100+ Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022 [Updated]

Dropshipping is one of the most favoured models of online business, and in this article, we will walk you through the best dropshipping products.

Everyone is following the latest trends when it comes to fashion, fitness, entertainment, and everything in between.

These trends are actually impacting the buying and selling behaviour of people as well. Trends come and go, but amazing business models are here to stay.

And that’s why dropshipping businesses are all the rage right now in 2022. If you want more details on how to start your own dropshipping business, read this guide.

Now, before we jump into the nitty-gritty of things, here’s dropshipping explained in this post to clear up any confusion that you might have about this business model.

With all that out of the way, let’s talk about niches. You should decide on your niche before you start gathering dropshipping products to sell from everywhere.

Even though the beauty of this business is that you don’t need to stay in one category, it never hurts to have an idea of which products you’re most interested in selling.

Listed below are the top 7 dropshipping niches that you can choose from:

  1. Home decor & Home improvement. 🏠
  2. Jewelry. 💍
  3. Health & Beauty. 💄
  4. Fitness. 🏋️
  5. Pet products. 🐶
  6. Boho clothing & Accessories. 👚
  7. Phone accessories. 📱

Find out which of these niches you love the most and find those products that have not yet saturated the market, but are still in trend.

List of Best Dropshipping Products

Here are the new products to add to your store in 2022, to keep you relevant and in trend.

Keep reading to find some interesting ideas.

1. Gaming Headsets

Gaming headset for dropshipping

With people stuck at home during the pandemic, the gaming industry, which was already huge, became ever bigger! In fact, it is expected to be more than 200 billion USD in 2023.

And any gamer worth his salt knows that there’s no gaming without headphones. You can make a profitable business out of gaming accessories like headphones, consoles, etc.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Professional gamers
  2. College Students
  3. People between the ages of 15 & 30.

2. Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones

Bluetooth speakers are a boon to every party lover out there because they can carry the ‘vibe’ in their pockets, quite literally.

Be it an outdoor picnic or a day on the beach, people can carry their favourite music with them, and they don’t need giant speakers to party outside their home.

You can start selling all these amazing BlueTooth speakers, and headphones too, for those people who like to listen to music on the move.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People of various age groups.
  2. Outgoing people.
  3. Music lovers.

3. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are one of the latest additions to the smart devices gang, making them the smallest device that does the work of a phone.

People can pick up & end calls, reply to messages, check any notifications, and also work as a fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers are primarily focused on tracking things like a person’s heart rate, sleep schedule and footsteps, etc.

Smartwatches can do all this and then some. They’re all the rage right now.

Hop on this trend and make some money off it while you’re at it!

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People in various age groups.
  2. Fitness lovers.
  3. People with busy lives.

4. Ring Lights

Ring lights come in different sizes, from those big enough for professional shoots to ones that fit your phone.

They’re affordable alternatives to professional-grade lighting for influencers, content creators and basically anyone who posts stuff online.

These have a huge market. (Think ALL of the youth around the world!)

Make a place for yourself in this market.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Models.
  2. Social media influencers.
  3. Photographers.

5. Teeth Whitening Kits

In today’s ultra HD age, every “flaw” a person has is captured in top quality footage. Remember the Insta trend where we all tested the “yellowness” of our teeth?

Things like these have driven people towards teeth-whitening kits.

They get whiter teeth without the pain of going to the dentist. These kits are painless, quick, and a good business venture.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People in various age groups.
  2. People who are invested in their looks.

6. Hair Growth Serums

Hair growth Serum for dropshipping

Hair growth products have been in the market for as long as I can remember.

We have come a long way since 1957, and now we have a whole regimen of hair care, ranging from oils, serums, shampoos, to conditioners and masks.

Serums have a huge hold in the hair care industry, and this is a fairly profitable business.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People who are invested in their looks.
  2. Men and women between ages 25-50.
  3. People suffering from hair loss.

7. Baby Carriers

Baby Monitors for dropshipping

Babies have been around since the dawn of time, but the ways they’re carried have changed throughout the years.

Baby carriers, specifically, baby slings, wraps and soft carriers are gaining more & more popularity by the day. They’re easy to manage, comfortable for both kids and parents, and provide the necessary safety.

These can be a good addition to your catalogue.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. New parents.
  2. Working parents.

8. Smoothie Blenders

In the past couple of years, even though gyms and workout centres took a hit, other forms of exercise like Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and at-home workouts boomed.

Another aspect of wellness that people have widely accepted is healthy eating habits. Salami got replaced by salads, and cold coffee, by smoothies!

Naturally, smoothie blenders are high in demand right now and they’re a valuable addition to your catalogue.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Fitness lovers.
  2. Health conscious people.
  3. People in various age groups.

9. Yoga Essentials

As mentioned previously, yoga has been embraced by one and all during recent years, and new products have been introduced to facilitate doing yoga at home.

Yoga mats are a huge part of these new products, and they will be a good addition to your store in 2022.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Fitness lovers.
  2. People in various age groups.

10. Security Cameras

For some reason, people have started spending substantial amounts of money on security systems for their homes, offices, businesses, etc.

The home security industry is all set to grow to around 79 billion USD by the year 2025.

This seems like a pretty good business to start if you’re looking for a new business venture.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Homeowners.
  2. Offices.
  3. People who mostly stay out of their homes.

