5 Reasons Why You Can’t Earn Money From Blog Like Pro

Every month new blogger join blogging field to make online money but most of them are quit to blogging because didn’t earn money from a website. Why You Can’t Earn Money From Blog did you know that?

Earn money is not so simple as you think and it not too difficult. You need to write a blog regularly and smartly with patience to earn money.

But some of my friends at a time of blogging that’s the reason they didn’t earn money. So, I will explain to you some points about why you can’t earn money from blog or websites.

Why You Can’t Earn Money From Blog?

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Reasons #1: Shortcut Way To Earn Money

A lot of bloggers choose shortcut ways to earn money through online blog articles. Too early they monetize their blog with many advertising networks and their website will display too many ads in the opening.

You can’t make money in starting with trust and traffic. when you start a blog your first 2 to 3 months only focus on build and brand and drive organic traffic, people engagement through comment and other methods.

A pro blogger first starts link building with there readers, once you build trust then you can start putting ads. Didn’t focus on only google ads also use affiliate links.

Reasons #2: Want Quick Earning Results

Some of my friends want quick results in blogging, but it not possible. First of all, write your niche related blogs on-site and do SEO to appear in search results.

Don’t lose your patience, every new business take time. When you will give time then your blog will return you money.

Quick earing is not successful in any condition so please I request you be patient and write regularly.

Reasons #3: Lack Of Hard Work

If You Can’t Earn Money From Blog my friends because you choose the wrong way to write a blog, they use the copy-paste method. Google search becomes very smart if you have copy rewriter your blog through the help of tools.

Blogging is totally interest-based game, try to write your blog from your niche only. Share your personal work and experience through your blog content.

You can read many of the available blogs related to your topic and try to write some different content. But remember one thing, didn’t copy content from them.

Reasons #4: Make Your Passion

A newbie blogger starts a website to earn money only because, his friends earning from a blog. if you are doing this I personly request you please stop it.

Blogging is part of your passion, not time pass. Initially, you have to work hard not only in writing also in promoting on social media.

Always try to generate organic traffic for your blog. this is a big reason that’s Why You Can’t Earn Money From Blog.

Reasons #5: Got Distracted

This is the worst stage in which a lot of bloggers left blogging. when you start new work some people increase you but a lot of people decrease you.

In the case of blogging, failure people are everywhere they always decrease you. They do not know why they failed, but it is definitely known that you will not be able to pass.

So, be careful with this type of negative person, start your blog with any distraction.


In my personal view, before starting your blog must select a good niche. be patient write smartly and read before writing.

Please share if you like otherwise put a comment below why you didn’t like it.

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