11 Best Paid Online Research Studies That Pay Up To $150/hr In 2022

To bridge the barrier of distance, a lot of study groups are now online. However, only a few of them pay you to be part of the group.

While this post will largely focus on the Best Paid Online Research Studies Group that pays Up $150/hr, it will also highlight key things you must know about study groups.

There are a few research studies groups that pay their members and they’re difficult to find.

Furthermore, you can be a part of any paid research studies group either in person or online. However, we will focus on the paid online research studies groups.

The significant thing about paid online research studies groups is that you can be a part of them from anywhere in the world.

So, relax and read through the article. We have researched and put down 25 of the best paid online research studies groups that pay up to $150/hr in 2022.

Before we continue, let’s go through the table of content above to get an overview of what the article entails.

Before we go further to list out the best paid online research studies group that pays up to $150/hr, let’s talk about the paid online research groups.

What Is A Research Studies Group

A paid research studies group is a small group of people that have been invited to share their opinions, which that be conducted in-person or online.

They are normally used for market research for new or existing products, to be able to determine people’s attitudes towards specific branding, usability, packaging, or ideas. They can also be used for political campaigns and opinions research.

Also, they normally involve you giving opinions and answering questions on a specific subject, and go home with an extra $50-$150 in your pocket.

More and more companies are now using paid research studies to get a much better understanding of the market and trends, and connect with the consumers, not only locally but around the world.

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How Does The Paid Research Studies Group Work

The paid research studies group work in the two-part, either in-person or online research group.


In an in-person research group, you will be expected to attend the interview in person. You will be interviewed within a group where each participant is able to talk to each other.

There is normally a researcher or moderator to lead the group and take notes and ask questions, and record the results.

If you join an in-person research group, you might need to go to more than one session, but you will be paid for each session you attend.


An online research group is very similar to an in-person research group. You’ll need to join online via chat, on your tablet, or smartphone. 

You’ll receive a link to access the research group and from there you’ll be able to join the discussion and give your feedback. Also, you’ll need to download the software ahead of your group research.

How Much You Can Expect to Earn With Paid Focus Groups

The amount of money you earn from different focus groups differs. Nonetheless, you can expect to make from $30 to $150 per focus group (although some very specific focus groups can pay up to $450 for an hour of your time!).

The amount you will receive will depend on the time you’ve spent, which is normally an hour or two.

You’ll normally get paid in cash, via PayPal, check, or gift cards. Some market research companies pay with points that you can redeem using a specific credit card.

One last piece of advice, make sure you know exactly how you’ll get your money before you agree to take part in a focus group!

How to Find Legit Focus Groups

Whether you are looking for online focus groups or in-person focus groups near you, you need to be patient as you have to go through a screening process before you can take part in any research study.

Consumer research companies are normally looking for people with very specific interests and profiles, and you are not going to be able to qualify all the time.

By joining as many companies as possible, you will maximize your chances of qualifying for as many focus groups as possible.

Before you sign up, spend a couple of minutes checking out the company and make sure it’s legit. The last thing you want is to waste your time and get scammed online!

Read all the fine prints and check their Facebook pages, to find out what reviews they are getting. Like with all survey companies, you’ll never find a 5-star rating from everyone! Some people will love them, some will hate them.

But lucky for you, I have done a lot of the hard work and researched the best online focus group companies!

List Of The Best Paid Online Research Studies

Here are the best 11 paid online research studies

#1. Respondent

Respondent is a cool service that facilitates consumer research studies online and in-person — with an average payout of $150 to $250 an hour or per research.

The respondent has projects that are available to US residents and international. This means that they accept respondents from all over the world.

To join, all you need to do is to create an account. After this, you will be able to browse all the studies you might qualify for.

Also note that in the process of joining, you need a PayPal account, and either Facebook or LinkedIn to connect your profile too.

And the company takes a 5% processing fee, but the rest of the fund you earn will be sent to your account within 8 to 10 working days.

#2. User Interviews

User Interviews used to be available only in the US and Canada. However, they recently opened up international studies, and are adding more and more research studies.

The company helps to bring about in-person and online consumer conversations about products, websites, and services.

So, to sign up the first step to take is to create an account with the company, which you will need to supply some basic information like name, city, and state, and basic demographic information, etc.

This information will help User Interviews to pair you with studies. Also, you will be paid via cash, check, PayPal, or Amazon or Visa gift card. 

The pay rate goes from $75 for 30 minutes of your time up to $450 for very specific one-hour studies.

#3. Recruit and Field

Recruit and field offer US nationwide online studies and research groups in different locations, with an outstanding 4.9 out of 5 on Facebook.