11. Anti-ageing Products

Beauty is a social construct that keeps changing and our outlook of what is beautiful fluctuates with time, too.

But, one thing that stood the test of time for beauty, is youth. Young people have always been considered beautiful, and in recent years more and more effort has been put into trying to win against ageing.

Everyone wants to preserve their 20-year-old look even at 50, and there are thousands of products in the market that claim to do exactly this.

You can not go wrong with these products as their demand is always high, no matter what the season or situation is. It’s almost as if people are addicted to looking beautiful and young.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Men and women between the ages of 35-60.
  2. People who are invested in their looks.

12. Beard Oils

Beard oil for dropshipping

The beauty industry has not spared men either, or you can say that men have started to embrace the power of looks, too.

They take care of themselves, how they look and present themselves.

One thing that men have always been proud of, is their beard & stache. This is exactly why products like beard oil and growth serum are the most popular products to be used by men.

You can add these to your catalogue as a profitable addition.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Men aged between 14-30.
  2. Men who are invested in their looks.

13. Face Rollers

With more focus being on natural beauty products and radiating beauty from within, products like guashas and face rollers have gained popularity within a very short period of time.

They’re generally made of stones like quartz and amethyst, and are used to help with healthy blood circulation to a person’s face. This gets the product seep deep in the skin, adds a glow and helps sculpt the face better.

These are great to have in your skincare store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Women aged between 16-45.
  2. People who are invested in their looks.

14. Face Masks

Face masks were present in the beauty market even when there was no concept of a daily skincare routine.

They, too, evolved over time and now we have dedicated masks that serve an array of purposes.

You can have a lot to choose from when you decide to add this to your catalogue, but this is definitely a very profitable product.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Women aged between 16-45.
  2. People who are invested in their looks.

15. Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags have always been a good thing to flex, right from our childhood days, when our books and notebooks would stay safe and dry when it rained.

Even now, waterproof backpacks are very useful products when you go trekking, or if you live in an area where it rains a lot.

Back then, they saved our books, now they save our smart devices from getting wet and ruined in the rain.

They are a good, safe product to add to your online store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Nature lovers.
  2. Fitness lovers.
  3. Outgoing people.

16. Insulated Bottles

Insulated bottles can be used to have any liquid, hot or cold, and maintain its temperature for a long time.

People can take warm water, coffee, cold drinks or anything they want when they step outside, and these bottles are a more environment-friendly option than the plastic bottles that we generally use.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People in various age groups.

17. Electric Massagers

We have all craved a good massage after a long day, but let’s be honest, it was not always possible to get one.

This product solves this problem, and it does so amazingly. The electric body massager is portable, comes with different plugins and settings, and best of all, your customers can use this product themselves!

You won’t even need to put in any efforts to sell this product to them, it will sell itself. All you have to do is to add it to your store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Athletes.
  2. Dancers.
  3. Gymnasts.

18. Active/Athleisure Wear

Activewear was gaining popularity even before lockdown, but when the world took a break from the outdoors, they took a break from wearing anything other than comfortable clothes as well.

And athleisure wear was born. People can move around in it freely, or not, and it looks dapper enough, so it can be worn for errands as well.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Fitness lovers.
  2. Comfort lovers.
  3. Young men and women.

19. Phone Cases

Phone cases for dropshipping

Phone covers are always in demand and there are so many options to choose from, that they make the most lucrative products to work with.

You can also get in touch with designers to create custom cover designs for your customers.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People in various age groups.

20. Essential Oils

Essential oils have many purposes.

They are mostly used for relieving stress, inducing a good night’s sleep, and also for massages.

This is a good option for a dropshipping business because you don’t need to know much else about these oils, just their manufacturers or suppliers.

If you wish to start a new skincare and wellness business, this just might be one of the most suited products for you.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Working men and women.
  2. People between the ages of 25-50.

21. Tote Bags

Tote bags are the perfect environment-friendly replacement for plastic bags.

Now, there are different, interesting options of tote bags to choose from, and people are shifting to these bags because they’re so sustainable and easy to use & carry.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Environmentally responsible people.
  2. Young men and women.

22. LED Lamps

LED lights are environmentally friendly and better in terms of quality when compared to incandescent lights and fluorescent ones as well.

They conserve energy, have a longer life and you can add all the different versions from the most normal to the fanciest ones in your store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Homeowners.
  2. People in various age groups.
  3. Environmentally responsible people.

23. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are evergreen. They will always remain in fashion.

With new frames and shapes coming out every week, sunglasses are such an interesting type of product that your customers will keep coming back for more no matter how many pairs of sunglasses they own.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People in various age groups.

24. Men’s Grooming Products

Just using oils & serums to aid beard growth isn’t enough, men need to style their facial hair too. This is where these grooming products come in.

Taking care of one’s skin is not a one-step process.

And the great thing is that men are warming up to the idea of taking care of their skin as well.

Everything from cleansers, shaving gel, & razors, to trimmers, balms and hair gels, are gaining amazing demand from men all over.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Young men.
  2. Men who are invested in their looks.

25. Calligraphy Pens

Calligraphy pens for dropshipping

Remember when we were all asked to improve our lettering in school and at home?

Well, the ancient art of calligraphy went through a revival in the past couple of years, and we’re all for it!

It is also a meditative, calming exercise that has amazingly pretty results (literally)!

