19 Best Linen Sheets of 2022 to Shop at Brooklinen, Parachute, Quince, & More

The best linen sheets are more than just accessories for impossibly cute, Insta-ready bedrooms—the age-old natural fiber outdoes materials like jersey and microfiber by regulating your temperature and getting softer with time. Linen bedding brings a sense of ease to your bedscape, not to mention supreme versatility to make it through any season or climate. While your mattress and your pillow also influence your z’s, you’ll be making the most contact with your sheets throughout the night; why not put extra thought into your choice of bedding too?

We spoke to Geneviève Rosen Biller, cofounder of Aussie brand Bed Threads, and Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute, about the upsides of the flax fiber and why so many linen converts are vowing never to sleep on cotton sheets again. Read those insights below, then browse our picks for the best linen sheets of 2022.

What are the benefits of linen sheets?

There’s a lot to love about linen, which has been around for centuries but has seen a recent rise in popularity—as proved by your social feed. The biggest selling point would have to be its versatility, Biller points out. “Linen has grown in popularity over the last few years as it is the premier option for transseasonal comfort and a deep, uninterrupted sleep,” she tells Glamour. It’s a great pick for anyone who tends to sleep hot—but their partner won’t have to worry about freezing overnight, either. “Crafted from the flax plant, linen is loved and lauded for its temperature-regulating qualities,” she says. “It keeps you cool in summer, absorbing up to 20 times its weight, so you can say farewell to sweaty sleeps and overheating, and it acts as an insulator in the cold, keeping you warm as the weather drops while still remaining light and breathable so you don’t overheat.” 

Kaye tells us, “Investing in quality linens is a must. It’s important to choose bedding that’s made without toxic chemicals and feels comfortable against your skin.” And planet-friendly people can feel good about going to bed with linen, considering its ability to degrade naturally, unlike synthetic fabrics. “Pure linen is a fully natural, and thus biodegradable, fiber,” Biller says. Linen also tends to require less water and fewer pesticides to cultivate than other fabrics. And environmental certifications, like those from Oeko-Tex, are another way for brands to prove their eco- and skin-friendly bona fides.

Lastly, durability is yet another benefit that validates the fabric’s higher price point. If cared for correctly, it can last longer than cotton, which might make you feel better about splurging on the material. “Linen is extremely durable, softens the more it’s used, and becomes more comfortable with every wash,” Biller says. “Plus, it’s antistatic, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking.”

What kind of sleeper should use them?

The best thing about linen bedsheets is that they’re for pretty much everyone. Whether you sleep hot or cold, they’ll get the job done, and they only soften over time. However, if you’re partial to that crisp, hotel bed vibe with your bedsheets, these may not be for you—they’re far more relaxed and slouchy.

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