily customized to reflect your brand. It also uses the easy drag-and-drop tool to build a website from scratch or to edit the website theme of your choice.

Wix is one of the few platforms that help you build a complete and aesthetic website using ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence. You just need to fill in a few details and Wix will put together a website that suits your needs.

Ease of use:

Using ADI to build a highly professional-looking website sure makes things a lot easier, especially for those who lack the technical expertise or design skills.

Those who need more customization options will not be disappointed either, as Wix offers complete customization of your site.

Additionally, Wix has a huge app marketplace where you will find a range of apps for expanding the functionality of your website.


For the features and functionality offered by Wix, the pricing plans are completely justified. Here is a detailed breakdown of the subscription plans:

Plan Monthly Yearly
Combo $18/month $14/month
Unlimited $23/month $18/month
Pro $28/month $23/month
VIP $47/month $39/month
Business Basic $28/month $23/month
Business Unlimited $33/month $27/month
Business VIP $56/month $49/month

Why choose Wix over Weebly?

1. Easy drag-and-drop website builder.
2. Over 500 well-designed themes.
3. Offers complete creative control.

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3. Squarespace

Best for aesthetically pleasing themes

Paid plans start at $16 per month


If you are looking for a versatile and intuitive website builder as a Weebly alternative, then Squarespace is the best choice for you.

If you are a blogger, a photographer, a podcaster, or an entrepreneur, you can build the website best suited for your purpose on Squarespace.


Squarespace is also a no-coding required platform that comes with a domain on all of its paid subscriptions. It has a very good blogging platform integrated into the platform.

It also offers a range of eCommerce features, like order management, payment gateways, inventory management, etc. One of its best eCommerce features is customer login.


Squarespace ranks pretty high when it comes to design with its highly sleek and modern website templates. It has a range of templates for all sorts of professionals.

Though the customization is limited compared to Wix, Squarespace is still a great option when it comes to well-designed websites. The drag-and-drop editor helps customize the templates easily. The templates are very intuitive and responsive too.

Ease of use:

The templates make it very easy to build a website of your choice and customizing is made easy by the drag-and-drop tool. However, the customization is limited, which may seem restrictive for some people.

Running your business on Squarespace is also very straightforward. You can manage everything using the comprehensive dashboard. It also has a capable customer support team if you face any issues.


Squarespace does not have a free plan like Weebly, however, its priced plans are very value added. Here are the subscription options:

Plan Monthly Yearly
Personal Plan $19 $14
Business Plan $33 $23
Ecommerce Basic Plan $36 $27
Ecommerce Advanced Plan $65 $49

Why choose Squarespace over Weebly?

1. Very aesthetically pleasing online store.
2. Classy and sleek website templates.
3. Offers multi-channel integration.

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4. WordPress

Best for blogging purposes

Paid plans start at $3 per month

wordpress website

When we say WordPress, we mean WordPress.com. It is easy to get confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, which is an open-source platform better suited for coders and developers.

WordPress.com, on the other hand, is best suited for beginners and a great Weebly alternative for people with no coding experience.


WordPress is a very famous CMS platform with features complete for blogging and content management. eCommerce functionality can be added to your website using WooCommerce, which is a free plugin to download.

The SEO feature on WordPress is very strong, so if you want to get your website noticed by search engines, then this is the best platform for you.


WordPress has the widest range of themes and templates to build the website of your choice. Though the customization is limited, the platform is the best choice for beginners.

You can customize your website with a range of over 50,000 plugins and extensions available on WordPress. You can add almost any feature to your website using these plugins.

Ease of use:

WordPress is a very easy-to-use and beginner-friendly alternative to Weebly. It supports eCommerce features like order management, inventory management, marketing, SEO, etc.

The availability of a range of plugins sure makes things a lot easier. However, it can make the website a little clunky and slow. WordPress is more suited as a blogging platform compared to eCommerce.


