6 Fall Shoe Trends That Are Ideal for Transitional Weather

We’re finally approaching fall, arguably the best part of the year. With it comes the prospect of exciting new trends, the ability to layer again, and a newfound motivation to get dressed up. But there’s one pitfall to shifting seasons: transitional weather. No matter where you live in the world, there’s always a bit of a fight to be had internally about what to wear when it’s in that midseason point, especially regarding footwear. Do you embrace wearing boots in the heat and sweat it out? Do you still wear your favorite summer sandals despite being over them? Can you get away with wearing suede shoes in the middle of August? Discerning the best shoes to wear during the transition into fall is not an easy decision.  

But there’s no need to fret. Ahead, I’ve dug through fall/ winter 2022 collections to identify the season’s biggest trends. And I’ve edited it down to the six shoe styles that are not only popular among the fashion set right now but are ideal for transitional weather. Buckle up, babes—you’re about to step into fall in style. 

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