6 Fashion Staples Chic Women Over 50 Have in Their Closets

Age is clearly just a number. And in no way should the year you were born have anything to do with your sartorial choices. That said, I often tap women over 50 for top-notch style guidance given their more experienced fashion point of view and their trial-and-error experience with style. In fact, the group of chic women over 50 below are some of my favorites for shopping inspiration.

After I recently scrolled through their feeds, it became evident that there are specific staples and elevated basics that are essential for them. And yes, I want to add all of these pieces to my own wardrobe if I haven’t already. (Ahem, slouchy blazers.)

Keep scrolling to check out the items these influencers wear on repeat along with inspired shopping picks if you’re interested in adding one of the items to your wardrobe.

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