21 High Paying Side Hustle For Teachers You Can Start Now


I was born into a family of teachers. And with time, I came to understand one thing: theirs is one of the most appreciated professions in the community yet they are mostly underpaid. Ergo, the need for high paying side hustles for teachers.

So, they leverage their already honed skills (or “superpowers” as I’d like to call them) – organization, ability to detect errors and give constructive criticisms, give care, multitask, and much more; to make some extra money for themselves.

The best side hustles for teachers should pay well and offer flexible hours so the major source of income doesn’t suffer. That’s why I have compiled a list of legit high paying side hustles for teachers. Stay with me through this post as we see each one of them and decide which one is best for you.

What Are The High Paying Side Hustles For Teachers?

Here are some side gigs for teachers that pay well:

#1. Write an E-book.

Do you have specific knowledge that’s in demand? Consider writing an ebook to share your knowledge and have a source of passive income. This could very well be a side hustle for teachers, as it can be done after school hours.

It’s also right down your alley, so don’t be terrified by the idea of writing a book. I like to tell teachers scared of writing to imagine the pages are students, and your room is your classroom. Picture yourself in your domain and it would come to you.

Platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, both by Amazon, allow you to write your ebooks and publish them.

#2. Become a Transcriber

Basically, a transcriber has the job of typing up transcripts from recorded audio recordings. It’s a perfect side gig for teachers with a keen eye for detail, a functional computer, a good internet connection, and lightning-fast fingers.

There isn’t necessarily any prior experience needed, however, you may be required to take a test to find out your level of knowledge of the English language.

Companies like TranscribeMe and Rev offer legit jobs with fair pay and flexible working hours.

#3. Grade Papers

This is what your primary job already entails. And, companies like Pearson offer to pay teachers between $10-12 per hour for “scoring” papers. I will give these teachers standardized tests to act as a guide. 

Now, as a teacher, you do this amongst other things for a living. So, why not avail yourself of the opportunity of earning some extra money to grade papers?!

All you will need is a reliable internet connection and a computer. So, check your schedule and find some extra time to commit to the weekly hours. 

#4. Become a Nanny or A Babysitter

Most times, it’s the love of children that drives us into the teaching profession, and that’s what makes it a perfect side hustle for a teacher. So, if you love kids so much, you should up a babysitting gig.

Inform your friends in school and your church about your available services. People are more inclined to keep their kids in the care of persons they know personally or through a friend.

Also, you can employ the services of companies like Care or SitterCity. Create a profile with the sites and get gigs from there too.

#5. Become A Pet Sitter/ Dogwalker

If you love kids, then there’s a splendid chance you’ll also love our four-legged, doe-eyed, furry friends. So, you’d basically be paid to spend time with your “loved ones”.

As a pet sitter, it will require you to go to people’s homes to take care of their pets in their absence. Perhaps, the family wants to take a vacation but does not want to travel with Spike. In that situation, Spike’s destiny will rest solely on your pet sitting shoulders.

However, with dog walking, take the dogs of perhaps sick or busy people out on walks. This is a perfect side hustle for a teacher as you could do this after school hours. Plus, if you already have a dog, you can take yours as well as theirs and get paid to do your regular activity.

Platforms like RoverWag!, or Dog Vacay offer dog-specific opportunities. Care.com or SitterCity also offers a pet sitting section. Create a profile.

#6. Freelancing

This entails offering your services (related or unrelated to your teaching job) for a fee. If you have specialized skills in things ranging from content writing to graphic designing, makeup artistry, or web development, you could make some extra cash from it

You can find available jobs on sites like UpworkFreelancer, 99designs, or Fiverr to advertise your services or designs.  However, if you hope to get side hustles as a teacher, ensure you know your school’s policies regarding side teaching jobs.

#7. Proofreading

You must have graded a bunch of papers and developed a keen eye for details. Just like grading papers, you can also get paid to spot errors and make corrections. Since this is right down your alley, it’s a great side hustle for a teacher.

Another upside to this is, there would always be a need for proofreaders. As long as people write, they’d always need proofreaders since there are those recurrent, “stubborn” errors that refuse to be spotted by the writers.

 So, go ahead, set up shop on Upwork as a proofreader, and bid on any jobs of your choosing. ProofreadAnywhere offers a course to teach you how to get started.

#8. Wedding Planner

Dealing with kids every day of the week encourages teachers to develop certain superpowers. Other than being “error-detection individuals”, they are also extremely patient, with great multitasking abilities.

Now, if you’ve ever planned a wedding before, you will understand the need for a wedding planner with these abilities. Someone with great wedding ideas like affordable wedding venues, cheap wedding food and drinks ideas, and much more.

Obviously, this is a seamless side hustle for a teacher. The job requires every skill a teacher must have honed. If you have organized a wedding before and you think it’s something you can do as a side gig, tell your friends and family and have them advertise your services as well.

#9. Offer Counselling Services

Can you count how many brawls you have mediated? Or, how many times you’ve had to play detective, as a teacher? If you have a professional certification that allows you to offer counseling services, explore this field as a side hustle for teachers.

Sign up on BetterHelp, a platform for counseling and psychotherapy gigs as an extra source of income. These services can now be fully run remotely online. These platforms allow you to practice without having to bother about paying for office space, collecting payments, or finding clients.

#10. Become an Online Researcher

Every class has very inquisitive students (and the occasional mischievous ones) with very tough questions. However, as a teacher, it’s your job to provide answers to these questions, regardless. That ability to find answers to all kinds of questions would make this job a perfect side hustle for teachers.

