15 Highest Paid Trades In Florida 2022

 When it comes to vocational trades, Florida does fairly well. There are several routes that Floridians might take to enter the skilled trades field. Despite what you might think, you will not have to spend much time learning the in and out of the trade. With the Best paying trades in Florida, you may make money easier when compared to many other career paths.

Are you trying to find the best trades in Florida? This post will cover everything you need to know about the Highest Paid Trades in Florida.

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Trade Training Options In Florida

 Residents of Florida who want to work in the skilled trades often complete one or both of the following routes for their formal training:


 Finding a business willing to support your training is a must for choosing this route. While gaining useful skills on the job, you can also earn. Depending on the trade and your prior education, apprenticeships can run up to five years or as little as one.

 It’s also important to keep in mind that enrolling in a trade school before becoming an apprentice may make it simpler for you to find an employer-sponsor and reduce the length of your apprenticeship. Through the Florida Department of Education, you may explore apprenticeship programs.

Trade school programs

 You can learn the skills required to work in your chosen profession by enrolling in a vocational college. You can also complete most programs within two years while some run for a few months. Besides receiving classroom teaching, you can also gain a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree while receiving practical training using actual tools and equipment.

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What Are The Average Salaries For Trade Jobs In Florida?

 In Florida, the average yearly salary for the Trade occupations category is $46,221. This translates to about $22.22 per hour. This is the same as $889 each week or $3,852 every month. While positions are paying as much as $99,824 or as little as $17,469, the bulk of trade jobs pay between $32,026 (25th percentile) and $58,230 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) in Florida getting $81,522 yearly.

 The wide variety in average pay for trade jobs shows that there may be several prospects for wage increases and promotion based on experience, location, and skill level. Regarding wages for trade jobs, Florida comes in at number 48 out of 50 states.

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What Are The Highest Paid Trades In Florida?

 There are several job prospects for various trades in Florida. Below are some of the Highest Paid Trades in Florida.

#1. Carpenter

 You may achieve long-term stability by attending carpentry school or completing an apprenticeship in this field. After all, carpenters get to do a lot of high-value jobs that are difficult to automate.

 Carpenters experience a high demand for their abilities. Many people also get to enjoy the flexibility that comes with owning and operating their contracting firm. Although some people learn this skill by entering a carpenter apprenticeship right away, many others gain more by first attending trade school.

 Carpenters receive good pay. In Florida, carpenters make a median annual income of $20.86 per hour and $6,750 in overtime. Carpentry is one of the Best Paying trades in Florida, with the top earners earning over $80,940.

#2. Aircraft Mechanic

 You can associate a good salary, great job satisfaction, and other benefits with a career in aircraft maintenance. You may learn what it takes to make sure that airplanes and helicopters operate safely and effectively by enrolling in an aircraft mechanic school. It might aid in your preparation for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications, which many businesses need.

 According to figures from the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) program, the median pay for airplane mechanics is $64,090. The top paid technicians earn over $101,000 a year, yet salaries might differ amongst businesses. Avionics technicians are experts in the electronic equipment used in flying. They normally earn more money since they are airplane mechanics who have received specialized avionics training.

#3. Automotive Service Technician

 Cars and trucks are the focus of automotive service professionals’ work. This industry is constantly changing as new models appear and more advanced and complicated technology becomes prevalent. The importance of automotive trade schools is important because it’s getting more and more challenging to learn what you need to know through on-the-job training alone.

 Vocational school certificate or diploma programs often last one to two years. Automotive repair technicians in Florida make $54,904 on average per year, which is 9% less than the national average.

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#4. Electrician

Electricians are one of Florida’s most popular trades. A local electrician school may help you get off to a solid start on the road to becoming a qualified journeyman by offering pre-apprenticeship training. People who enter the electrical profession may take advantage of a high potential for pay, improved career security, a pleasing range of work environments, highly interesting job activities, and other benefits.

Presently, formal technical education and on-the-job apprenticeship training make up one of the most popular routes for becoming a certified electrician. This is because most states demand that before you can get an official license or certification as an electrician, you must have a specific number of classroom hours and electrical job experience. Electricians are one of the Best paying trades in Florida. They earn $50,051 on average.

#5. Diesel Engine Technician

 Diesel engine technicians are one of the Highest Paid trades in Florida, with an average pay of $80,553. You may become ready for a booming career that includes servicing heavy-duty vehicles, buses, and other industrial machinery by attending diesel mechanic schools. The need for high-tech, practical skills is constant. Diesel technology programs typically last nine to 24 months to complete.

#6. Marine Mechanic

 Is working with all kinds of watercraft and spending a lot of time outside your dream career? You can accomplish that goal with the aid of a boat mechanic school. Recreational boating is a popular activity among over 87 million Americans annually, and this figure is part of a general upward trend. The need for people who can construct, maintain, and repair boats has expanded because of the expanding popularity of boating.

 Being a marine technician allows you to select from a variety of vocations while earning a respectable income. Marine mechanics in Florida earn an average annual income of $47,946.

