15 Best Free English Learning Apps

When you can communicate in English, you open up a whole new world of communication. English is a common language, and sharing well has a lot of extra benefits. It is a language spoken worldwide, so knowing English is essential when you want to get out of your comfort zone and find new ways to work together. It takes a lot of practice and helps me learn how to speak English.

People who speak good English are more likely to succeed in all walks of life. Apps are a great way to learn English. They are quick and easy to get to. It’s almost like having a classroom in your pocket. If you’re taking regular English classes, they’re an excellent way to earn extra help. It’s time to get one if you don’t already have one.

Here are some of the apps used to learn English. When you learn English, it’s never been as fun or as addictive!

1. Grammarly – excellent English writing, made easy

Lots of apps can help you write better. It’s even better with apps like HelloTalk, which connect you with someone who speaks your language. But if you want to fix your mistakes right away, Grammarly is your best bet. Because it doesn’t just check for errors, it also explains what went wrong. This way, you won’t make the same mistake again.

To use the keyboard on your phone, you can download it. You can check your spelling as you go, too. If you want to sound more formal, you can do this. Grammarly also looks at how you say when you use it to write.

2. Cake is an AI-based app that helps you learn English

If you want to improve your English speaking skills, there is no better place to start than here. “Cake” is an app that lets you practice speaking in a way that looks like you’re talking to real people. Check how you say things with our AI speech recognition. Record your voice and get instant feedback. “Cake” is a free app that doesn’t have any ads. They want to help you improve your English. Learn English today with “Cake.”

3. Busuu AI that helps people learn languages together

Busuu is one of the best apps for learning English because linguists made it. It combines human interaction with AI-powered teaching to help you learn a new language faster to learn more quickly. The app has courses in 12 languages available on its mobile app for more than 90 million people worldwide. 

4. ELSA Speak is an app that helps you improve your pronunciation

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an app that helps you speak English more confidently and clearly. It is an English pronunciation app. There have been over 7 million people who have used ELSA’s award-winning, artificially intelligent speech-recognition technology to learn how to say English words.

5. Hallo an online class with a group of people

Hallo is a social live streaming community that uses video chat to help people learn and teach English. They have a worldwide community of people who want to learn English. They can watch live videos from native speakers and practice speaking in real-time through video chat to learn English at any time. It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll probably make some of your best friends there. 

6. It’s called Cambly, and it’s a free app that lets you get instant help from a tutor

Video chat with a native speaker is a great way to learn English! It doesn’t matter what kind of English skills you want to work on: conversation skills, pronunciation, etc. Cambly is a great way to learn English whether you are a beginner or an expert. Try it! Download Cambly Right Now

7. Prepare – An online tutoring app that has lessons

Apps can help you learn any language, anywhere. Find online tutors who are friendly and willing to help you learn one-on-one, then look for them. People who speak good English should talk to native tutors who are good at English. Personalized learning can help you reach your goals faster and reach them more quickly. Choose the best tutor. Learn at any time. Online lessons that are both comfortable and easy. Prepare to be confident when you say what you want to tell people.

8. verbling – An app for online tutoring with lessons

During the Verbling experience, you have a lot of chances to talk to other people. It is connecting you with great teachers who are just right for you.

You need to improve your listening skills, so it’s just as important to listen as to speak to learn a new language.

An expert tutor can help you improve your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary by teaching you how to speak and write in English better. Learn more than just a new language.

9. HelloTalk is a community app with tutors and courses

It’s all free to talk, speak, and learn a new language with other people. Don’t have a good friend to talk to? All right. A free app called HelloTalk lets you speak to more than 15 million other people. That means you’ll be able to find someone who can teach you English. A language exchange works like this: You have to teach them your language in return. If you’re afraid to make a video call, don’t worry! There’s also the option to write and record your voice or text and tools for translating and pronouncing.

10. Knudge English games for learning

Kludge helps you learn and practice Vocabulary, Grammar, and Math with bite-sized courses, visual flashcards, adaptive quizzes, and games that adapt to your needs. The platform uses scientific algorithms to help you learn and improve your English and math skills. Visual flashcards like Quizlet let you know while you’re on the go. Scientifically designed games and flashcards that are spaced apart are the best ways to review and remember what you’ve learned.

11. The best all-rounder is Duolingo

People all over the world use the world’s best language app. If you didn’t know this, did you know that 34 hours of Duolingo is the same as one semester of language classes at a college?

When you play, you compete against real people on a leader board. It feels like you’re playing a game, but at the same time, you’re learning new words and grammar rules.

12. The Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone is a simple app for learning English that is very different from other apps for learning languages on the App Stores today. It was made uniquely. If they were kids, they would learn English the same way they would if they discovered it. It has exercises that are meant to help you understand essential words. Each language has a different set of lessons that Rosetta Stone has used for years to teach people if you want a tried and true method.

13. The BBC is an excellent place to learn English!

There is a great, easy-to-use app for learning English called the BBC Learning English app. It has all of your favorite lessons and presenters in one place. You can keep your English skills up to date with this. Find a new download button in your app today, and you’ll be able to listen to all of the audio programs! 

14. Memriseyou can learn a new language for free

If you want to learn English, Memrise is one of the best apps to help you get started. You can start with some English lessons for beginners, or you can work on how to improve your English with it. There is an easy-to-use language learning system that makes this process fun, easy and addictive. In the Memrise English lessons for beginners, you learn to speak like a person who lives in the country. The “Learn with Locals” feature is the most popular learning method in their introductory English class.

15. Babbel is a way to learn a new language

Many people learn languages with Babbel, an app made by people who know a lot about language learning. It’s a good school. Our short, interactive lessons make it time to think outside the box to learn a new language.


There is nothing else this app claims to be able to teach you. You’ll need other resources to learn many different skills, but this free course on the highly complex structure of English is worth taking because it’s an excellent way to learn about it.

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