You should definitely add these to your store if you wish to open or expand to a gift and stationery store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Students.
  2. School children.
  3. People between the ages of 11-25 years.

26. Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are particularly popular among people who want to have beautiful flower arrangements at functions, offices, and in their homes, but want a more environment-friendly approach to it.

They’re also a more cost-effective way to have great decorations at any event.

You can add these to your catalogue as an environmentally responsible option.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Environmentally responsible people.
  2. Young couples.
  3. Homeowners.
  4. Party decorators.
  5. Event planners.

27. Dog Toys

Dog Toys for dropshipping

Instagram has had a huge contribution to this, but there were dog toys in the market before they were made so popular by social media.

Now, we have a long list of options, and really cute ones at that, when it comes to dog toys.

This is actually a subset of the bigger set of pet products. We have outfits, toys, treats, collars and other accessories available for our pets that weren’t there earlier.

This is a good business niche to try if you want to open a new store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Pet owners.
  2. People in various age groups.
  3. Dog lovers.

28. Air Fryers

Air fryers were invented to prove that healthy eating doesn’t need to be bland and feel like a punishment.

The magic of an air fryer is that it doesn’t need oil to cook your favourite tasty meal and you get healthy, flavourful dishes, with great ease.

There’s no doubt that they’re in crazy demand, and if you feel these will be a good addition to your store, you should definitely go for it.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Health conscious people.
  2. Fitness lovers.
  3. People in various age groups.

29. Gummies

Gummies are candies but they provide nutrition instead of cavities. Ranging from benefits for hair, bones, sleep, to skin, and nails, gummies can be a valuable addition to your store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Young girls.
  2. Health conscious people.

30. Electric & Bamboo Toothbrushes

Electric & Bamboo Toothbrushes for dropshipping

Apart from being more sustainable than plastic toothbrushes, they also massage teeth in a better way. Your customers will be thrilled to see this advanced product in your store. Make the most of this opportunity to be one of the first sellers of electric toothbrushes.

For people who believe in traditional toothbrushes instead of electric ones, you can have bamboo toothbrushes. They’re environmentally friendly, work perfectly and are gaining popularity among people day by day.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Environmentally responsible people.
  2. People in various age groups.

31. Portable Tripods

Portable tripods are more popular than the bigger tripods among common people because they can be carried more easily, are more adjustable and are more suited for people who use their smartphones to click pictures.

They can be a good option for your store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Professional photographers.
  2. Mobile phone photographers.

32. Blue Cut Lenses

Now, when everything is online and people have to use screens to work, study, read and even for entertainment, they are all facing eyesight problems and stress-related headaches.

Being in front of the screen for every waking minute has an adverse effect on people’s health, and blue cut lenses help with this.

These lenses protect the eyes from harmful rays emitted by the devices that people use all day.

They’re in demand and even those who don’t need specs for sight, use these while using their devices.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. People who need spectacles.
  2. People who work on smart devices.

33. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are affordable, cute and easy to use alternatives for wall paint.

They add a lot of vibrancy to the room and are, for obvious reasons, very popular.

You can surely add them to your store.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Homeowners.
  2. Young people.

34. Shapewear

Shapewear is another item of clothing that has gone through a revival in recent years.

Admittedly, the target group of this product is people who are not comfortable with their bodies and want to adhere to the societal norms of beauty.

But you can still help them look confident until they start to love how they look.

Shapewear makes for a good dropshipping product.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Young women.
  2. Body conscious women.

35. Muslin Blankets

Muslin is a finely woven, lightweight and breathable cotton fabric, which is used to weave baby products.

Now you don’t need to worry about the demand because as long as there are babies, there will be a demand for muslin blankets and other baby products.

They’re a great addition to your baby products store, or if you have a home essentials store, or even if you want to open a new store, you can opt for this kind of business.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. New parents.
  2. New families.

36. Vaporizers & E-cigarettes

Vapes and e-cigarettes are the new cool thing among smokers.

E-cigarettes are more favoured because they don’t contain tobacco, they create an aerosol called vapor and they don’t have many of the toxic chemicals which are present in regular cigarettes.

Another thing that makes these e-cigarettes so popular is that they can be smoked in different flavours.

This is a non-traditional product and might not fit with many existing stores, but if you’re looking to open a new store, you can go with this.

Ad Audience Selection:

  1. Smokers.
  2. People in various age groups.

37. Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are a boon for new parents in disguise!

It’s one of the best dropshipping products to sell in 2022. Most parents use it to supervise their babies’ activities while unwinding or getting things done.

Ad Audience Selection

  1. New parents.
  2. Working parents.

38. Vacuum Packing Machine

This one is for all those fitness enthusiasts concerned with keeping their food items as fresh as possible. Because let’s face it: Who likes their nuts and crisps stale?

Since they are handy, not readily available and easy to ship, Vaccum packing machines are top dropshipping products to sell.

Ad Audience Selection

  1. Fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Frequent travellers.

39. Scrunchies

You have to be living under a rock to not how popular selling scrunchies is.

Considering the tremendous growth the scrunchie market is expected to witness, this is the best time to start selling scrunchies.

Ad Audience Selection

  1. Girls and women.
  2. Hairdressers.

40. Track Suites

Guess what’s back in vogue again? Tracksuits! From football legends, music idols, and even royalty (yes, we’re talking about the Duchess of Cambridge), almost everyone of significance has been spotted rocking the tracksuit.

