15 Highest Paid Local News Anchors Utah 2022

 Successful news anchors have fans and viewers who learn to trust and choose them above other possibilities in a given market. Years after they have retired, specific anchors are still praised for their coverage of particular historical moments. This unquestionably applies to some of Utah’s Highest Paid local news anchors. 

 News anchors are journalists that keep the public informed by covering breaking news and events occurring locally, nationally, and internationally. They use their public speaking abilities to succinctly and properly convey the news to their viewers as the lead journalist on a television news presentation. 

This post will review everything you need to know about the Highest Paid local news anchors in Utah.

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Job Outlook For News Anchors In Utah

 The public finds notable news and current events through news anchors, reporters, and journalists. Most news analysts, reporters, and journalists work for publications that print newspapers, websites, magazines, or broadcast television or radio. Others work for themselves. 

 From 2020 to 2030, the employment of news anchors, reporters, and journalists would increase by 6%, or as fast as the average for all occupations. 

Over the next ten years, there should be 5,400 new job vacancies for news analysts, reporters, and journalists. Many of those positions will be because of the need to replace individuals who change careers or leave the workforce because of retirement.

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How Much Do News Anchors Make In Utah?

The pay for local news anchors in Utah can vary. It often relies on a wide range of significant criteria, including your degree, certifications, supplementary expertise, and the time you have worked in your field. 

The income bracket for local news anchors in Utah normally ranges from $48,704 to $80,082, while the average pay is $60,726.

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Highest Paid Local New Anchors In Utah

The Highest Paid Local news Anchors in Utah include:

#1 Ashley Moser

Ashley Moser reports for the KSL 5 News at 10 and co-anchors KSL 5 Live at 5 with Mike Headrick. Ashley had her first job after graduating at the Toledo, Ohio, NBC news station. She worked as a general assignment reporter and co-anchor for WNWO’s morning program. 

 Ashley became an instant success in the field when she covered breaking news topics, such as murders, a high school siege, and an in-depth investigation of Online Sex Trafficking in Northwest Ohio. 

She has received the Media and Broadcast Award from the United Filipino Council of Hawaii. Ashley Moser is one of KSL-top TV’s news anchors, and her salary estimation is between $20,000 and $100,000.

#2. Nadine Wimmer

 Currently, Nadine Wimmer co-anchors KSL News at 6 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 10 p.m. She is also an Emmy-winning reporter who focuses on education and is in charge of the station’s “Read Today” literacy campaign. 

As a weekend anchor, political reporter, general assignment reporter, and producer at KSL 5 News, Nadine advanced through the ranks. 

 Due to the way she covered the teacher shortage in Utah, Nadine received a regional Emmy award. For its work promoting reading in Utah, Read Today received the Emmy Service to America Award. 

She is one of Utah’s highest-paid local news anchors because of her varied accomplishments in the journalism industry. Her annual income is between $85,000 and $95,000.

#3. Lori Prichard

 The Utah Society of Professional Journalists chose emmy-winning journalist Lori Prichard as the Best TV News Reporter of 2011. Both a general assignment reporter and an investigative reporter, Lori has a myriad of experiences. Her writings inspired four different amendments to Utah law in 2011.

Her yearly pay ranges from $40,000 to $110,500, more than the state average for news anchors. She is among Utah’s Highest Paid local news anchors.

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#4. Debbie Worthen

 In the KSL Newsroom, Debbie Worthen has over two decades of accolade-winning journalism expertise. She is part of Utah’s venerable news company and reports for the top-rated KSL 5 News at 10 p.m. and co-anchors the weekends with Dan Rascon.

 Before transitioning to a full-time on-air role, Debbie began her career as a writer, producer, and traffic reporter while earning her communications degree at The University of Utah. Her yearly income of $75,000 places her as one of Utah’s Highest Paid local news anchors. 

#5. Shara Park

 Five-time Emmy-winning journalist Shara Park joined the KSL 5 News staff in 2007. 

She presently serves as the KSL 5 News Today and KSL 5 News at noon breaking news anchor. She reports on the most important regional stories for KSL NewsRadio 102.7 FM/1160 AM.

 Shara has reported on some of Utah’s greatest breaking news. The Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has honored Shara for her reporting several times. 

She won an Emmy in 2019 for her work on the in-depth examination of Utah’s opioid misuse in the documentary ‘Road to Recovery.’ Shara Parks is one of the Highest Paid local news anchors in Utah, earning an estimated $42,000 to $110,000 annually.

#6. Dan Spindle

 By serving as the host for “KSL Today” and “KSL News at Noon,” Dan Spindle awakens the Wasatch Front and beyond. He is a journalist who has won an Emmy Award and received praise for his work from the Associated Press. 

Dan started his television career in Medford, Oregon, but shortly moved to Arizona, first in Tucson and then for ten years as a reporter and anchor in Phoenix. 

He earns about $75,000 annually from his gig as a local news anchor. 

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#7. Dan Rascon

 Dan Rascon is an experienced TV journalist with an Emmy. He anchors KSL-TV on the weekends (NBC). Dan has also worked as a TV journalist in Los Angeles, Denver, Fresno, San Diego, and Fresno. 