WordPress has a completely free plan that comes with basic features and a WordPress domain. Here are all the paid plans available:

Plan Cost (Billed Annually)
Free $0
Blogger $3/month
Personal $5/month
Premium $8/month
Business $25/month
eCommerce $45/month

Why choose WordPress over Weebly?

1. One of the top website builders.
2. Over 50,000 website themes.
3. Add eCommerce feature for free.

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5. Webnode

Best for creating a multilingual website

Paid plans start at $3.90 per month


Webnode is a website builder that is a budget-friendly alternative to Weebly. Though it is not such a huge household name as compared to WordPress or Wix, the platform still hosts over 40 million registered users.


Webnode helps you build a multilingual website using its simple website builder. You can have a custom domain or re-direct your existing domain on higher-priced plans. The SSL certification is included in all plans.

It also supports multiple currencies that help if you want to sell online internationally. However, the eCommerce features are pretty limited as Webnode does not have social media integrations or a mobile app.


Webnode has fewer templates, or themes compared to other platforms. However, the templates are very modern, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. Webnode also has a very useful backup and restore feature that not many other platforms offer.

You can customize each section of your website by customizing the color, text, etc. Having some basic coding knowledge can make things a lot easier when it comes to customization.

Ease of use:

Webnode is a very simple website builder and its very beginner friendly. The well-designed templates make it easier to build a professional website. The backup and restore functionality is also very helpful.


Webnode is obviously budget-friendly compared to other platforms. Here are the subscription plans that you can choose from.

Website Premium Plans Monthly eCommerce Premium Plans Monthly
Limited $3.90 Standard $12.90
Mini $7.50 Profi $22.90
Standard $12.90 Business $31.90
Profi $22.90 NA NA

Why choose Webnode over Weebly?

1. An online store that loads quickly.
2. Offers strong SEO features.
3. Design assistant for website building.

6. Jimdo

Best for AI-powered website building

Paid plans start at $15 per month


Jimdo clearly understands what the market needs at the moment, a smart website builder that is also under budget.

You can create a website using Jimdo AI within 3 minutes using its virtual set-up wizard. You can customize the website using its intuitive editor.


As mentioned above, Jimdo is a very smart and intuitive website builder that allows you to build a website in 3 minutes. The eCommerce features are a bit basic but good enough to get a small business started off.

Jimdo supports over 7 languages and multiple payment gateways. There is no limit on product listings on the paid plans. However, there is no option for dropshipping or selling digital products.


Jimdo has a limited number of templates that are quite modern and responsive.

You do not need design experience to build an aesthetically pleasing website or to customize it easily.

Ease of use:

Jimdo editor is very easy to use and intuitive. The guided website builder helps you to create a website in a matter of minutes.

However, the eCommerce features are pretty limited and basic. Hence, it can be a great choice for small businesses to get started. However, if you have a medium to large business, Jimdo may not be the way to go.


Jimdo has a free plan that limits to only 5 products. For listing more than 5 products, you can choose from one of these subscription plans.

Plans Monthly
Basic $15
Business $19
VIP $39

Why choose Jimdo over Weebly?

1. Build an entire website on the free plan.
2. Integrate to Dropbox business, Twitter, etc.
3. Very easy to run and manage an online store.

7. Webflow

Best for professional web builders

Paid plans start at $15 per month

webflow homepage

Webflow is a very different website builder and eCommerce platform compared to Weebly or any other Weebly alternative listed above. It is more suited for professional web builders compared to beginners.

It is a great Weebly alternative for professionals who help people build websites and for teams that need to collaborate with other teams.


The Webflow interface is a bit complicated and looks a lot like photoshop. A website designer or developer can easily find their way around.

Since Webflow is more of a do-it-yourself kind of eCommerce software, it is possible to add extra features and functionalities if you have the required technical expertise.

You can also add the eCommerce functionality to the website but to have a fully functional online store, you will need to subscribe to one of their eCommerce plans.


