70+ Best Food Business Ideas to Try in 2022 [Updated]

Are you looking for food business ideas? Well, look no further! Here are some food-based businesses that you could start.

Do you have a passion for cooking or baking? Why not open up your own restaurant or bakery? Or maybe you’re more interested in selling food products. You could launch a food truck, or create and sell your own line of jams, sauces, or spices.

No matter what type of food business you choose to pursue, be sure to put your all into it and have fun with it!

Top 70 Food Business Ideas Worth Trying

1. Chocolate making

This one requires a simple business model, low capital and fewer workforces. You can start small and easily scale up your chocolate-making business.

The flexibility it offers in terms of time investment is great. What’s more, the end product is always in demand.

2. Cooking classes

This is another great idea. You can start from the comfort of your home, you don’t need a huge investment, and you can expect high margins.

You have absolute control over your workload and that’s the best reason why the cooking class business might be great for you.

3. Pickle making

Pickles are a part of Asian cuisines. Across the globe, people have developed a palette for pickles. There is a host of different pickling techniques and a huge variety of pickles that are made.

You could either choose fruit or vegetable pickling. Housewives and home cooks actively looking to become financially independent can bank on this business idea.

4. Catering service

You can start a catering business on your own or with a couple of other helpers depending on how big you want to start.

Whether you are an amateur cook or a professional chef, a catering business can help you expand your customer base quickly.

Most catering start-ups these days succeed by conquering specific niche- business events, weddings, tea parties etc. get the drift?

5.Spice business

Powdered spice mixes are a fast-moving consumable item. Many cuisines use different spices in various combinations and quantities. Store bought spices do not have the aroma and the flavours of a freshly grounded one.

If you have an eye for spices and flavours, this could well be your go-to option.

The demand for spices is not just at household level. Ready-to-mix spices are being widely used in processed foods and commercial food service businesses like restaurants

6. Vegetables and fruits

Owing to the growing awareness about the advantages of healthy eating, the organic vegetable business is quite a thing. If you own a farm or can source fresh farm produce, this business idea could be IT. You may need the help of technology to connect with clients of all age groups, mainly the newer generation. That’s easy. Read on to know.

7. Indian sweets business

Indian cuisine has a sub set of multiple cuisines within the country. And Indian sweets are always in great demand.

If you have a passion for creating sweets, it’s time you turn your passion into an income stream.

You could start small by taking custom orders for different festivals.

Or you could set up an online store and deliver it on an order basis. If not, consider opening a sweet kiosk. The options are endless.

8. Jam and jelly making

If you are a jam aficionado and love the art of preserving delicious berries and crisp apples, this might be your big business idea. You can operate seasonally or all year round depending on the time you can invest.

What’s more, jam/jelly making requires very little infrastructure and soft spreads startups have fewer safety hurdles than other food businesses. Sounds good?

9. Bakery

If you love baking cakes or your muffins are a family favourite, consider starting your own bakery business.

Opportunities for growth and innovation are aplenty in this business.

Baked goods are more commonly consumed daily than ever before and customers are continually seeking healthier and tastier baked goods. If that’s something you can cater to, go for it!

10. Snack store

Salty snacks have been seeing unprecedented growth in the recent past and it continues to flourish. Explore different slated snacks from multiple cultures.

Like roasted chick peas, parmesan crisps, sev, sardines, bhujia, salted peanuts etc. These snacks are in high demand and this market isn’t dying soon. You can whip up delicious savoury snacks? Turn it into a business!

11. Food truck

Food trucks have been quite a rage in the past few years. They allow you to build perfection with a limited menu and work.

Moreover, food trucks have become a common fixture at popular spots all over the world. If you have secretly nursed ambitions of opening a restaurant, but space is a constraint, this idea is for you.

12. Organic foodstuffs

The rising consciousness of people about the ill effects of having chemical-laced food owing to increased access to information is responsible for the growing demand for organic foodstuffs.

