21 Free Magazines by Mail with No Hidden Agenda

Every televised channel has a focus area wherein they disseminate information about all happenings. It isn’t so different from magazines, however, magazines are not stereotyped as they love to touch on everything. Magazines love to entertain and inform simultaneously.

Notwithstanding their importance, magazines don’t come cheap. According to Racked, Vogue magazine subscribers have to pay at least $89 every year to retain access to all the news and entertainment they get. This is ludicrous, as you can access a lot of free magazines by mail.

So, while a large part of this content will show you how to access free magazines by mail, you can also get to learn all the alternatives to the current magazines you have now, which will help you spend less on subscriptions.

Can I Get To Read Free Magazines By Mail?

Many people love to read magazines and wouldn’t want to eliminate the feeling they get from flipping the pages. However, due to high printing costs, many magazines prefer using the mail option for delivery.

So, if you truly love magazines, you can get to read free magazines through your mail just as you can get free books through your mail.

How Do I Subscribe to Free Magazines?

To access free magazines, the vendors must have information on you in order to access you easily. Apart from your name, your email address is an important cause that’s the entry point for your magazines.

However, a lot of other platforms need you to subscribe to their platform in order to get magazines. And the subscription process is really easy. To subscribe to free magazines, you need to:

  • Input your full name
  • Enter your address
  • Enter your email address

21 Free Magazines by Mail with No Hidden Agenda | 2022 List

Finding a quality magazine that will inform and entertain at no cost is difficult. However, the following magazines listed here fulfill all these conditions. Hence, these magazines include:

1. Esquire

Esquire is that brand of a magazine that isn’t niche-based at all. From political insights, entertainment news, sports news, and more, Esquire combines all the information and entertainment for you at once.

The Esquire Grooming Awards remains one of their most profitable brands, bringing in a lot of revenue to the industry. Esquire is a great place to learn about the history of some professionals in different industries.

2. C California Style

For over 10 years, C Magazine has been the focus brand in the conversations surrounding lifestyle and luxury magazines. In culture, ceremonies, and news, they take a strong lead.

If you love shopping, C Magazine offers you an opportunity to get the best items in California using its e-commerce store. With news and information unfolding every second, C Magazine helps you stay ahead of the curve.

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3. Town and Country

Town & County is one of the best free magazines by mail you can get. It is a great place to find a wide variety of business publications.

You get started on the platform by giving personal details such as your name and email address.


4. Bridal Guide

Planning a wedding without an event planner is a lot of work. And I can understand why you won’t hire one because of your tight budget.

With a Bridal guide, you get access to everything you need to make your wedding exceptional. From registry advice, and event venues down to honeymoon locations.


5. Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ)

Gentleman’s Quarterly is one of the best free magazines by mail you can get. It is a great place to find a wide variety of fashion tips on a gentleman’s lifestyle, health, and fashion.

On this platform, you can find a variety of fashion items you can buy as a gentleman. This place is built for the stylish gentleman that understands the importance of his appearance.


6. DuJour Magazine

If you love fashion, design, and travel, Dujour is one of the free magazines by mail you need in your inbox. With each mail, your perspective of these key areas broadens.

With gifting ideas and fashionable items on sale, DuJour is a magazine with a difference. And this difference is responsible for their progress.


7. Home & Lands

Homes & Land Magazine offers you extensive real estate listings which include homes for sale, rental properties, condos, lands for sale, and block spaces from cities in the United States and Canada.

This is one of the best free magazines by mail that offers such a large volume of information. And you can even choose the state so your search becomes optimized.


8. This Old House

Home maintenance is difficult. When you want to run a complete home makeover, you need directions from experts in the industry, and Old House will offer you step-by-step instructions.

With a strong portfolio of home makeovers, the Old House will offer you great solutions for every style you want and even for the right budget.

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9. HGTV Magazine

If you want the best DIY ideas, budget buys, homes you’ll love and all the best tips from HGTV stars, HGTV is just the magazine you need to help you.

The old edition of their magazine featured a holiday gift guide which eliminates the stress of thinking about a gift. This is one of the best free magazines by mail available today.

