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GoDaddy is the less expensive option of the two website builders. However, if having an online store is the main goal of the website, Shopify might be the better option as only GoDaddy’s top two most expensive plans include an online store. Its Commerce plan at $16.99 a month allows users to create an online store that can sell up to 5,000 products while Commerce Plus, at $29 per month, allows for an unlimited number of products sold in an online store. In comparison, all of Shopify’s plans allow users to sell an unlimited number of products in their online store.

While Shopify is significantly more expensive than GoDaddy, the platform dedicated to e-commerce offers a number of additional features to help users customize their store, grow their business and retain customers. Every Shopify plan includes marketing automation that allows users to build custom automations to engage customers at every step of their journey, the ability to filter and group customers into hundreds of segments and define geographic market areas to ensure a localized buying experience for customers in different regions.

For business owners who want to get their website up and running quickly, GoDaddy might be the better option. Users can create a website that is up and running in a matter of minutes.

While not as easy to build, Shopify’s online stores are more customizable and have the capacity to scale at a better rate.

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