It is yet to witness a full-fledged evolution but it is safe to presume that the organic food business market is here to stay.

13. Sauces

You can notice a great demand for different ketchup flavours. Sauces enhance the flavour of another product. They are a part of every household refrigerator.

Have you seen any restaurants or cafes without ketchup or a sauce? Impossible!

Consider starting a sauce-making business. You make it and sell them online or at a store. A good profitable business idea to start at home.

Don’t restrict yourself to the classic tomato sauce. Explore different types like barbecue, hot, taco, soy, garlic, marinara etc.

14. Nutritionist

As more and more people are moving towards a holistic approach to health, good nutritionists are the need of the hour.

You will meet scores of people from all walks of life, your no two days will be alike and rectifying someone’s health issues or helping them achieve their fitness goals will be oh so gratifying.

Sounds like something you want? Turn to a nutritionist.

15. Groceries

The pandemic has heightened people’s trust in home-cooked meals as both safe and healthy.

This means the online groceries business is expected to thrive.

An array of new players is joining the sector and you can too. It’s a great time to enter the grocery delivery space.

16. Meat processing

The meat market in worldwide is largely unorganized albeit thriving.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many people to prefer buying meat online to local butcher shops or meat markets.

You can take advantage of this shift.

You can start with hatcheries, breeding farms or cold chain infrastructure and build from there. Or explore premium meat cuts for individuals or restaurants. Or start your own online meat shop.

17. Chips

The chips market worldwide has shown remarkable growth in the last few years. The growing young population is the driving factor behind the boom.

You can experiment with a variety of flavours, textures and ingredients to create your own line of chips and get going. Choose from healthy chips to balanced chips or tasty junky chips. Niche it down and get started!

18. On the go meals

During the lockdown period, ‘tiffin services near me’ searches shot up on Google.

This inspired many home cooks to start a home tiffin or on the go meals startup. If your cooking abilities are something you are proud of, this business idea is worth a thought.

19. Flour milling

Flour is a key ingredient in many cuisines. Numerous products from bakery industry are highly dependent on quality flour.

Various items like breads, croissants, rotis, crackers ,cookies, cakes, naans,etc., require different flours.

Also, people are switching to healthier flour options to wheat.

Start your own flour milling and cater to distinct flour needs.

It’s a good business option we say! You could either sell online or tie up with bakeries and manufacturing units.

20. Cooking pastes

The cooking paste market is estimated at INR 70 crores and is expected to grow by 30%.

Ginger garlic paste, tomato paste, cashew paste, red chilli paste, tamarind paste… and the list goes on.

Through your business, you can target homemakers who can save cooking time without compromising on taste.

21. Fish farm

Fish and fish products have a great demand in the worldwide market.

The consumption rate and the demand for fish are steadily rising owing to a rising population looking at seafood as a healthier meat option.

Setting up a commercial fish farming business is, therefore, a wise idea.

22. Gourmet snack popcorn

Popcorn now has easily become one of the most popular snacks. With a growing population glued to their television sets more than ever thanks to NETFLIX and similar OTT platforms, it is no surprise that the popcorn business is thriving.

Businesses are experimenting with flavours and textures to create gourmet popcorn and that seems to be the IT thing.

23. DIY food kits

Meal kits are interesting and fun. A lot of restaurant owners and budding entrepreneurs are shifting towards it. It lets people with zilch knowledge in cooking whip up a fancy meal in a jiffy. It isn’t just about the food, but the experience.

If you think you can create a good cooking experience for your customer, this idea is for you.

24. Pet food

People love their pets and want high-quality pet foods that nurture them. They want the best food for their pets. Pet owners buy various pet foods like regular, exotic, short pet eats etc.

The global pet food market reached a value of US$ 112.87 Billion in 2021. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$ 154.04 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.42% during 2022-2027.

If you are convinced you can cook wholesome pet foods, go carve your niche.Tap into this pet food market and make profits by starting your own pet food range.

