3 Second-Hand Designer Handbags to Buy for Fall

“You own way too many bags” is a phrase that I often hear from those around me but refuse actually to hear. In my mind, with so many incredible designer bags, rising brands, and trends at large, the limit does not exist. Of course, practically speaking, I know there are limitations (like closet space, budget, and my loved ones’ patience) that make being able to edit down or purchase wisely necessary. In those moments, I know I must take a deep breath and discern what bags will outlast the trend cycle before clicking the buy button. It’s a skill that I find challenging even as an editor, so in those fraught moments where I can’t discern which bags are worth securing (and which should be a hard swerve), I like to call on the experts for guidance.

Of course, it should be noted that there are so many luxury resale experts and retailers in the market who know their stuff when it comes to bags that retain value; but none have been as influential as What Goes Around Comes Around. Long before the boom of digital vintage resalers, Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione paved the way for the industry as we know it today. They co-founded WGACA in ’93 by opening their first storefront in SoHo, New York. It became the place to shop for luxury goods among the fashion and celeb set alike and has changed how the world shops handbags. 

It is this extensive knowledge and influence that compelled me to reach out to them for guidance—and luckily, they obliged. Ahead, you’ll hear from Weisser and Maione themselves about what it took to build their brand, how cultural perspectives on the resale market have evolved, and which 3 bags they feel are perfect for investing in this fall. 

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