29 Bags That Are Perfect for Work or Travel

Versatility is a key aspect we look for when defining wardrobe staples. If an item can be worn with many outfits and for a variety of occasions, it’s a strong contender for an essential. And yes, this applies to handbags. Now, we, the editors here at Who What Wear, certainly know there’s a time and a place for a fun clutch, for example, for specific parties and whatnot. That said, for the most part, we gravitate toward bags that are fantastic for everyday life—specifically for work and travel.

Below, you’ll uncover the chic handbags our editors are loving right now. Some of the styles skew on the smaller end if you’re not one to carry a ton of stuff (and could fit flawlessly in a carry-on), and others are a tad larger if you needs to store all of your must-haves. Keep scrolling for more. 

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