3 Mar 22 Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy ‘Global Infrastructure Leadership Webinar’


3rd March, 2022

3rd March, 2022

Join Marie Lam-Frendo, Maud de Vautibault, and Cinthya Pastor from the GI Hub as they take part in the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy (CPIP) Global Infrastructure Leadership Webinar – Overview of the GI Hub. In this session, Marie, Maud, and Cinthya will provide an overview of the GI Hub’s mission and mandate from the G20 and discuss two of the GI Hub’s resources, Infrastructure Monitor the GI Hub’s annual flagship report on the state of investment in infrastructure, and Improving Delivery Modelsan initiative developed to help infrastructure practitioners, policymakers and decisionmakers identify improvements for adoption prior to commencing the planning, design, and procurement of infrastructure projects.

The Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy (CPIP) is a program within Cornell University.

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