Track suites will never go out of style and thus make for a good dropshipping business.

Ad Audience Selection

  1. Athletes.
  2. Fashion bloggers.
  3. Men and women between 20-45 years.

41. Webcams

Who would have thought the pandemic would pave the way for webcams to become a trending dropshipping product?

Webcams have emerged as a top-selling product in 2022. According to market research, the entire sector is estimated to grow by leaps and bounds. This makes them a successful dropshipping item to sell.

Ad audience selection

  1. Working professionals.
  2. Content creators.

42. Ear Plugs

Anyone who got stuck with people who snore loudly on an aeroplane flight will understand the importance “earplugs” hold.

Earplugs are cheap, small and something people often buy (because they get frequently lost), making them one of the perfect items to dropship.

Ad audience selection

  1. Frequent flyers.
  2. People of various age groups.
  3. Musicians and singers.

43. Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboard for dropshipping

Any list of the best dropshipping products is incomplete without mentioning mechanical keyboards.

The rise in computer accessories has made mechanical keyboards the best dropshipping products to sell at the moment through your eCommerce store. Even simply going by Google trends, one can be certain that they are the top dropshipping products for every dropshipping store to carry.

Ad audience selection

  1. Gamers and e-sports fanatics.
  2. Typing and data entry professionals.
  3. Content creators.

44. Repair Toolkit

Repair toolkits are the top dropshipping products to sell online at the moment. Why do you ask? Because it is one of those products that are easy to ship, sell all year long and are useful in every household.

Dropshipping repair toolkits will also help you break into the power tools niche!

Ad audience selection

  1. New homeowners.
  2. Trade schools.
  3. People between the age of 22-50.

45. Orthopaedic Pillows

Now that work-from-home has become a norm, every working professional aspires to work as comfortably from home as possible.

And that’s where orthopaedic pillows have come to the rescue of people. This is why it has become the best dropshipping product to sell in 2022.

Need more convincing? Just take a look its Google trends results over the past five years.

Google trends for Orthopedic pillows

Mark our words, this product is bound to become a high-demand dropshipping product for every eCommerce store.

Ad audience selection

  1. Working professionals.
  2. People above the age of 40.
  3. People with back issues.
  4. Sportspersons and athletes.

46. Deep Tissue Massagers

There’s one thing we can say with absolute certainty: Every product in the personal care niche is a guaranteed successful product to dropship in 2022. These days, the trend of indulging in self-care is at an all-time high, and every dropshipping seller with an eCommerce store is bound to benefit from it.

Deep tissue massagers are the best products to dropship as they can be easily shipped, come in a wide selection and make you good profits.

But keep in mind, before you start selling, you’ll need to invest some time towards market research on the best products to dropship in your area. Once you single out the best selling products in your area, no one can stop you from making profits!

Ad audience selection

  1. Athletes and sportspersons.
  2. Working professionals.
  3. People above the age of 40.
  4. People in the entertainment business.

47. Quirky t-shirts

Selling quirky t-shirts is a great dropshipping business idea. It is one of those top selling products that stay in high demand no matter what.

Dropshipping t-shirts is all about marketing the most popular products at the right time. This skill can be gained by searching Google trends and doing base market research.

It’s one of those top dropshipping products on our list that are fail-proof!

Ad audience selection

  1. Young couples.
  2. People between the ages of 18-35.

48. Rugs

Rugs are the best dropshipping products to sell in 2022. Instagram reels of aesthetic home and decor have enhanced their popularity even more!

What makes rugs the top dropshipping products to sell online? They are an easy niche product to start with and can be sold for good profits.

To get started, you need to find trending products. For the same, you can browse various social shopping sites and conduct market research.

Ad audience selection

  1. Homemakers
  2. Interior designers and enthusiasts.
  3. Content creators.

49. Organic Tea/Coffee

You need to tap into the organic dropshipping niche to understand how profitable it is to sell organic products to your audience. Moreover, it is a timeless product that’s always in high demand. What’s not to try?

The organic tea and coffee fad is taking the world by storm right now. By targeting the right audience with the most popular products, your online dropshipping business will surely become popular!

Ad audience selection

  1. Fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Herbal medicine enthusiasts.
  3. People between 25-35 years.

50. Bed Tables

bed tables for dropshipping

Whether you want to have breakfast in bed or take an office meeting, having a bed table makes that and more happen!

It is a good idea to sell bed tables using your online store: it’s very profitable at the moment considering its high demand. Depending on what’s top selling in your eCommerce world, you can sell different varieties of bed tables.

Ad audience selection

  1. College students.
  2. Working professionals.
  3. People above the age group of 50 years.

51. Scalp Massagers

If you want to see how profitable scalp massagers are as dropshipping products, have a look at its Google trends search:

Scalp massagers for dropshipping

Scalp massagers are another high-demand dropshipping item in the personal care product segment. Dropshipping in this category requires extensive market research to identify the most trending products.

Apart from knowing what’s trending, dropshipping scalp massagers are easy and convenient. Make sure you get on this trend while it lasts!

Ad audience selection

  1. People above the age of 35 years.
  2. People with hair loss issues.
  3. Beauty and personal care enthusiasts.
  4. Working professionals.

