15 Small scale Investment Opportunities in Pakistan in 2020-2021 SkyMarketing

When you are young or in your teenage, you don’t worry about saving money or thinking big. All you want is fun and fulfill daily dreams and desires without thinking about where it is profitable to invest money. It is only a matter of time that there is a need to accumulate and save, and even better to increase.

The phrase “money should work, not lie under the mattress” is known to everyone, but it is much more difficult to “get” them to work, that is, to determine ways of investing. So it’s time to talk about what contribution correctly invested money can make to your budget and what investment options exist.

To be honest, there are many applicants for the free money of a private investor: these are banks, financial institutions, ordinary shops, and even scammers. So, you need to carefully consider where to invest and what lies behind the process.

Investment Opportunity in Pakistan

There are several important points that it is essential to learn before you even decide to invest your savings in something. First, you need to know about these important points.

Do not invest your last cash

The experts from Sky Marketing suggest that First, that does not invest every bit of your money. Always make sure to have some backup in case of an emergency. Also, never try to spend your salary as daily needs are to be fulfilled. You can use money as investments like savings, bonuses, or free money.

Do not start with large sums

Invest money that you can afford to withdraw from your personal or family budget without fear of being aground. Private investment is not a game of chance, but a process that requires knowledge, skills, and therefore it costs a little to learn.

Always remember the risk

Any investment of funds carries risks of different levels. Learn to calculate them and find out how to reduce them (for example, compiling a diversified investment portfolio is the case when you invest in several different instruments). Simply put, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Do not use doubtful sources of information

Unfortunately, there are a lot of useful virtual sites on the Internet that offer attractive but dangerous strategies. Refer to official sources – sites of certified brokers only.

Moreover, serious companies have available mobile applications – this way, you can invest and monitor the movement of your money in real-time, wherever it is convenient for you.

Diversify your investment

DO not invest in one place, use different tools of investment like choose sophisticated strategies, and combine methods of generating income. In the conditions of the modern economy and current situation, it is better to diversify your investment portfolio not only by instruments but also by industry and country of issuers, timing, reliability, and liquidity. So you somehow insure yourself against losses.

Small scale investment in Pakistan

Invest only in the place or tool which you understand

You must have an accurate idea and knowledge of your investment tool of ​​how your money will work, due to which and in what time frame the income is formed, what risks you can incur.

Be sure to try reinvesting

Even if the first was not the most successful, analyze your mistakes, evaluate new opportunities, consult with a broker, and try again.

Work with professionals, especially at the initial stage.

Working with a broker or a professional company such as capital smart city allows you to avoid stupid and offensive mistakes, learn how to work with tools, and gain access to exclusive analytics, without which competent investments are impossible. And most importantly, remember: a professional broker guarantees the transparency and accountability of all operations. If this is not the case, refuse the services offered to you.

Investment with Professionals

Now as I have told you some essential things to remember before investment, let’s talk about investment opportunities which you can have on a small scale

1.Investing in yourself

I know it sounds weird or worthless, but you should think about yourself first. Invest in your health, education, appearance, personal development.

Investing in yourself

This is one of the most win-win investment options – after all, becoming the best version of yourself, you will not only change the quality and perception of life, but you will also be able to earn more.

Minimum investment:

Investing in your self is as low as 10 rupees and as high as in Millions and billions. It’s all on you.

2.Bank deposit

Perhaps the most popular and understandable way to invest money: you bring the amount to the selected bank, indicate the term, choose the interest rate and conditions, and at the end of the time, take the money or capitalize the interest, prolonging the deposit.

Minimum investment:

Bank deposit also does not require a large amount of investment, but still, there are some rules and terms of banks. So it is reasonable to start your investment at least from 50,000 rupees, but you can begin to deposit from 100 rupees in the bank also.

3.Currency operations

Another popular way to increase your saving is currency operation. You can simply buy and sells a currency in a nearby bank, trying to catch exchange rate differences.