They search for participants from any gender and age for their studies, including professionals and medical professionals (doctor, nurse, lab technician).

In addition, they pay via PayPal but also offer Amazon or digital gift cards. Their pay rate ranges from $100 to $275 per study.

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#4. SurveyFeeds

Surveyfeeds are US-based and opportunities in many US cities like Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc., and online.

They specialize in in-person studies like One-on-One Interviews, Research Studies Groups, Clinical Research studies, and Online studies like Online Surveys, Phone Interviews, and Web Conferences.

Furthermore, their Facebook page is updated more often than their website, with great market research opportunities.

So, it might be worthwhile to check there and see what you might qualify for. The studies range from $50 to $475.

#5. FocusGroup.com

FocusGroup.com is an aggregator service that offers both in-person and online research study groups all over the US.

Most of their research studies you will find interesting are under consumer topics, which include: Child-Related Products, Cell Phones, Dining Out, Pets Cars, Entertainment, Electronics, and Sports.

Also, they run business-specific topics and medical topics. They pay either via pre-paid Visa card(normally valid 180 days), gift card, or cash. You can earn from $50 to $250.

#6. Experience Dynamics

Experience Dynamics practices in user experience and user interface testing (UX and UI). Corporate clients pay them to help make their users smile, while they turn around to pay people like me and you to give honest feedback on website designs and software applications.

According to the site, they recruit testers all over the world with all levels of technology experience. Also, most of the studies pay between $50-$150.

Experience Dynamics also promotes:

  • Field Studies, 1-2 hour interviews at your home or work.
  • Diary Studies, where you record your thoughts over 1-2 weeks.
  • Phone interviews
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys

#7. Survey Squad

Survey squad is a unique aggregator of paid research studies groups and survey opportunities.

The big money lies in their curation of actual consumer research studies, that may be specific to particular locations or conducted over the phone or internet.

Note: The “real” consumer studies are the ones that pay $50-250 in cash, check, or Visa gift cards, not Survey Squad points. While the Survey Squad point surveys only pay the equivalent of $4-5 an hour.

#8. Plaza Research

This is a US-based market research company that has facilities in 14 cities across the country and does some phone-based and online studies as well.

Plaza Research targets consumers, parents, kids, students, physicians, and business professionals.

Also, the research groups pay between $50-$200 for a 1 to 2-hour session.

#9. Probe Market Research

Probe Market Research is a US-based market research company that constantly hosts research groups that includes consumers, medical professionals, and high-level executives to get feedback for clients.

You may not even need to leave your home because interviews are conducted in groups by phone or online depending on the amount of time assigned to the particular study.

Furthermore, major manufacturers and brands engage probe and its partners to conduct online surveys, mystery shopping gigs, mock juries, product trials, and more.

Also, research groups pay between $50 and $400.

#10. WatchLab

Watchlab is a great website that facilitates all sorts of research groups, usability tests, interviews, mock juries, etc.

It has an online research group, in-person research studies, and in-home studies. Also, they have locations in San Francisco and Chicago.

Their pay ranges from $50 to $200 for 1-2 hours. This pay varies depending on the research and can be made in the form of gift cards or cash.

For online research groups, payment may take up to 4-6 weeks, while in-person research groups are paid on the spot.

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#11. Engage

Engage has a pretty old-school-looking website. It specializes in consumer and healthcare market research studies. This means that you will need to pick one when you subscribe.

Also, subscribers from all over the world are welcome. All you need to do is to select your country when you sign up and then select a preferred group.

The pay for the groups ranges from $50-$250.

FAQs on the Paid Online Research Studies

How does paid research studies group work?

The paid research studies group work in the two-part, either in-person where you will be expected to attend the interview in person, or online research group where you’ll join online via chat, on your tablet, or smartphone.

How much you can expect to earn with paid focus groups?

You can expect to make from $30 to $150 per focus group (although some very specific focus groups can pay up to $450 for an hour of your time!).

What are the best paid online research studies?

Here are the best 11 paid online research studies:
#1. Respondent
#2. User Interviews
#3. Recruit and Field
#4. SurveyFeeds
#5. FocusGroup.com
#6. Experience Dynamics
#7. Survey Squad
#8. Plaza Research
#9. Probe Market Research
#10. WatchLab
#11. Engage


In conclusion, Joining a research group is a good idea and a place to be. This is because it is where you can share ideas about products, websites, and services.

A job that pays you $150 is worth giving a try. It will be nice if you make this your side hustle.

Best wishes!

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