52. Smart Lights

Move over water bottles and electric kettles, smart lights are the hottest new product on the dropshipping block. We know, just when you thought the home and kitchen niche was saturated!

Smart lights can be used to populate your store, given the wide range they come in.

Other factors that make it a top dropshipping product to sell in 2022: conveniently shippable, easy to get started in, and current high demand in the market.

Ad audience selection

  1. Home decor enthuasists.
  2. Interior designers.
  3. Homeowners.
  4. Parents with toddlers and young children.
  5. People with vision issues.

53. Ergonomic Chairs

Who in their right mind would say no to chilling in an ergonomic chair? And that’s what makes ergonomic chairs a successful dropshipping product.

Because our fast-paced lives bring us so much stress, ergonomic chairs and other related products like them sell like hotcakes in the dropshipping world.

Wondering how to step into this niche? Take a look at the different types of products available in the market, find trending ones (social media and product research are constructive here) and start selling the ones in high demand. It’s literally as simple as that!

Ad audience selection

  1. Home decor enthusiasts.
  2. People over the age of 40 years.
  3. Working professionals.

54. Drawing Tablets

Drawing tablet for dropshipping

Anyone who’s even barely active on social platforms will attest to the rising numbers of digital artists coming to the horizon. There will never be a better time to make great profits by catering to this niche!

If you can decode who to advertise to over social networks and market the right products, you can master selling in this profitable dropshipping product segment.

Ad audience selection

  1. Budding and professional artists.
  2. Teens and college students.
  3. Content creators in the same niche.

55. Sleep Supplements

You can never go wrong with dropshipping products in the personal care product category. Sleep supplements have taken the internet by storm, which makes dropshipping them a good idea.

Another great thing about dropshipping sleep supplements in 2022: there are many variants of supplements you can carry in your store. (vegetarian, vegan etc.)

Ad audience selection

  1. People above the age of 18 years.
  2. People with sleep issues.

56. Water Softener

If there’s one thing that people all over the world unanimously need: clean and healthy water. Tap into this market, and you are golden in the dropshipping world.

Water softeners make for the top dropshipping products if targeted to the right audience.

Ad audience selection

  1. Health-conscious people.
  2. People residing in geo-locations with poor water supplies.

57. Smart Locks

Need a sure-shot successful eCommerce business idea for your dropshipping business? Consider dropshipping smart locks.

Questioning why it falls in the category of top dropshipping products? Because it’s a necessity for frequent travellers, people who work during odd hours and businesses in the hospitality sector.

Ad audience selection

  1. Hospitality-sector business owners.
  2. Homeowners.
  3. People with houses in secluded areas.

58. Herbal Hand Sanitizer

The demand for health-based products has stayed strong even in 2022 after the pandemic. But not everyone is okay with using harsh-chemical containing drugstore sanitizers for this long.

That’s where herbal hand sanitizer has become the best dropshipping item to sell. Their requirement is huge, and this market is expected to expand even further.

Ad audience selection

  1. People in various age groups.
  2. Drugstore and pharmacy owners.
  3. Health-conscious people.

59. Blackout curtains

This particular item on our list is often overlooked when selecting products to dropship. Let us help you understand what makes it a great dropshipping product.

Lack of or poor-quality sleep has been linked to many health issues. Blackout curtains are an absolute necessity even for people suffering from sleep disorders. These aforementioned factors make it a usual but essential item to sell.

Ad audience selection

  1. People with sleep issues.
  2. Homeowners.
  3. People in various age ranges.

60. Health Supplements

Healthcare-focused products are the most sought-after dropshipping niches in 2022. Health supplements are easy to ship, ordered frequently and have great profit margins. In short, they make the best dropshipping items.

What’s more, there are as many varieties of health supplements as there are people, meaning you will never run out of selling different types of products.

Ad audience selection

  1. People in various age groups.
  2. Drugstore and pharmacy owners.
  3. Health-conscious people.

61. Dog Beds

Dog beds for dropshipping

When it comes to shopping for their pets’ supplies, “Paw parents” leave no stone unturned.

Pet products are like a gold mine when it comes to dropshipping business. Selling trending products is the best way to tap into this market. If we had to shortlist the best dropshipping products from this list, dog beds would surely make it to our top 10.

Ad audience selection

  1. Pet owners.
  2. Veterinary clinics and hospitals.

62. Rice Cookers

Don’t dismiss what a great dropshipping product a rice cooker is, simply based on its name. This versatile kitchen appliance is trending all over social media these days, thanks to the latest Asian food fad going on.

Most people are looking for a kitchen appliance that can cook a variety of food quickly and is easy to clean. That’s where rice cookers shine through.

Ad audience selection

  1. Cooking enthusiasts.
  2. Asian eateries and restaurants.
  3. Home cooks and professional chefs.

63. Knitted Dresses

Knitted dresses have come back in trend in 2022 in a really big way. They are cosy, chic and can be styled howsoever you want.

As they fulfill all aesthetics and styles, knitted dresses make amazing dropshipping products in the women’s clothing division.

Ad audience selection

  1. Women between the ages of 16-45.
  2. College-going girls.
  3. Fashion bloggers and content creators.

64. Wall Stickers

Presenting one of the most fun items to dropship in our list: wall stickers.

Home decor enthusiasts vouch for wall stickers to be the easiest and most convenient way to spruce up the interiors of their house.