There are some free templates available, however, they are very limited. A bigger range of the available templates is all paid for.

However, as mentioned above, Webflow is a platform for professional designers. You can create your own codes and build a site from scratch on the platform. You can also import a preset from third-party websites and customize it on the platform.

Ease of use:

Since Webflow is designed specifically for professionals, it is not a very easy-to-use platform if you are a beginner that lacks the required expertise.

Even with the right technical knowledge, the building and customization of the website on Webflow can seem complicated and time-consuming. There is a steep learning curve involved in using this platform.


Webflow has a huge range of subscription plans, starting with a free plan. Here are the details:

Plan Monthly Annually
Starter $0 $0
Basic $15 $12
CMS $20 $16
Business $45 $36
Enterprise Custom Custom
Standard eCommerce $42 $29
Plus eCommerce $84 $74
Advanced eCommerce $235 $212

Why choose Webflow over Weebly?

1. Better content management system.
2. A lot of customization options.
3. Stronger eCommerce features.

8. GoDaddy

Best for ADI-powered online store creation

Paid plans start at $16.99 per month

godaddy website

GoDaddy is a very popular name for various options that include website building, eCommerce functions, hosting plans, or just purchasing domain names.

It has a very potential ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence that helps build a website just with your answers to a few important questions.


A quick website combined with powerful marketing tools is what GoDaddy is all about. The eCommerce websites built on the GoDaddy platform load quickly and are very professional looking.

You can list up to 5000 products even on the lowest-priced eCommerce plans. It also has the premium eCommerce features like abandoned cart recovery mail, on-the-go editing, flexible payment options etc.


Since GoDaddy can generate an entire website for you that most accurately suits your needs, you do not really need to choose a theme to start with. However, you do have that option if that is what you need.

There are over 100 themes available in the GoDaddy theme library that you can choose from. You can also easily customize the themes to reflect your brand. However, for beginners, the GoDaddy ADI is the best option.

Ease of use:

GoDaddy surely makes it very easy to build a website on the platform. You can easily arrive at a fully functional and professional website in a matter of minutes and with the least bit of effort.

Running your business on the platform is also quite simple and profitable. Their range of eCommerce features and marketing tools make it worth your while.


GoDaddy has a range of plans depending on what you need from the platform. For eCommerce functionality, you need to subscribe to the commerce plan.

Plan Monthly Annually
Basic $16.99 $6.99
Standard $20.99 $10.49
Premium $26.99 $13.99
eCommerce $29.99 $14.99

Why choose GoDaddy over Weebly?

1. Excellent marketing and SEO tools.
2. User-friendly interface suitable for beginners.
3. Advance eCommerce features.

9. Ecwid

Best for a very helpful forever-free plan

Paid plans start at $15 per month

Ecwid Open Source eCommerce Platform

Ecwid is an eCommerce software that can offer you a fully functional website with basic eCommerce features for free of cost.

Its forever-free plan does not have any limits on the bandwidth and is the major attraction for startups and newbie entrepreneurs.


Ecwid has very potential eCommerce features and is a great Weebly alternative for starting your own online store. The SEO features on the platform are pretty great.

It also offers features like multi-channel selling, social media integration, bulk importing of products, store analytics, etc. It integrates with over 80 payment gateways without charging any transaction fees.


Ecwid themes are limited, but they are all free of cost. The themes are very sleek, modern, and responsive. Ecwid does not allow for a lot of customization.

However, Ecwid has a range of professional designers in-house that offer free customization of the themes, but only on the highest paid plans.

Ease of use:

Creating your eCommerce website on Ecwid is very simple and guided in every step. The dashboard is very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can handle all the aspects of your business under one roof.

You can also add further functionality to your online store using Ecwid’s extensive app market.


