15 Highest-paid Jobs in Washington State

Some of the biggest companies in the United States, like Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon, are all in Washington state. 

Using data from the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics program, we found the 30 jobs in Washington that paid the most on average per year as of May 2022. The most recent month for which data was available.

Are you interested in the highest-paid jobs in Washington State? Are you interested in why you should consider working in Washington state? Then this article is for you. It has the salaries of these highest-paid jobs and the job description. Keep reading.

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Why should You Consider Working in Washington State?

#1. Washington state has natural beauty you would enjoy when working.

If you’ve decided to move to work in Washington, you must have done so because of its beautiful scenery. Everyone comes to this state because of its beautiful scenery. So, choose your best outdoor activity from Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, the San Juan Islands, Leavenworth town’s festivals, or the mysterious Puget Sound, and pack your bags.

Hikers and people who like to explore will love the wild mountain ranges. There are 120 national parks in Washington, and everyone has something different to offer.

#2. There are a lot of good jobs in Washington

Everyone wants to learn about the culture of a state because they want to find a job there. Some of the biggest companies in the world are mostly based in Washington. They give millions of people jobs.

Tech, multinational, and Defense Organizations are all based in the state. In 2021, the state’s unemployment rate was around 5.2%, which is still a lot in the post-pandemic world. It’s one of the states where it’s easy to find work that fits your qualifications.

#3. There isn’t too much tax

Washington is one of the seven states with no income tax, so you don’t have to worry if you keep your money in a safe. One of the many great things about living in Washington is that you won’t have to pay personal or business income tax.

Instead, the state collects sales and real estate taxes to pay for roads, law enforcement, schools, and other services. The best part is that these taxes don’t add up to as much as those in other states.

#4. Washington is famous for having the best schools.

Washington is a favorite among international students. It is the 12th largest state for schools and education. The University of Washington ranks 176th in the country, while Seattle University is 124th. Many international students come to the state because it has some of the best schools in the world.

Not only is the education good, but the lower fees make it possible for many students from inside and outside the country to stay here. In 2015, the state government cut tuition costs for four-year colleges by 15–20%, which was a big change.

#5. Washington is a Family-Friendly State

If you’re planning a big move, your family will probably like what the state offers. Washington is one of the states in the US where you can go on a trip with your pets (if you are living single).

But taking your family outside sounds even better, especially when you live near places like Bark! Espresso, Discovery Park, and Blake Island State Park are some of the best diners and restaurants in the world. Don’t forget to see the beautiful natural places.

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What are the Disadvantages of Working in Washington State?

Before working in any state, a few things are the natural dangers, the cost of living, and the crime rate. Here are some more bad things about Washington to give you a full picture.

#1. Climate Issues

When it’s winter, you’ll be cold; when it’s summer, you’ll be so hot that you might want to change your mind. To make it worse, it rains about 73 times a year. You’ll have to deal with about 150 days of rainy weather, which will mess up your daily life.

The state is also where volcanoes erupt, and it’s not a good idea to live near the coast because of the risk of tsunamis. Summer is the worst time if you like being out in the sun.

#2. Too many cars on the road

When you live in a state with many jobs and tourist spots, it’s easy to get stuck in traffic. A lot of people move to Washington and make it very crowded.

One of the worst things about Washington is that it has 7.8 million people, which makes it hard to get around on state roads and highways. When there is an accident, it slows down the traffic. The head of transportation for the state says that you can’t avoid traffic jams in Washington.

#3. There is a high cost of living

Even though the average wage is higher and there are many ways to get ahead here, the cost of living is very high. You might be able to save more on income tax or business taxes, but the cost of homes might worry you.

The average cost of living in Washington is 118.7. It is more than the average cost of living in the rest of the country. You might have to deal with more people buying groceries and cars. Zillow says that the average cost of a home in Washington is $369,900, while the same home in the rest of the U.S. costs $236,100.

#4. High Crime Rate

In a state with a mixed society, crime is always the biggest problem. Before you move here with your family, you might want to think twice about this. Safety is the most important thing in a state with a lot of robberies, rapes, and domestic violence.