Because people order wall stickers to update their house’s decor frequently, wall stickers make great dropshipping products.

Ad audience selection

  1. Home decor enthusiasts.
  2. Interior designers.
  3. Parents with young kids.

65. Pet Leashes

As mentioned earlier in the article, pet supplies make for very profitable dropshipping products. Every pet owner wants to keep their pets safe while out on walks, and leashes are very useful in this regard.

Successfully dropshipping pet leashes are all about marketing trending and popular products in the pet supplies category. You can target your ads to both dog and cat owners alike.

66. Baby Playpens

Baby playpens are godsent for parents who want to take a break from their parenting duties or need to get chores done around the house.

Playpens are great areas to keep babies entertained and safe while their parents can’t tend to them. Playpens are thus essential dropshipping products because every new parent invests in them.

Ad audience selection

  1. New parents.
  2. Working parents.
  3. Parents between the ages of 25-35.

67. Skincare Fridges

Skincare products are by no means cheap! And that’s why people buy skincare fridges to prolong the life and maintain the quality of their sensitive beauty products.

Skincare fridges are more than just a trend, and we’d suggest you get ready to dropship the top selling products in your store.

Ad audience selection

  1. Skincare enthusiasts.
  2. People between the ages of 18-60.
  3. College-going kids.
  4. Beauty salon owners.

68. Books

The world’s your oyster when it comes to dropshipping books since they are such a popular item.

It’s probably the safest product category to start dropshipping with. There and endless options to sell, and you can always go and forth with what kinds of books you want to carry. (depending on what’s selling more)

Ad audience selection

  1. People of all age groups.
  2. Bookstagrammers.
  3. Young adults.

69. Phone Lenses

There’s no contention in the opinion that smartphone cameras are giving conventional ones a run for their money. That’s why more and more people are buying smartphone lenses rather than investing in cameras.

All you need to do is to find the best products to dropship and get started!

Ad audience selection

  1. Budding and phone photographers.
  2. iPhone and high-end smartphone users.
  3. Content creators.

70. Doormats

A doormat is more than just a functional item; it’s a statement piece that adds a splash of style to your home.

Dropshipping doormats is easy- you just need to scour the internet (and social media) to find the best products. Yes, that’s all it takes to start in this niche.

Ad audience selection

  1. Home decor enthusiasts.
  2. Interior designers.

71. Bedsheets and Duvet Covers

Dropshipping daily need essentials is a highly underrated idea. After all, people have no choice but to buy them again and again. And that’s when the money keeps rolling in.

Home decor products sell more as dropshipping items than people expect. As a dropshipping seller, make sure you explore this goldmine.

Ad audience selection

  1. Home decor enthusiasts.
  2. New homeowners.
  3. Homestay owners.

72. Satin Pillowcases

Like other dropshipping items in this list that have come from internet trends, satin pillowcases too are a trend-turned-home staple.

Known to aid in skin and hair hydration and wrinkle prevention, satin pillowcases are great dropshipping products to sell. High in demand, easy to ship, and a product that people buy repeatedly, satin pillowcases definitely are profitable dropshipping items.

Ad audience selection

  1. Home decor enthusiasts.
  2. Home decor enthusiasts.
  3. Home decor enthusiasts.

73. Wiper Blades

It is impossible to go wrong with dropshipping automobile parts. Why? Because they break down every so often and need constant replacement.

Wiper blades top the list of the best items to dropship in the automobile category.

Ad audience selection

  1. Automobile enthusiasts.
  2. New vehicle owners.

74. Mouse Pads

Millennials today take their workspaces as seriously as they take their work. All eCommerce business owners who understand this should not ignore the opportunity it presents.

Among the many ways to customize your work desk (apart from mechanical keyboards and monitors) is to buy designer mouse pads.

Dropshipping something as inexpensive as a mouse pad has the advantage that people frequently order after getting bored with their current one.

You can also tap into POD products with this one.

Ad audience selection

  1. Working professionals.
  2. People between the ages of 18-30 years.
  3. College students.
  4. Content creators.

76. Screen Protectors

Do you know why everybody these days installs screen protectors in their precious (and costly) electronic equipment? Because the screen is the most delicate part of modern gadgets and is also very expensive to replace.

Nobody wants to take the risk when a budget purchase can save them big bucks in the future. Any dropshipping store can become successful if it caters to this niche.

Ad audience selection

  1. iPhone and other high-end smartphone users.
  2. People with expensive gadgets.
  3. College students.
  4. People above the age of 50.

77. Entertainment Figurines and Collectables

Figurines and collectibles for dropshipping

Collectables and figurines are not only popular among hobbyists, but they also make great gifts for fans as well. With the release of every new series, music bands, movies etc. (to name a few) bring more and more people into the fold.

And that’s the target audience your dropshipping store will cater to. Dropshipping figurines and collectables requires you to predict what products will be in demand and then market to sell them.

Ad audience selection

  1. People in the age range of 15 to 35.
  2. Active fandom bases and groups over social media.

78. Automatic Pet Feeders

Automatic pet feeders are a necessity that every working pet parent swears by!

They are unique and fast-flying products that are excellent for a dropshipping business.

Ad audience selection

  1. Working pet owners.
  2. Cat and dog owners above the age of 60 years.

79. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are back in fashion, and this time they’re cooler than ever!

