7 Trends Everyone in NYC Will Be Wearing This Fall

Regardless of how you feel about New York City, you can’t deny the influence it has on setting the trends. Whenever I attend New York Fashion Week, the outfits I see on the street style set are often things that reach the masses on social media a few months later. Even on my daily commute, I end up being inspired by the people I walk past on the street or subway. Since you might want to get ahead on planning your fall wardrobe, I took a look into what standout fall trends my favorite New Yorkers have been wearing. We saw a large variety come down the runways, but only a fraction of that often ends up making it to the streets.

I promise I’m not biased when I say the selection below is shockingly good. The big themes to take note of? Edgy details, early-aughts ties, and maxi hemlines. Even if you live nowhere near the city, you can still take them out for a spin.  With that, continue to the seven trends that everyone cool in NYC will be sporting this fall.

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