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10. Supply House (HVAC)

When you want to get the best information on plumbing and HVAC products, Supply House is the platform that gives you want you want and more.

With efficient in-house professionals, you can always rely on their counsel to fix some of your HVAC problems. This is one of the free magazines by mail in this area of specialization.

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11. Traditional Home

There are a lot of designs you can use when you want to give your habitation that flawless look. However, there’s a higher touch of expertise when you engage the services of Traditional Home.

Traditional Home is one of the best free magazines by mail that helps you identify luxurious furnishings, designs, and a well carved architectural framework.

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12. Elle Decor

Elle Decor’s interior design ideas are top-notch. They spring from professional and experienced interior designers who know how to maximize every space and accentuate the beauty of your home.

A lot of celebrities patronize Elle Decor because of their popularity and celebrated expertise. Elle Decor magazine remains one of the best free magazines by mail because of its high quality and valuable content.

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13. Country Living

Similar to Elle Decor, Country Living is in the business of giving your home a memorable finish. With their wide range of designs, you must find something that tunes to your frequency.

As one of the best free magazines by mail, you don’t need to consider getting this magazine in your mailbox. Currently, they have a lot of guides to gifting for different seasons within a year.

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14. Weight Watchers

Losing weight is like climbing a mountain without an ice axe. It isn’t usually easy at all. You need all the motivation and encouragement to achieve your goal.

This is what Weight Watchers seek to help you do. In this amazing magazine, you get access to recipes, success stories, and all the motivation you need to start and complete your weight loss journey.

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15. Women’s Health Magazine

As a woman, you need to get the right counsel in keeping your health in order. From the right diets to quality exercise routines, Women’s Health Magazine would keep you on track.

With rising subscription numbers, one would be a good time to leverage one of the free magazines by mail that would put you on a progressive healthy path as a woman.

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16. StrokeSmart

According to the CDC, in 2008, Stroke was the leading cause of the demise of about 147,000 Americans. Stroke is a terrible disease, but it can be managed with the proper counsel.

Stroke Smart is a magazine that gives you quality counsel on the management of stroke. More so, you get an opportunity to support individuals suffering from a stroke. With materials like this, we can lose fewer people to stroke.

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17. Hearing Health Foundation

As a magazine published quarterly, Hearing Health offers you quality information regarding various hearing conditions. Some of this information comes from personal experiences, human interest stories, and resource guides.

You can submit your personal articles to this magazine so they can share your story as well. Email editor@hhf.org and you will get a reply in response to your submission.

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18. Arthritis Today

Arthritis Today is a magazine that offers you counsel on the management and treatment of arthritis. Although the publication of this magazine will end in the Fall of 2022, there are other available resources on the platform.

Their webpage offers you an opportunity to join their online community, share your experience with arthritis, and virtually connect to a group. This way, you get encouraged to fight arthritis with a greater level of support.

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19. Diabetes Self-management

With Diabetes Self Management, you get practical and current information on different exercises, routines, nutritions and much more to help you fight Diabetes easily.

This is one of the free magazines by mail that offers credible and relatable information on the management of diabetes. So, you need to follow the instructions strictly and duly.

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20. Men’s Health Magazine

On the other hand of Women’s Health Magazine is Men’s Health Magazine. And to no one’s surprise, it is a magazine that discusses the fitness, nutrition, grooming, health, and sex life of men.

As a man, reading stories of how other men went beyond their limitations to push for a healthier lifestyle is encouraging, especially when you want to enter the fitness path.

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21. Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation magazine discusses issues in healthcare relating from medical equipment to the use of I.T and its function in the complete development of healthcare.

With different interest areas such as Clinical I.T and cybersecurity, Healthcare Innovation is setting a new trend in the health industry, which looks amazing.

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Although research shows that the magazine reading culture is dying, there can always be a rekindling which will increase the popularity and brand awareness of these amazing magazines.

The introduction of the e-mail system also proves a more reliable way of getting the best information and entertainment from any magazine of your choice.

Simply register with your mail into any of the free magazines by mail websites listed above and start getting a wide range of information that will keep you happy and healthy.


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