He has covered everything from the terrible Californian fires and earthquakes to the Oklahoma City Bombing trial in Denver to the 9-11 terrorist events in New York City. He has received multiple journalistic and Emmy awards for his narrative abilities. 

Dan is one of the Highest Paid local news anchors in Utah, with an estimated income of $87,006 a year.

#8. Jeremiah Jensen

 Since October 2005, Jeremiah Jensen, an Emmy-winning sports anchor, and reporter, has been covering sports in Utah for KSL. He most recently took home the Best Sports Story 2011 regional Emmy and UBEE award. Jeremiah Jensen also received honorary recognition by The Utah Society of Professional Journalists.

 Jeremiah has enjoyed writing about Utah’s most inspiring athletes and covering some of the most memorable sports events from the state’s recent past. 

He is widely known for the weekly SportsBeat Sunday segments Locals in the NFL and Jazz Rewind. Jensen has one of the highest salaries among KSL-sports TV anchors and reporters, with an annual income that ranges from $40,000 to $100,000.

#9. Mike Headrick

 Mike is a phenomenal personality who co-anchors KSL 5 News. He reports on in-depth and investigative stories as one of the KSL Investigators when he is not at the anchor desk. 

Mike is a journalist and anchor who has won 55 Emmy awards. He has also won the renowned Edward R. Murrow award four times. 

Headrick was additionally honored for his investigative reporting and writing by the Utah Broadcasters Association and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Headrick has a yearly salary that falls between $40,000 to $111,500.

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#10. Sam Farnsworth

 Sam Farnsworth was hired to work as a studio technician and sports producer for KSL through July 2006 after serving as a sports intern there in the fall of 2002. He mostly covered the Denver Broncos while serving as the sports director for KKTV in Colorado Springs. 

While covering the Broncos for ten seasons, some highlights were being present during Tim Tebow’s selection, signing Peyton Manning, attending Super Bowl 48 and Super Bowl 50, and Terrell Davis’ induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Canton, Ohio, among many other things. 

He is one of Utah’s Highest Paid local news anchors.

#11. Mark Koebel

Journalist Mark Koebel has won awards for his work. He is among Utah’s Highest Paid local news anchors. He earns an average salary of $95,00 each year. 

Mark Koebel has won several accolades and recognitions during his journalism career. United Press International and Associated Press are two of the most renowned. 

He rose to fame as a local news anchor in Utah due to his skill in reporting. 

#12. Heidi Hatch

 Heidi Hatch anchors KUTV 2 news at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. She formerly worked for ABC and CBS news before becoming an anchor in Utah. Since she graduated from college, Heidi has been in the news industry. Heidi Hatch has won several awards thanks to her reporting and anchoring skills. 

For her coverage of the Brian Head Wildfire, she was awarded an Emmy. Her profession has allowed her to earn a respectable salary. She makes an estimated $98,500 each year. 

Heidi is one of Utah’s highest paid local news anchors.

#13. Sterling Poulson.

 Since joining the KUTV 2News Weather Team in December 1989 as an anchor, weather producer, and meteorologist, Sterling Poulson has served as the network’s chief meteorologist. The seasoned forecaster was trained in the US Air Force and holds a degree in meteorology.

 In 1985, Sterling joined KSL television in Salt Lake City as a weather producer and meteorologist. With the endorsement of the American Meteorological Society, Sterling is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. His salary at KUTV 2News as the Chief Meteorologist is gratifying. With an estimated salary of $89,616, Sterling is one of Utah’s highest paid local news anchors. 

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#14. Emily Florez

 Emily Florez is a journalist from Utah with an Emmy nomination in addition to several awards. After working at WMAQ NBC 5 Chicago, Emily began working at KTVX ABC 4 News in January 2019. 

She wrote extensively on the crime and societal problems afflicting Chicago and chronicled the historic World Series championship run of the Chicago Cubs. 

Emily Florez has an estimated average yearly pay of $60,232. She is one of the Highest Paid local new anchors in Utah.

#15. Glen Mills

 Glen Mills is a proud alumnus of Jordan High School and the University of Utah, where he double-majored in Business and Mass Communication. 

He is a seasoned, award-winning journalist who presents the day’s news every night on ABC4 News. Glen also presents Inside Utah Politics, which airs every Sunday at 8 a.m., and serves as a chief political correspondent. He has received several honors for reporting on the military, political, and other topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good news anchor?

A good news anchor must have good interpersonal skills to succeed in the field.

Why is it referred to as new anchoring?

The phrases come from the anchor leg in relay races when the team’s quickest or most seasoned competitor often fills the role.

Is being a news anchor in Utah worth it?

Yes! Utah offers a good space for news anchors and good pay compared to some other states. 

Are news anchors an in-demand job in Utah?

Because of a lack of employment, Utah’s news anchor job market is not very vibrant.

What related field is required for becoming a news anchor?

You’ll need a degree in journalism, political science, communication science, or English.


The Highest Paid local news anchors in Utah have excelled in their professions. Most of them have discussed several historical events that have taken place in the past while others have contributed to the discovery of some of the community’s vices. Utah’s Highest Paid news anchors are well-known figures in the state’s media industry.



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