From actors making them look suave in movies to celebrities rocking them for their OOTDs, the leather jacket is all the rage now.

Leather jackets and other related products (leather skirts, gloves etc.) are great items to start a new dropshipping business.

Ad audience selection

  1. People between the age of 18-45 years.
  2. Fashion bloggers.

80. Shower Water Filter

It’s a well-known fact that hard water is not suitable for the skin and hair. People who live in locations with a hard water supply constantly grapple with its effects.

Shower water filters can become a popular dropshipping item in such cases.

Ad audience selection

  1. Health-conscious people.
  2. People residing in geo-locations with poor water supplies.

81. Air Purifiers

In light of the rising pollution levels, people are unwilling to compromise on the air they breathe at home.

Selling air purifiers is a foolproof way to run a booming dropshipping business. Plus, they are available in the market in a wide range, so there is immense scope for earning good profit margins from every sale.

Ad audience selection

  1. Health-conscious people.
  2. People with asthma or related pulmonary issues.
  3. People of all age groups.

82. Wireless Chargers

Wireless charger for dropshipping

In today’s fast-paced world, wired chargers have become a thing of the past.

People who are constantly on the move hate being tied down with wires. You can tap into this market by dropshipping wireless chargers. Just remember to keep an eye on the trendy products to make the most of this lucrative niche.

Ad audience selection

  1. Working professionals.
  2. Entrepreneurs.

83. Hair straighteners and Curlers

Life is too short to look the same every day!

Just a few tweaks in how we style our hair can dramatically change how we look. Dropshipping hair care appliances is a profitable business model.

Ad audience selection

  1. People above the age of 18 years.
  2. Models and MUAs.

84. Women purses

It’s true: A girl can never have too many dresses and fashion accessories.

If there’s one dropshipping item that will always make sales, it’s women’s purses. From tote bags to satchels to slings, there’s always something that one would like to buy, depending on what’s trending.

Ad audience selection

  1. Women above the age of 18 years.
  2. Working women.
  3. Fashion bloggers.

85. Facial Sprays

Facial sprays are the new spray tans.

If you have a dropshipping business, this is the product you should definitely capitalize on. Small bottles, can be readily sourced and are often ordered repeatedly, facial sprays tick off all the checkboxes for a successful dropshipping product to sell.

Ad audience selection

  1. Skincare enthusiasts.
  2. Women above the age of 18 years.
  3. Makeup artists.

86. Spill-proof bowls

Any parent with an infant or a toddler will vouch for how tremendously spill-proof bowls have improved their life.

As long as kids are clumsy, parents will buy spill-proof bowls. And we all know that’s never going to change.

If you plan to expand into the baby products business niche, make sure you jump onto this bandwagon quickly.

Ad audience selection

  1. New parents.
  2. Parents with special needs kids.

87. Maternity Clothes

Gone are the days when pregnant women would wear oversized and baggy clothes. Now, they all want to step out in fashionable and trendy clothes that make heads turn.

Selling maternity clothes is an excellent dropshipping business idea now that some designers and label houses have explicitly started catering to this niche in women’s clothing.

Ad audience selection

  1. Expecting women.
  2. New moms.
  3. Maternity and lifestyle fashion bloggers.

88. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows for dropshipping

One quick scroll through the home furnishing and decor side of social media, and you’ll realize how gaga everyone has gone over throw pillows. We mean it, you’ll literally browse through hundreds of photos of people populating their beds and couches with tons of throw pillows.

Every dropshipping business owner should take advantage of the people who are stockpiling on them.

Ad audience selection

  1. Interior decorators.
  2. New homeowners.

89. Scented Candles

What’s the easiest and cheapest way to jazz up the ambience of any place? We’re sure the first answer on everybody’s mind must be scented candles.

The great deal about dropshipping scented candles: people switch their staples according to their mood and often order in bulk. So, the orders are guaranteed to keep rolling in.

Ad audience selection

  1. People of all age groups.
  2. Aromatherapy enthusiasts.
  3. Homeowners.

90. Facial Steamers

For people who want to venture into dropshipping beauty and personal care niches, there’s no shortage of products to dabble into.

Not only is using a facial steamer extremely relaxing, but it is also beneficial for taking care of your skin. When a product kills two birds with one stone, it is guaranteed to bring in sales all year round.

Ad audience selection

  1. People of all age groups.
  2. Beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

91. Board and Card Games

Our generation, our parents and the ones above them have all grown up playing cards and board games. They were in demand then, and they are still in demand now.

Even in the internet age, many families and friend groups still bond over playing board games and cards. So, rest assured your dropshipping business will find many takers.

You can also dabble in selling customized card games (think along the lines of Never Have I Ever). For that, you’ll have to connect with POD (Print-on-demand) companies rather than wholesale dealers.

Ad audience selection

  1. People of all age groups.
  2. College goers.
  3. Party planners.

92. Rollerskates and Skateboards

Thanks to the trending aesthetic reels on Instagram, skateboards and rollerskates have made a comeback and how!

Rollerskates and skateboards can be dropshipped for great margins. You can also sell related products like safety padding, helmets etc., in your store.

There’s nothing more profitable than carrying everything needed to take up skateboarding/Rollerskating rollerskating as a hobby in your store.

