30 Editor-Approved Shoes That You Absolutely Need for Fall

Having very little space to your name is practically a given when you choose to live in New York City. Most people, though, come up with smart ways to deal with the lack of square footage, whether that means investing in cheap hacks from Amazon or adhering to a minimalist lifestyle. My solution? Well, I don’t have one. Instead, I’ve simply come to terms with how little space I have and given what space I do have to my shoes—all 40+ pairs of them. 

There’s arguably no fashion item that I love to shop for more than shoes—from tiny (read: easy to store) kitten heels to more space-consuming knee-high boots. And yes, I wear them all, even if it means standing on a chair to fish them out from the back of my closet. But no matter how many pairs I already own and how little capacity I have for even a single new pair, I still find myself regularly scouring the internet for the next addition to my collection. 

Ahead, check out every pair of shoes that I’m currently considering. If I say so myself, they’re all really (really) good. 

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