According to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs’ annual crime report, the number of crimes against property has increased to 13.8%. In comparison, the number of homicides has gone up by 46.6%. But the number of crimes against people and society as well as violent crimes have gone down.

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15 Highest-paid Jobs in Washington State

#1. Psychologists

Salary: $101,376 per year

Psychologists’ main jobs are to help people figure out and deal with various mental health problems. These could be mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Clinical psychologists can talk to patients, test them, and develop ways for patients to get better. Then, they might use therapy with their client to run these programs.

These people do research and tests to find out more about mental health. They may develop research questions, plan studies, find people to take the studies, do tests, and collect data. Psychologists write up their findings or talk about them at scientific conferences. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

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#2. Pilots

Salary: $108,378 per year

A pilot’s job is one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State. Their main job is to ensure that airplane passengers or cargo get from one place to another safely. Pilots plan and direct the plane’s flight.

They work with air traffic controllers to make sure they stay on course and stay away from other planes. They may talk to their passengers through an intercom to let them know what’s happening during the flight. A pilot works with the rest of the crew as a team.

This includes a co-pilot, who helps the pilot do their job, and flight attendants, who help ensure everyone on board is safe and comfortable.

#3. Product Marketing Managers

Salary: $110,357 per year

A product marketing manager’s main job is to study and understand the consumer market. They develop the best way to market a certain brand or product. They may work with a company’s sales and marketing teams to create and analyze research.

Then, they might come up with ideas for marketing campaigns and test them with focus groups. Product marketing managers may also help design or make the final marketing push for a product. They also keep an eye on how well it does. Product Marketing Managers have one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

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#4. Company CEO

Salary: $123,538.

The company’s chief executive officer (CEO) may be the most powerful person in the company. They must keep an eye on the company’s goals, actions, and effects. When doing this, they might make important decisions about how the company works or its mission.

The CEO may work closely with other top executives when running the company. They may also hold meetings with other leaders from different branches within the company to stay informed about all the activities within the organization.

With how much work they have to do, it is no doubt they have some of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

#5. The head of operations

Salary: $128,883.

A head of operations is in charge of running a company on a day-to-day basis. Often, this job requires working with people from different parts of the company. This could be finance, sales, marketing, and human resources.

A head of operations may hold meetings and read reports from different departments. They find out what and how they are doing and help make and implement plans to make things run more smoothly.

The head of operations works closely with the company’s chief executive officer (CEO) and chief financial officer (CFO). They help run the company’s finances and overall operations. 

The Head of operations has one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

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#6. Pharmacists

Salary: $130,881 per year

Pharmacists’ main jobs are to fill prescriptions for patients as their doctors tell them to. These people know everything there is to know about medicines. They give out and can tell patients how much to take, how to take it, and what side effects might happen.

Pharmacists may also help patients avoid dangerous or even fatal drug interactions. They tell them what other drugs or substances to stay away from. 

Pharmacists also answer any questions the patient has about their medicine. This job is one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

#7. Engineering Manager

Salary: $131,431 per year

An engineering manager’s job is to plan and coordinate engineering projects in a company. They might put together a project team, help make a budget, and check in during the project to ensure everyone is doing their part.

These professionals also have a lot of engineering knowledge. They can comfortably use them to come up with the best plan. They may also solve any problems that come up during the project.

Engineering managers may work on various engineering projects during the design, development, and implementation phases. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

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#8. Chief financial officers

Salary: $140,376.

A chief financial officer keeps an eye on a company’s money. They might work closely with the CEO and COO to develop and implement financial strategies. They help the company grow in the long run. This job is one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

They may create budgets, make investments, or set company-wide financial goals. The CFO also keeps an eye on how much money the company spends. They analyze it to see where the current financial strategy is strong and where it is weak. They might use this information to help them develop their new plans.

#9. Judge

Salary: $140,989 per year

A judge’s most important job is to keep order in the courtroom. They permit lawyers to make arguments, bring in witnesses, or submit evidence for the judge to look at. Judges can also decide when the defendant has asked for a trial without a jury.

