5 Easy Paris Outfit Ideas French Girls Are Wearing

This simple caption from Sylvie Mus really jumped out at me: “Autumn in Paris.” It got me thinking about this sort of “Autumn in Paris” vibe. Now, I’m not actually in Paris, so I don’t technically have that vibe. That said, after I peeped the ‘fits of several of my favorite influencers based in Paris, it’s clear that many of their current go-to outfits are in line with my actual fall vibe right now.

The silhouette in question? A pared-down look (very “French”) that’s easy yet elevated. I’m talking about something similar to the ensemble Mus wore in her post—a ribbed knit and jeans. I, too, am wearing a version of that look at the moment. In addition, this fall look Aïda Sané is wearing in Paris with the oversize blazer, tee, and loose jeans also fits within my current aesthetic.

With all this in mind, keep scrolling for simple outfit ideas that could be worth trying if you are into that Parisian vibe.

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