16 Jun 22 ‘Infrastructure Investment: Insights for tomorrow’s decisions’


16th June, 2022

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The global future is defined by investment decisions made today. Are you making the right ones?

Registration is open for Infrastructure Investment: Insights for tomorrow’s decisions, an opportunity for public and private sector decisionmakers to explore how infrastructure investment decisions today are shaping the economies, climate outcomes, and opportunities of tomorrow.

Join us for an overview of investment in the sector and hear experts discuss the decisions that will drive strong investment outcomes as well as positive global impacts. We will examine why the sustainable, resilient, and inclusive infrastructure needed to achieve the SDGs is central to economic development and so attractive to investors – and why such big barriers to private investment still exist.

The session will begin with a presentation on the state of investment in the sector, including the latest data on infrastructure investment levels and performance. This will be followed by an expert roundtable.

Speakers will discuss progress on removing barriers to investment in quality infrastructure and how governments, investors, and infrastructure strategists can advance better infrastructure investment in their spheres of influence. The discussion will cover key topics like:

  • Gaps in data on investment levels and performance, and why these gaps exist – including the detail that is needed and the limitations to collecting this data
  • Evidence required to further drive infrastructure as an asset class, and why this is imperative for the future
  • Evidenced actions that policymakers and investors can take to unlock more investment aligned with ESG factors
  • Evidenced actions that governments can take to drive investment and private sector participation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and ideas for leveraging infrastructure investment for a better global future. 

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