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Unprecedented! The most apt word used to describe 2020. Also the most common word gracing year end reviews published around the world.

Over this last month, I spent some time switching off from my daily routine to introspect and reflect on the year this has been, and the lessons I have learnt: the importance of family and nature, an attitude of gratitude for all my privileges, a study in resilience, the joy of embracing a slower albeit fuller life and going deep within to understand my true purpose. 2020, you might just have been a blessing in disguise! As 2021 comes up around the corner, it brings with it the freshness of new beginnings, the promise of renewed hope and the vitality to start over. I have put on my rose tinted glasses and am looking forward to fully embracing joy in the coming year!

For my year end post, I decided to do something different. Below you will find 20 (+1!) images of different things that occupied my time and energy in the previous year. And each image will link to a random article from the web which best describes why I chose to carry it in my year end wrap!

I hope you enjoy exploring this combination of images and words that best describes my 2020.

Dreamer, Wanderer, Seeker…..An Antevasin Living on the Edge…..

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