Online platforms like Wonder hire researchers to answer the questions clients may have. So, whenever you log in, you will see the questions clients dropped for you. You will have to go about finding answers to them and responding in easy to comprehend bits.

#11. Teach a Creative Skill Online

As an art teacher or a science teacher with a creative hobby, like drawing, interior design, painting, music, or graphic design, you could decide to teach the skill online as a side hustle. You can teach these skills on YouTube or Skillshare.

Skillshare offers teachers the tools to teach creative skills through videos online. As long as those videos remain online, people will always have access to them. Being a teacher gives you an edge because you can’t just talk, but you can teach!

#12. Selling Your Stuff Online

So, over time you’ve realized you have too much stuff. Your stuff from college, your husband’s stuff, (oh my, do they have stuff from college!), and maybe your children’s too, is taking up too much space in the house and you want to do away with the ones you don’t need anymore.

Try platforms like OfferUpLetgoVarageSale, Craigslist, or eBay. Also, if you love to make stuff and you’re quite creative you can list them for sale on Etsy. The trick to making good sales is to find out what’s in vogue and tweak yours to make it look even more creative. You can also launch them through Redbubble.

#13. Renting Space in Your Home

You can rent a spare bedroom in your house on Airbnb or HomeAway. Airbnb offers a great resource that allows people to rent out their spare rooms or homes in their absence.

They protect their clients from any problems or potential scams by ensuring they get paid 24 hours after the guests’ check-in.

If after getting rid of unwanted stuff you free up a spare room, monetize it today by renting it out.

#14. Become A Professional Organizer

Are you capable of sorting through a clutter of random stuff? Can you categorize and organize stuff in two rooms to fit into one?

If yes, you can become a professional organizer. Since it offers flexible working hours, you can do that after school hours or during the weekdays. So, it’s a perfect side hustle for teachers.

Basically, you’d have to organize workspaces or homes for perhaps, sick or busy people. Besides that, you may also be required to create well-organized and user-friendly systems for clients to make their lives easier and a little more comfortable.

#15. Tasker for TaskRabbit

To become a tasker on task rabbit, you should be at least 18 years old, with a US social security number, a smartphone, a checking account, and a valid credit card. You would also need to pass a background check and be able to work in any of TaskRabbit’s active metro areas in the US.

It doesn’t matter exactly what skill you have, there will surely be someone in need of your services. Whether it’s moving homes, hanging picture frames, fixing appliances, or installing lightning, you could earn between $25-$100 per task.

However, you’d have to Sign up to get those opportunities.

#16. Become A Yoga Instructor

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, get paid to relax, and teach others to relax. You’re already a teacher by profession, so if you have a yoga teaching certification, you can channel the same energy to teach yoga to interested students as a side hustle.

In addition to teaching yoga, you may also have to slightly maintain the fitness facility. Whether it’s the mountain pose or the downward-facing dog for you, you can certainly make about $25/hr doing all of them.

It can now be done physically and remotely. Your work time has now become even more flexible.


#17. Bookkeeper

With a basic knowledge of QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, you can easily pull off this side hustle for teachers. They have the responsibility of conducting payroll, handling accounts, supervising payable/receivable tasks, and reconciling accounts.

You’ll be acting as an internal accountant, generating reports on the company’s financial records.

If you already teach subjects in this line of work, and you are detail-oriented, this is the ideal side hustle for you.

#18. Social Media Content Manager

Social media is a significant tool that businesses employ to promote their business and outperform their competitors.

So, there’s a constant need for social media content managers to manage individual or company social media accounts, reach out to followers, and create all published content to suit and relate to their client’s brands.

It can be done remotely and the work hours are truly flexible. If you are social media savvy, you should consider taking up this side hustle to increase your monetary wealth.

#19. Food Photography

As a teacher with photography skills, you could get a side hustle as a food photographer. Restaurants leverage their ads and promotional materials to promote their food. One of these modes of putting themselves out there is by involving beautiful food photography.

If you’re the designated photographer in your circle of friends and you have a knack for taking fantastic pictures, then this is a job for you.

Food photographers get to meet various chefs, take pictures of them and their food to help them promote their businesses positively.

#20. Teach English Online With VIPKid

As a sound English speaker and teacher, you can teach English to students in non-English speaking places like China. You’d just need to secure a position in any of the companies that teach English. Most times, these companies already have lesson plans for you.

There will always be parents in places where English isn’t widely spoken looking to give their kids an edge with the knowledge of the English language. So, your services would always be in demand.

Most times these lessons run by these companies are often short, private sessions. And, you can enjoy a flexible schedule. VIPKid is one such company.

You get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that you educated a child (whilst smiling to the bank).

#21. Become An Online Tutor

If you also wish to teach online but you don’t want to teach English, there are platforms where you can teach other subjects.

Skooli is one such platform that lets students seeking help in subjects like math, science, languages, and humanities meet with teachers ready to share their knowledge. You get to choose to give either scheduled classes or to be available as online support ready to help students instantly.

Either way, you are certainly able to manage your primary source of income and still maintain your side hustle as an online teacher.


21 high paying side hustles for teachers!

They are all practical and doable. So, it’s time to stop procrastinating and choose a side hustle.

This will come in handy if you’re looking to save up some money for perhaps a vacation, or a projector to pay off a debt.

This list contains side hustle jobs for teachers that pay well, and offers flexible working hours that can help you with short-term financial goals.

By all means, make a choice and watch your monetary wealth increase.

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