30 Cute Desk Accessories to Shop for Back-to-School 2022

Whether or not you’re literally heading back to school this fall, cute desk accessories and a workspace refresh can do wonders for snapping a hazy summer brain into work mode. Sure, you can try to enlist the Pomodoro Technique or opt into time blocking to kick off your new season mindset, but if you’re like us, easing into efficiency by way of a shopping to-do list isn’t just a much easier pill to swallow—it’s way more fun.

Dainty paper clips, bright tape dispensers, and pen holders give us major back-to-school season feels. You know the ones: fluttery butterflies in your stomach, a distinct wave of optimism, the excitement of un-stucking yourself from a nebulous summer. Who says that all has to end once you’re a grown-ass adult? Plus, the best desk accessories come with the added bonus of amping up our productivity levels—or at least getting us excited to clock in every morning. 

So, to welcome fall, we rounded up all kinds of practical and cute desk supplies, including tech finds you didn’t know you needed and minimalist desktop organizers that’ll turn any messy workstation into an organized dream. We even added a bonus category this time around: wellness essentials for those who struggle to maintain energy throughout the day, sans second cup of coffee (the post-lunch slump is real). Ahead, all the cute desk accessories and work-slash-home office decor to shop now, because back-to-school season never really ends. 

The Tech Staples

Start off the semester with a fresh batch of tech supplies to keep you focused. If you’re still hunching over your laptop all day, it may finally be time to invest in a stand to level your view—you can even find adjustable ones for a truly customized experience. A pastel keyboard and mouse pad can do wonders for your mood, while tiny cable organizers are a godsend for keeping tangled wires off your workstation. As for those wireless earbuds that always fall out during Zoom meetings? Switch them out for the Apple AirPods Max, which are comfy, have amazing sound quality, and just so happen to be all over TikTok right now.

The Desk Essentials

We don’t mean a business card holder and boring file folders. We’re talking brightly-hued tape dispensers, collapsible crates (in lieu of caddies or acrylic pencil cups) to hold cute pens and other errant office supplies, and goal planners that you’ll want to show off around campus or the office. File holders or sorters are also great for organizing personal documents, and Post-It has fun printed options that’ll add personality to your desk drawer. Next up, consider upgrading your pen game with a Kaweco fountain pen—writing with ink has such an old-school, ASMR feeling to it, and it looks especially pro when composing thank-you notes. A colorful tabletop lamp will be ideal for working late nights or for small-space dwellers who could the extra light in general. (Bonus points for new home decor.) 

LePen Brass Sport Fountain Pen

The Wellness Station

Because midterms and finals are totally not the vibe, you’ll want to turn your actual workspace into a mini sanctuary with a few wellness-related accessories (and any additional extras you deem necessary. A reusable water bottle can help you stay hydrated throughout the day, while a coaster is clutch for catching any spills from coffee or tea mugs. Those who find instant stress relief through smell will love having a candle or essential oil diffuser on deck, while a succulent or pretty dried florals add the ultimate finishing touch.

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