Ad audience selection

  1. Parents with young kids.
  2. Teenagers.
  3. College goers.
  4. Content creators.

93. Lip Masks

Lip masks have emerged as the hottest trend of 2022. It’s one of those beauty products that can be used all year long. Meaning their demand is bound to keep rolling in the entire time.

With no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon, dropshipping lip masks seem to be a very fruitful business model.

Ad audience selection

  1. People of all age groups.
  2. Beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

94. Water Dumbbells

The onset of the global pandemic led to people adopting creative ways to get fit. Adjusting to a new reality led to the rise of people buying water dumbbells.

Surprisingly, this demand doubled up after people discovered the advantages of aqua weights over the normal ones, making it a great product for dropshipping.

Ad audience selection

  1. Health-conscious people.
  2. People between the age of 18-45 years.
  3. Gym rats.

95. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos for dropshipping

Many people want the look that tattoos give, but without the pain. So, what route do they take to achieve that? Temporary tattoos!

Temporary tattoos are a great product to dropship. As they are “temporary”, people tend to switch designs frequently. This means you’ll get both multiple and repeat orders.

Additionally, there are so many varieties of tattoo designs: bohemian, tribal, floral etc. There’ll always be takers for each category.

Ad audience selection

  1. College kids.
  2. People between the age of 18-45 years.
  3. Working professionals.

96. Bodybuilding Supplements

It takes a proper diet, correct exercises, and you guessed it right, good bodybuilding supplements to achieve the body of one’s dreams. It’s almost like everyone that goes to the gym also takes bodybuilding supplements.

The crux of the story? In today’s image-conscious world, your store will always be filled with orders if you go ahead with dropshipping bodybuilding supplements.

Ad audience selection

  1. Professional bodybuilders.
  2. Gym rats.
  3. Fitness fanatics.
  4. People between the age of 18-45 years.

97. Kitchen scales

Some might find this entry surprising on this list, but people use kitchen scales more frequently than we realize.

Whether you are counting your calories, or running a home bakery business, the trusty kitchen scale can be depended upon.

Make sure you add it to your catalogue and market it to the correct audience.

Ad audience selection

  1. Health-conscious people.
  2. Home bakers and cooks.
  3. Gym fanatics.
  4. People of all age groups.

98. Makeup Cleaning Mats

Until silicone makeup cleaning mats arrived on the scene, washing expensive beauty blenders and makeup brushes used to be a big hassle. Since then, people have no longer cleaned their expensive makeup brushes as they used to, especially since the mats leave the brushes looking as good as new.

As a result of MUAs and beauty influencers, even people who don’t use makeup occasionally own these mats.

Make sure to include this fantastic dropshipping item in your store’s catalogue.

Ad audience selection

  1. Beauty influencers.
  2. Makeup artists.
  3. Women above the age of 15.

99. Nail Art Kits

Along with lip masks, facial sprays etc., nail art kits have also grown in popularity in 2022. Not only do women match their heels with their outfits, but also the nail art they’ve put on.

Find the best nail art kits to sell in your dropshipping store, and we can guarantee it will definitely get repeat orders.

Ad audience selection

  1. Beauty influencers.
  2. Women above the age of 18.
  3. Content creators.

100. Baking Supplies

Baking supplies and equipment for dropshipping

Many people took up baking to pass the time during the lockdown. Now that the restrictions are over, there’s an increased number of home bakers and cooks, leading to an increased demand for baking supplies.

Make sure your online dropshipping store is equipped to handle the spike in its requirement. Product research about trending items will help you shortlist what products you want to sell.

Ad audience selection

  1. Beauty influencers.
  2. Home bakers and cooks.
  3. Foodies.

101. Stationary

Note-taking and writing will never cease to exist.

And then there are youngsters and working professionals alike who like to purchase and use aesthetic (or quirky) stationary.

From fancy hardcover notebooks to stylish pens to decorative tapes, there are a million and one stationary items you can dropship using your store.

Just finalize the right products that go with your store, and get selling.

Ad audience selection

  1. Working professionals.
  2. Calligraphy enthusiasts.
  3. Content creators.
  4. People of all age groups.


1. Is it profitable to dropship?

Yes, dropshipping is a very profitable business model. Sellers can make good profit margins by dropshipping to customers. It is also very low-risk as there are no investment costs involved.

2. Is dropshipping worth it in 2022?

Yes, dropshipping is an excellent business to start in 2022. More and more people are launching their eCommerce store to make money by dropshipping niche and trending products.

3. How do I start a dropshipping business?

To start a dropshipping business, you need an eCommerce store. Next, you need to choose a niche for yourself, perform market research to analyse its feasibility, and find a reputable dropshipping supplier to tie up with and market your products to the right audience. Dropshipping can sound tricky but is a straightforward business to run.

Parting Words

A reliable seller and finding an appropriate niche are the biggest challenges for most sellers. Hopefully, you’re now bursting with ideas about what you can sell in 2022 after we’ve given you 101 dropshipping product ideas.

Getting started with dropshipping is easy, all you need is an eCommerce store. Starting dropshipping from a low-competition niche is a good idea. Put extra care into selecting the right niche for you. It has long-term consequences on your business.

Once you identify what you want to sell, just market your store to the right audience and get ready to make great sales.

When it comes to hosting your eCommerce store, Dukaan is the ideal choice. See for yourself how it makes selling things easier!

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