In currency operations, you can transfer all the money in dollars and stores it at home or on a bank deposit with a meager percentage. And when dollar rates get high, you can simply change it to your currency (rupees) again.

Currency Operations

This is still a reasonably reliable, liquid, and profitable way of investing. But if you deposit your dollars in the bank, then they might charge you some interest or make you follow their policies and rules.

So for more profit, save you dollars at your home. Or it is better r to use the services of a broker to benefit from exchange rate differences, perform transactions at the right time, and not overpay the bank.

Minimum investment:

You can buy currency starting from 1 dollar. So your initial investment depends on rupees against the dollar. Let’s say the minimum amount as 100 rupees only.

4.Stock market

A private investment tool that everyone has heard about: at least, many of us from our grandmothers and parents have shares in the stock market

This is a profitable way of investing. But most private investors do not understand how to enter the stock market and what the benefits are.

Stock Market

It’s simple: an individual cannot be allowed to bid, which means that you need to contact a broker for help. The broker acts as an intermediary who, on your behalf and at your expense, will operate with securities or exchange commodities acquired by you, record income, pay taxes. For this, he will receive a small commission.

Besides, you can purchase securities (stocks, bonds) from the bank and sell them again to the bank after some time. In addition to foreign exchange gains, a securities holder may receive dividends (per share) or coupon income (per bond).

The disadvantages of this type of investment include the complexity and need for training, as well as the riskiness of investments; the pluses are the potentially higher profitability, long-term and reliable investments, as well as the ability to combine tools and build investment strategies.

Minimum investment:

Stocks allow you to invest minimal, as low as 10 rupees only.

5.Real estate investment

Investment in real estate is one of the most common and popular investment methods.

There are several options: buy an apartment and rent it out, buy an apartment at the construction stage and sell the finished one at an increased price, invest in the repair of old housing, and sell it more expensive. Buy residential or commercial plots in housing societies and sell it when their market becomes high, buy houses and sell it on commission or put it on rent. Buy any shop and put it on rent and sell real estate for office.

This method as the right to exist, but has several disadvantages also: you need a significant sum of money for investment even in the beginning, more than a million. There is a risk of reliable property agents, but you can search for trustable property agencies like Sky Marketing.

Low liquidity means you need to wait before selling your property at a profit as it takes time. Also, another risk is a fraud of society developers. They can be fake. But all of these can be solve if you have experienced and reliable property agent.

Real estate Investment

Minimum investment:

It requires high investment than others, as real estate’s properties like houses, lands, shops, etc. are expansive. You need the placement of at least ten lacs.

6.Collection of valuable Arts

Investing in artistic values ​​and collecting: stamps, books, money, paintings, art objects, exclusive jewelry, cars and antiques

This investment is one of the most luxurious and romantic ways to increase capital. There are two problems: the first – it is costly to buy such things, the second is exceptionally illiquid investments, it is complicated to find a buyer for the collection. However, if you have big money and appropriate links, then go for this option.

Minimum investment:

It also requires high investment, as valuable art is very expansive and only affordable to rich people. You need at least 5 lac to buy a little thing.

7.Travel investment

This is a different and new investment approach but perfect for youth.

You can travel, develop language skills, communicate, blog, and make money on it. By the way, the blog itself is also a new-fangled way to invest with a small entry threshold. But here we need talent, luck and the same big idea, so as not to get lost in terabytes of information.

Travel Investmemt

Minimum investment:

It depends where you want to travel, but you can start moving to 10,000 rupees only.

8.Networking Investments

It is also the new investing method, not one of the stereotype methods.

It is simple: You buy tickets for cool events, lectures, exhibitions, conferences, get to know the necessary and useful people, and then try to use the connections for your benefit. For example, to find highly paid jobs in the capital regions or sell tickets on commission.

Minimum investment:

You just need minimal amount for it, starting from 1000 rupees only

9.Innovation and venture capital investment

Innovations and venture capital investments today appeal to everyone – from venerable oligarchs to private participants in crowdfunding companies.