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#7. HVAC Technician

 In Florida, HVAC technicians are among the most sought-after trades. Consider this: Complex heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are necessary for maintaining suitable interior conditions in all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings across the Sunshine State—even when exterior temperatures and humidity levels alter.

 You have the chance to gain the technical skill to build, maintain, and repair those sorts of systems with job-focused training from Florida HVAC schools. You can profit from a combination of classroom and hands-on training. In Florida, HVAC technicians make a median pay of $46,138. They are one of the Best Paying trades in Florida. 

#8. Welder

 Learning how to weld can open up options that are both tough and rewarding. You might get practical instruction in welding from nearby institutions, which will teach you in-demand skills for the field. Apply your training to acknowledged welding qualifications that apply to several well-paying sectors.

 Depending on the welding curriculum you select, you may expect to finish trade school training in welding in seven to 24 months. In Florida, welders make an average salary of $41,700. The top earners in the industry earned more than $66,250 each year. Welding is one of the Highest Paid trades in Florida. 

#9. Landscape designer

 Choosing a career in landscape design may be quite exciting. They focus on projects, including outside gardens or home design. Landscape designers aim to enhance the outside area by choosing plants and other elements that blend in with the surroundings.

Depending on the surroundings, their designs might contain sculptures, plants, water features, or paths. Florida is 6% below the national average in base pay for landscape designers at $58,676 annually.

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#10. Commercial Diver

 Consider your morning journey as an excursion to the ocean floor rather than the office. For many commercial divers, this is an everyday reality. A commercial diver is a diver with advanced training who can carry out a variety of activities linked to underwater industrial construction.

Commercial divers are among the highest paid trades in Florida, earning an average pay of $99,641 a year. Florida pays 83% more for Commercial Divers than the rest of the country.

#11. Plumber

 We will eventually need a plumber in every home; this is a given. You may prepare for a future in one of the most desirable fields in the skilled trades business by enrolling in a plumbing program. Plumbers typically enjoy decent wages, a variety of jobs, and the possibility of growth.

The average length of a pre-apprenticeship plumbing program at a trade school is four to 24 months aver while the average length of a plumbing apprenticeship is four to five years. Florida plumbers make $50,076. Plumbing is one of the Best Paying trades in Florida. 

#12. Motorcycle Mechanic

 If you love motorcycles, give this trading alternative some serious thought. Students who attend motorcycle mechanic schools have the chance to develop hands-on skills for a rewarding, in-demand profession. Working as a motorcycle mechanic can be enjoyable, engaging, and dependable.

The trade is seeing an increase in employment. Florida has a $33,505 average annual salary for motorcycle technicians, although the range is normally between $27,378 and $40,550. It is one of the Best Paying trades in Florida.

#13. Construction Managers

 Construction managers hold one of the Highest Paid trades in Florida, with an average base income of $73,282. On residential, commercial, or government construction projects, construction managers collaborate with architects and engineers. The primary duty of a construction manager is to determine building supplies to finish a project and then to get those supplies.

 They assess designs and offer time and cost estimates for project completion using their analytical and problem-solving abilities. To lead construction teams and provide outstanding customer service to clients, they must have outstanding leadership qualities.

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#14. Boilermaker

 Boilermakers repair and maintain boilers and other big containers used in industries, ships, and buildings. Reading designs, checking for leaks in boiler systems, fixing defective pieces, and cleaning containers are typical tasks.

 Physical endurance and commitment to safety procedures are requirements to prevent harm in this field. They usually work in the construction of utility systems, nonresidential building construction, production of fabricated metal products, and the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning industries.

A four-year apprenticeship provides technical instruction and training for boilermakers. You’ll get knowledge about how to use boilermaker tools, safety procedures, how to read and draw blueprints, and installation methods. Boilermakers in Florida make an average basic pay of $58,869. Boilermaking is one of the Best Paying trades in Florida. 

#15. Elevator and Escalator Technicians/Repairers

Escalators and elevator repairers install and maintain elevators and escalators. Reading blueprints, changing broken pieces, testing machinery, and performing safety checks are all part of the job description. These experts frequently focus on maintenance, installation, or repair work. They need physical stamina and strength, mechanical aptitude, and the capacity to operate at heights. The trade option has a 7% positive job forecast. They make around $46,452 a year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most in-demand trade option in Florida?

Electricians and HVAC technicians are one of the most in-demand trades in Florida.

What is the Highest Paying trade in Florida?

Commercial Divers are one of the Best Paying trades in Florida.

What Is the minimum educational requirement for learning a skilled trade in Florida?

You’ll need a General education diploma (GED), this is not always compulsory as you can get into some trade schools without the diploma.

What is the best trade to learn at Florida Vocational school?

HVAC technicians and welding are some of the best trades available at the school.

Is a license compulsory for all tradespeople in Florida?

Statewide licensure is only compulsory in Florida for experienced artisans who desire to start their businesses.


 Florida has a large population of skilled artisans who profit from strong demand and fair pay. There are many prospects for pursuing a trade in Florida. Students in vocational schools are ready for a variety of well-paying trade jobs.



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