11 Brunch Outfits for Fall

Brunch season doesn’t stop just because summer is over. While we’re still tapering off that seasonal heat at this very moment, I’ve already mentally jumped ahead to the crisp air of fall. Quite frankly, it’s my favorite brunching weather of all. Without the beating sun, sweltering temperatures, and muggy humidity, I’m free to put my best fashion foot forward. Ahead of actual winter chills, there’s nothing that sounds better than a little fresh air as I eat French toast and drink Bloody Marys with my crew of friends on a Sunday morning.

Lucky for you, I’m well versed in this kind of thing. As the resident brunch expert of my friend group, I’ve learned the ins and outs of what to and what not to wear when it’s time to down a stack of pancakes and plates of eggs. Whether you’re heading to a diner or an exclusive spot, the key is to be comfortable and stylish. With either a fancy midi skirt and T-shirt, an effortless two-piece set, a dress, or vintage-inspired blue jeans, you’ll be good to go. Below, find my thoroughly endorsed brunch outfits for fall.

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