Indeed, you can invest in the development of a technological startup or a separate product, but it is expensive, lengthy, and hazardous.

Investment Opportunity in Pakistan

Minimum investment:

It requires an investment of 1 lac, as you are investing in a company.

10.Personal business

Your business is a great way to invest if you have a high-quality idea. Starting your own company or business, even on a small is scale, and is one of the most creative ideas to invest your money. But you should keep in mind that starting anything from scratch means a lot of hard work and wait. You cannot get any profit at the start; you need to work, work, and work on it. Then after some time, you will see results.

But as we all know, the market is very competitive nowadays, so you should consider all the pros and cons before starting your own business. Also, do not try to make a big setup at the start. Initiate at a small level go for online business options first. It will be saved and a more stable way.

Business Investment

Minimum investment:

For starting your business, you need at least 1 lac rupees as an initial investment.

11.Term Deposit

If you have a long-term aim for your investment and can wait for the outcome, then a term deposit may provide a trusted method to generate prospects towards your goal.

A term deposit is very similar to a savings account, so you deposit your cash using a bank and make it to earn interest over time. Many times, the more the duration you consent to collect your cash for, the higher the interest rate you may make.

The primary difference between a word deposits along with a savings account is that there is no simple way to make withdrawals from a term deposit. As soon as you have deposited your money from the reports, it is going to remain in there till the conclusion of this pre-set term.

Even though this means less versatility, besides, it eliminates the desire to break out of your investment program and dip into your savings. You also do not need to be concerned about meeting ailments to maintain enjoying a higher rate of interest, like making regular deposits.

Besides, since the particulars of a term deposit have been beforehand, you may quickly calculate just how much you can make in interest beforehand, and price range accordingly.

Minimum investment:

A reasonable amount to invest is in lacs, but you can start from 50,000 rupees only.

12.Bonds, Fixed Income and Money Market Accounts

Bonds or fixed income is like investing in government banks only. If you fixed your income or money, then you get it back any time you want. Also, you get some amount of profit on it, but this profit is minimal, so you do not find fixing income as a profitable way of investing, but your actual money is save

Buying bonds from the government banks is just like buying the lottery tickets, but you can return bonds any time and can get your full money back without any deduction. Also, if you have bonds and you are lucky enough, then you can win cash in bonds. This is the only profit that is available on bonds.

Currency Investment


You can fix or buy bonds in a minimal amount as low as 100 rupees


ETFs are called Exchange Traded Funds. It is like the hybrid of mutual funds and equities like security or stocks etc.

It has one of the features of general mutual funds as ETFs allow you to invest your money into several assets. Still, only from a particular area of investment, for example, you can invest only in shares, currencies stocks, etc. but not in companies or small scale business.

The variance is that instead of purchasing units in an ETF as you would do in mutual or managed funds, you can only buy stocks or shares in an ETF. It is just like purchasing equities in the stock market. After that, if you want to, you can trade or sell your stakes.

One of the perks of an ETFs is that buying stock or shares is often more rapidly, more flexible, and less expensive than purchasing units in mutual funding. Also, ETFs can give you a more straightforward method to invest in a range of assets as in Mutual funds.

But you cannot do it yourself; You need to pay the authorized brokers while trading or investing in ETF shares.

Minimum investment:

As ETFs or Exchange Traded, Funds are treated as shares and stocks; that’s why you need investment money at least 10,000 rupees.

14.Mutual Funds

In Mutual funds, your pool up to your money with your friends or other shareholders who want to invest their money but have fewer investments. Then you can buy shares or invest whole money on some businesses or companies as you want too.

Profit or loss will divide according to the percentage of money everybody has invested in this pool.

Mutual Investment


Mutual funds allow you to invest according to your will, and you can start your investment from 1000 rupees only.

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15.Peer-to-Peer Lending

This type of investment includes Banking, saving your investment with intense calculations. One way to explain peer to peer lending is like consider it as the “Uber,” but instead of a car, it is for money.

In peer to peer lending, mostly two persons are involved.