25. Nut butters

Butters derived from nuts such as peanuts, almonds, cashews etc. are in vogue right now. An increasing population is shifting to non-dairy spreads and nut butters are a delicious option.

Whatsmore, the manufacturing process is easy, giving you more room for innovation. It’s a great business idea we say!

26. Marinade

This is a relatively new idea, but how about selling ready-made meat marinades that will help amateur cooks better their repertoire and seasoned cooks save time? These marinades can be made in a dried powder form and sold.

27. Protein bars

These bars are gaining popularity as a go-to snack option for the health-conscious. With nutritionists the world over, stressing the importance of having small meals at short intervals, protein bars are going off the shelves sooner than ever before.

You can experiment with a variety of ingredients to come up with your version and get cracking on this business idea.

28. Baby food

Commercially available baby food is usually very sugary and parents are often concerned about its nutritional content. Result – Several women have taken it upon themselves to stop babies from relying on processed foods.

They are making healthier versions at home and selling them.

29. Canning and preserving food business

You can explore a broad category of products for canning and preservation. It can be both seasonal or an all-year business. It’s vital to understand foods and their life spans to select a niche.

Read about the different types of preserving methods. Some of them are canning, freezing, drying, etc. Watch out for any seasonal fruits and veggies. You could sell canned edibles or consumables.

Discover options like fruit to vegetables, soups or sauces, etc., for canning & preserving. Remember, canning equipment could be expensive. Choose a niche and get started.

30. Mushroom farming

Growing mushrooms is an easy way to earn money. It is a low-cost small business idea for women staying at home. Learn how to grow mushrooms the right way.

Get started soon as it takes a few weeks to grow. Start selling them either in the farmers market nearby or online.

Try to tie up with restaurants as they have a regular demand for mushrooms.

31. Cloud kitchen

Devoted to cooking? Consider starting a cloud kitchen restaurant. These restaurants take online orders through websites or apps and deliver them. There is no dining facility.

Cloud kitchens are easy to set up. They are low-cost investments with minimal cooking infrastructure.

You can create a different menu like a restaurant and make money delivering food. To set up a cloud kitchen, refer to your country-specific guidelines and regulations.

If your cloud kitchen is going great, you could also explore starting your restaurant.

32. Meal prep business

Do you plan, organize and cook every meal with attention to detail? If yes, then a meal prep business can be a good small business idea, especially for women.

The meal prep business is growing as people are busy. They don’t have the time to prepare the entire meal yet want to eat at home.

Create meal-making kits from home that include all the recipe ingredients with instructions and deliver them to clients.

Or go to clients’ houses and do all the meal prep preparations for the week. You could also host meal prep workshops as an added source of income.

33. Cakes & cup cakes

Love baking & decorating? Cake baking can be a profitable business idea for women at home. A low investment idea, take orders and deliver cakes to clients.

Bake beautiful cakes for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, etc. You could also niche down on specialty cakes. Specialty cakes usually have a higher profit margin. They allow you to showcase your talent to a larger audience at events.

You can also bake custom cupcakes. Or teach cake baking classes and make extra money.

34. Food blogger

Do you often find yourself in a situation where people ask you for recipes? Then consider being a food blogger.

Every day millions of people across the globe are searching for new exciting recipes. You can start a food blog. Come up with refreshing recipes, their nutrition, and much more.

Explore different niches like healthy diets, recipe blogs, and cuisine styles. You could make money through affiliate commissions, direct advertisements, etc.

35. Pasta making

Pasta is not only Italian cuisine. People from different cultures love it and cook it. Individuals and restaurants prefer fresh pasta over store-made pasta.

You could save them time and energy by making fresh pasta. Start making fresh dry pasta in multi-shape lines. Try dry short, and long pasta. Explore making lasagne sheets and much more.

You’ll need a few types of equipment to manufacture and package them. Sell them to restaurants or individuals. To start on a commercial scale, check your country guidelines, license, and permissions. Dry pasta business ideas have high-profit margins.

