33 Insanely Good MyTheresa Picks I’m Shopping RN

Because I spend much of my workday online shopping, I know all too well about the current sell-out crisis. On far too many occasions, when I’ve found a practically perfect product to add to a story, it either comes with a low-stock warning or is sold out completely, and this is especially true with viral designer items.

But after lots of frustration-driven research, I’ve discovered the ultimate hack for when something I want, whether it’s for myself or for all of you, appears to be out of stock: MyTheresa. Unlike many of its competitors, the Munich-based luxury retailer consistently manages to re-stock even the industry’s most sought-after items, from Loewe’s logo tanks to The Frankie Shop’s waistcoat suits, at lightning speeds. And from the looks of it, it just received another shipment of It items.

Below, shop 2022’s most viral and sold-out items, all of which can be found at MyTheresa.

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