If the defendant is guilty, the judge will announce the sentence. A judge’s job is to keep an open mind and be fair throughout the court proceedings. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

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#10. A doctor

Salary: $187,345 per year

A doctor’s main job is to help patients figure out what’s wrong with them, like an injury or illness, and treat it. They might use a patient’s medical history, an exam, tests, or imaging to make a diagnosis. Then, they might work with the patient to devise a good plan.

This could mean sending them to a specialist, giving them medicine, suggesting a lifestyle change, or doing a procedure. Physicians work closely with other medical professionals. 

These could be nurses and physical therapists, to help patients get better mentally or physically. They might also help with medical research. A doctor’s job is one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

#11. Orthodontist

Salary: $255,295 per year

An orthodontist helps people get their teeth and jaws in the right place. An orthodontist’s goal may be to help their patient get a better-looking smile or a better-fitting bite. To do this, they might use braces, bands, headgear, or retainers on the client’s teeth. An orthodontist’s job is one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

Orthodontists see their patients again and again over months or years. They make changes to the braces or other tools that are used to move the teeth. Orthodontists may also take x-rays and measurements and refer patients to dentists or oral surgeons. 

This is if they need more invasive work like tooth extraction or oral surgery.

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#12. Dentist

Salary: $261,882 per year

The main job of a dentist is to help people take care of their teeth. They may check their clients’ teeth and gums regularly to ensure they are healthy. Most dentists also give them advice on how to brush and floss.

Dentists who work with children also look at their teeth to ensure they are growing correctly. Dentists may also use x-rays to check on their patients’ gums and tooth roots. 

They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

#13. An anesthesiologist

Salary: $298,295 per year

An anesthesiologist is a doctor trained to use painkillers to help patients feel less pain. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State. Anesthesiologists often work with surgeons to help patients feel less pain or not feel any pain at all during surgery.

These doctors and nurses may use a local anesthetic to numb a certain body part or a general anesthetic to make the patient sleep through the surgery. They might also work with patients after surgery.

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#14. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Salary: $400,000 per year

The main job of a chief technology officer (CTO) is to oversee how a company develops and uses technology. They might work to improve the technology inside the company that clients and customers can use. They might work to ensure that the company’s information technology and software match its mission, values, and goals.

In particular, they may be in charge of e-commerce platforms, websites, or communications. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

#15. Dermatologist

Salary: $401,387 per year

A dermatologist is a type of doctor who specializes in skin problems. They may be able to diagnose and treat skin diseases. Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer are just a few examples. Dermatologists have one of the highest-paid jobs in Washington State.

Dermatologists may also be able to tell what’s wrong with other body parts by looking at the skin. These people can write prescriptions for medicines and do things like biopsies. They may also be able to treat problems with nails and hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Washington state a good place to work?

Yes. The advantages of working in Washington outweigh the disadvantages. As such, Washington state is a good place to work. There are some stable jobs with good pay, but they won’t make you rich. You can switch jobs in the same state and keep your job, and benefits.

How many hours do you have to work in Washington state to get benefits?

Large companies with 50 or more full-time workers who work 30 hours or more per week are to give their full-time workers and their dependents certain minimum health benefits coverage or pay a penalty (IRS).

What are the pros of living in Washington?

Picturesque landscape.
Strong economy.
Low overall tax on income.
High rate of happy residents.
Temperate weather all year.
It’s cloudy and raining.

Does it cost a lot to live in Washington state?

Washington has a 13% higher cost of living than the rest of the country. The cost of housing is 20% more than the national average, but the cost of utilities is 9% less. Regarding basic things like food and clothes, the cost of groceries is about 11% higher than in the rest of the country. The cost of clothes is about 11% higher.

In Washington state, how many hours can you work?

There is no limit on how many hours a worker can put in during a workweek. An employer can make overtime work mandatory, but they have to pay the employee for it.

How many hours is a full-time job in WA?

Part-time jobs (less than 31 hours per week) and full-time jobs are 32 hours per week or more.

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There are many high-paying jobs in many different fields in Washington. It is home to Olympia, the state capital, and Seattle, one of the biggest tech hubs in the world. If you live in or want to move to Washington, it might be helpful to look at the highest-paid jobs in Washington.



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