Pasta Meals – Start your own fresh pasta-making food truck. Attract customers by offering different varieties of pasta. This can be a good profitable business idea.

36. Bagel business

Bagels are a classic breakfast option, popular in the United States. Bagels can be on-the-go, tasty foods.

It can also be a quick, filling food for breakfast and lunch. You can make money by selling bagels, other food items, and beverages.

Fix menus on different bagel options from pain to exotic. Customers also like customized flavors. Another way to grow your business is by supplying bagels to cafes, restaurants, etc.

37. Vegan shop

Veganism is not a fad. The worldwide vegan market grew from $14.44 billion in 2020 to $15.77 billion in 2021 and continues to grow. Tap into this market by starting a vegan shop.

People are looking for vegan products like butter, cheese, ice creams, chocolates, milk, etc. Choose from a wide range of daily usage products.

Earn well by catering to the vegan community.

38. Bread- making

Bread is a worldwide consumed product. It has a longer shelf life and is easy to store.

They are used in sandwiches, toasts, or plain with other spreads. If you like baking, then this could be a good business idea.

You could bake fresh loaves of bread in different varieties. Some popular ones are wheat, gluten-free, multigrain, white bread, etc. Sell them to consumers or restaurants.

Earn money even by starting an online bread store.

39. Olive oil store

The whole world is aware of the health benefits of using olive oil.

It tastes great, and there is a rising demand for olive oil. Selling olive oils can fetch you a high-profit margin.

You could start an olive oil store with premium oils and olive oil-based products. Additionally, you could educate customers on the different ways to use olive oil.

40. Dessert shop

There are people with sweet tooth cravings. Dessert shops offer different menus. You could choose pastries, mousse, fruit tarts, puddings, pies, etc.

Check your locality, and analyze the competition. See what type of dessert shop will be profitable. You could open a store and offer a range of delicious exotic desserts.

41. Personal chef

Do you specialize in different cuisines? Explore being a personal chef.

They prepare meals for many clients in their kitchen or a commercial setup. It involves low start-up costs.

It is a profitable business idea and offers flexibility. Personal chefs deal with various clients like individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Building personal relationships is a must to grow in this business.

42. Fruit pulp

The fruit pulp market is a growing sector. Many industries use it as an ingredient in product production. It can be in the form of liquid or powder.

They act as flavoring agents. Bakeries, beverages, desserts, etc., use fruit pulp as an ingredient. The preservation process segments it as brine, syrup, or water.

To start this business, do in-depth research. Understand the processes, manufacturing, and government regulations.

43. Pizza shop

Everyone loves pizzas. You could go for a franchise store or start your own line of pizzas. Pizza shops generally have a good margin and need moderate investments. Decide a menu and get your pizza delivery started.

You could also expand to meal kit models with base, sauces, and other ingredients. These kits will give customers to try a unique home-cooked pizza experience.

44. Brew pub

Microbreweries are places where you can craft different types of beers. Brewpubs usually tie-up with restaurants and supply beer on their premises. This idea requires knowledge and experience in crafting beer the right way.

Over the years, there has been an increase in microbreweries. Many resto-bars offer in-house brewed beer. It is a profitable idea with a few investment costs.

45. Tortilla business

Tortillas are a part of Latin and Mexican cuisines. Types of tortillas include corn, flour, or specialty. Earn money by selling to individuals, restaurants, or retail stores.

You could increase sales by providing samples to grocery stores or farmer’s markets.

If you’re profitable, consider expanding the product lines. You could try tortilla chips baked or fried.

46. Ice cream cone making

Cone making is one of the low-cost business ideas you could start from home.

Choose from a wide range of cones like a waffle, cake, sugar, chocolate-coated, or vanilla.

You can sell these cones to retail ice cream shops and make money.

47. Packaged drinking water

Drinking water is essential and is a good profitable business idea.

People on the go or in restaurants prefer packaged drinking water. You can see the switch in trend from normal to packaged water.