One individual who needs to borrow t the person who has extra money in cash asks to borrow. This arrangement is made with interest just like in banks, a person who I am giving money put some attention on the funds on returning as the profit.

There can be direct contact between two parties, or mostly a third party is also involved in it. Who has links and connection and help appropriate people to find each other. They mostly take some commission for this purpose. There are many websites also which let you find lenders and borrowers.

This type of lending does not provide any guarantees as there are present in another traditionally-structured credit.

The lowest sum of cash that you can invest in a Peer to peer lending can be 1000 rupees. It all depends on you. But you need more investment if the demands of borrowers for the loan in the market are high.

Investment name Minimum required amount in rupees Profit return on investment Risk factor on investment The period of profit return
Investing in yourself As low as 10 High None Starts immediately
Bank Deposits Only 1000 Less None 4 to 5 years
Currency operation As low as100 Variable none Variable
Stock market As low as10 The average return can be 10%. but, it can change Medium Variable (depends on the market)
Real estate investment 10 lac High Less Variable (depends on the market)
Collection of valuable Arts 5 lac High None Variable (depends on the market)
Travel investment 10,000 Low None Starts immediately
Networking Investments Only 1000 Low None In days or months
Innovation and venture capital 1 lac High Less 1 to 2 years
Personal business 1 lac Variable High 1 to 2 years
Term Deposit 50,000 Low None 5 to 6 years
Bonds and Fixed Income As low as 100 Low or none None Variable(sometimes never)
ETFs 10,000 Variable Variable Variable (depends on the market)
Mutual funds 1000 only Variable Variable Variable (depends on the market)
Peer to peer lending 1000 only High None In months

Some Ways where you should not invest

There are several areas and things that you should not invest in, since such an investment is essentially just purchase and will not bring any added value, and in some cases also entail expenses.

where you should not invest

Serial jewelry – even if it’s costly diamond jewelry, it’s still a piece of factory jewelry that does not have much value and can be obtained after a couple of hundred years;

Cars (not collection cars) are the worst investment: firstly, the car will require new and new costs, and secondly, the dealer proverb tells the truth: “A car that drives out with a buyer outside the passenger compartment gates immediately loses half the cost”;

Technology – almost without comment: it becomes obsolete in less than a year;

Virtual things: tanks, game mana, bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, etc. .. It’s just not worth buying virtual stuff for real money; the risk of losses and legislative risk is too high.

Investments in gambling, lotteries, sports and other sweepstakes, funds for the development of promising drugs, and so on, also look completely unjustified and even dangerous. Behind all this are smart people and even more intelligent machines and programs that will find a way to leave you with nothing at best, and with debt at worst.

How to start investing

If you are planning to invest and need some guidance and essential points to remember so you can build an excellent investment portfolio of yourself, then here are some tips and suggestion which can help you to get on track:

  • Do proper research – First things first, find answers to initial questions like how much amount of money you can afford to invest, what are your best options, and what sorts of venture items can help you to reach your goals.
  • Be acquainted with investment risk and threats – Analyze how much risk you are ready to take and also what sorts of investment items will help you to reduce risk factors. Various investment items have diverse levels of risk with them, so it is your job to realize the risk which is involved in every investment opportunity or strategy which you are thinking about.
  • Consult with professional or an adviser – As you are starting new investment plans, Do not consider yourself as an expert; have a meeting with professionals and ask them as many questions as you can so you can understand every aspect of your investment strategy. Organize several meetings with such professionals and experts.

As you can see, there are many investment options for every taste and any starting amount. The main thing is not to be afraid of anything, to start, not to stop gaining knowledge and experience, and not to let things go by themselves. To paraphrase famous lines, do not make money being lazy. Work for the result.

Now finding the best option for investment depends on you, where you find the most productive and save way to put your money. Just analyze your acceptance level for risk, the sum of money you want to capitalize, and your investment timeline. After that, select the investment opportunity that fits perfectly in your circumstances. Best of Luck!!

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