As mentioned above, Ecwid has a pretty generous free plan. However, people more serious about their online business should go for its highest-priced plan. Details mentioned below:

Plans Monthly Yearly Products Limit
Free $0 $0 10
Venture $15 $12.50 100
Business $35 $29.17 2500
Unlimited $99 $82.50 Unlimited

Why choose Ecwid over Weebly?

1. Manage multiple channels easily.
2. Create customer loyalty programs.
3. Customer support on phone and online.

Further Reading

  • If Ecwid does not look appealing enough to you, then here are some Ecwid alternatives that you can look at.

10. Strikingly

Best for single-page layouts

Paid plans start at $12 per month

strikingly website

Strikingly is a comparatively new platform that has quickly gained traction for its famous single-page layouts. This platform offers minimal, clean, and elegant-looking websites that tempt users to keep scrolling.

It is best suited for beginners with little to no technical knowledge and helps you build a website quickly!


Strikingly offers a custom domain for a year or 2 on all of its paid plans. You can build multiple websites on the platform under a single plan!

It has basic SEO, and marketing tools that may not be as sophisticated but surely does the job. It also has decent store analytics and social media integrations. Strikingly offers a platform where you can sell your products as well as blog.


As mentioned above, Strikingly is known for its sleek and modern-looking single-page websites. It has over 100 templates to choose from, most of which are single-page focused.

You can easily customize the theme according to your needs. And changing themes is also easy without disrupting the layout or losing any content.

Ease of use:

Strikingly editor is very intuitive and easy to use, with options to customize sections by choosing different layouts. It uses the simple drag-and-drop editor to edit the templates.

The platform also has a mobile app so you can carry your eCommerce website on the go and handle your business from anywhere.


Strikingly is the cheapest platform for building multiple websites, with its pro plan costing only $16 per month.

Plan Monthly Annually
Limted $12 $8
Pro $20 $16
VIP $59 $49

Why choose Strikingly over Weebly?

1. Offers great value for money.
2. eCommerce features on a free plan.
3. Support through the community forum.

Best Alternatives to Weebly

1. Dukaan: Best for startups and small businesses
2. Wix: Best for highly customizable online store
3. Squarespace: Best for aesthetically pleasing themes
4. WordPress: Best for blogging purposes
5. Webnode: Best for creating a multilingual website
6. Jimdo: Best for AI-powered website building
7. Webflow: Best for professional web builders
8. GoDaddy: Best for ADI-powered online store creation
9. Ecwid: Best for a very helpful forever-free plan
10. Strikingly: Best for single-page layouts


Weebly could have been the first choice for a lot of sellers for its simplicity and the forever-free subscription plan.

However, when it comes to running your business online, the platform may seem very restrictive and overwhelming.

So, we have listed out the 10 best Weebly alternatives that you can try for your website or your online store instead.

When you choose an eCommerce platform for your online store, you need to make sure that it is a one-time thing.

The platform must be completely capable of supporting you through the process of setting up your store, building your business, marketing it, and scaling it up. A platform like Dukaan!


1. What is similar to Weebly?

Some platforms similar to Weebly are Dukaan, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Webnode, Jimdo, Webflow, GoDaddy, Ecwid, and Strikingly.

2. Is there a free version of Weebly?

Yes, there is a forever-free plan on Weebly that comes with a lot of limitations, like Weebly’s domain name, limitation on storage, display of ads, etc.

3. Which is the best Weebly alternative for eCommerce?

The best alternative to Weebly for eCommerce is Dukaan as you can get started very quickly on the platform and start selling easily. There are no glitches or bugs as compared to Weebly, and the eCommerce features are great.

4. What are the disadvantages of using Weebly?

Weebly is a very basic website builder with limited themes and features. It has a lot of bugs and glitches. The page loading speed is slow, and the customer support is very poor.

5. What website builder is better than Weebly?

From a website builder’s point of view, Wix is a better alternative to Weebly. Wix offers a lot more potential and has a better blogging platform too. Squarespace is also a great option for website builders.

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