21 Best Flared Leggings to Wear in 2022: Lululemon, Zella, Alo, & More

The jury’s still out on the resurgence of 2000s staples like low-rise denim and baggy shorts, but we’re certainly not upset about the return of flared leggings, a.k.a. yoga pants. They’ve been rediscovered (and rebranded) by Gen Z, and, honestly, we don’t know why we ever stopped wearing them, since they’re just as comfy as they are cute.

Back in the aughts, it was nearly impossible to step outside without spotting someone in a pair of the stretchy pants (probably styled with a zip-up hoodie, thong sandals, and a flip phone, of course). Thanks to the rise of Y2K, flared leggings are firmly in the mainstream again, remixed with new details (like crossover waistbands and inclusive size runs) that feel more 2022 than 2002. Brands like Alo, Athleta, and Lululemon now have plenty of flared options—and this time around, you don’t have to beg your parents to buy them for you.

Whether you’re running to a fitness class, walking around the neighborhood, or simply relaxing at home, you deserve a pair of tights that matches the vibes. Shop the best flared leggings for women below.

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