If you have a low-cost investment, consider a dealership of packaged water. In case you have high capital investment, start a packaged drinking water brand.

48. Cookie & cookie dough

Love Baking? Earn money by starting a cookie or cookie dough business. This is a low-cost, home-based profitable business idea. Try different cookie types like choco chips, oatmeal raisins, peanut butter cookies, etc.

You could also customize it with unique shapes and healthy ingredients.

Sell cookies to your local coffee shops and other stores.

You could also create an attractive gift basket with it and make money. There is a demand for edible cooking dough, and you can also start making and selling them.

49. Ice cream shop

People of all age groups love ice creams. You can earn money by starting an ice cream shop.

The type of ice cream one can offer is endless. There is gelato, vegan, sorbet, fruit flavor, soft serve, kulfis, snow, exotic, etc.

You could take a well-known ice cream brand franchisee or start your own ice cream line.

50. Wine making & wine tasting

Wine is a worldwide consumer product. People from different communities enjoy drinking wine.

You could make your wine, start a brand and sell them. Using fresh ingredients and getting the process right is vital to making good wine.

Yet, it involves capital and expertise.

If you have a vineyard, make money by offering wine tasting tours. People enjoy these tours. They like to treat their senses with unique experiences. You could also sell wine-making kits to earn extra money.

51. Noodle making

Restaurants and noodle shops usually don’t make their own noodles. They need fresh, high-quality noodles to serve their customers. You could make fresh noodles and sell them regularly.

Explore different types of noodles like rice, ragi, buckwheat, etc.

52. Food youtube channel

A vlog is like your own tv channel on platforms like YouTube or any other channel. Start a food vlog by shooting some amazing cooking videos.

All you need is a few low-cost types of equipment and a niche with some exciting recipes.

Consistent video uploads are the key to being successful in this space. You can earn money via clicks, views, ads, product sponsors, etc.

53. Plant-based meat or mock meats

Worldwide there is a growing trend of people switching to mock meats. People are consuming less animal meat and increasing plant-based meat intake.

Plant-based meat is healthy. They can imitate the taste and texture of real meat. Some common ingredients are quinoa, soybeans, lentils, legumes, etc.

You could start your own plant-based meat product. Or create a profitable online plant-based meat mock meat store.

54. Fast food franchise

Make more money with a fast-food franchise. Yes, it requires high investments.

But you instantly gain the brand’s name and customers. Fast foods are a growing and easy-to-market segment. Though profit margins are less, it’s a volume-driven business.

Select a cuisine you like and choose a brand that appeals to you. Some popular franchises include Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Wow Momo, McDonnell, etc.

55. Cheese shop

Most cuisines in the world use cheese. Cheese is healthy with a good source of nutrients. It’s available in diverse flavors, textures, and forms. You could make specialty cheese and sell it to retail stores. Or open a cheese shop with different types of cheese ranges to sell.

There is white, fresh, hard, semi-chard, blue mold, and goat cheese. Sub-categories include feta, mozzarella, parmesan, etc. To be profitable in this business, you must have an in-depth knowledge of cheese types and their usage.

56.Tea bag making

Many people prefer tea as their daily beverage choice. Starting a tea bag-making business is a profitable business idea. Low investment idea that requires mainly tea and paper bags.

Explore distinct tea flavors like chocolate, vanilla, classic, masala, rose, etc. Design attractive packaging. You could sell them to individuals or at retail stores.

57. Frozen yogurt store

Frozen yogurts are a healthy breakfast option or a less calorie dessert option. They are available in a ton of exciting flavors. You could cater to specific or unique categories. Some of them are plant-based vegan, gluten-free, non-fat, etc.

Select different flavor menus. You could add vanilla, mango, strawberry, oat milk, and much more. Make money by starting your frozen yogurt store or choose a franchise model.

58. Canteen management

Many corporate campuses, colleges, and businesses have a food court.

But, the companies sometimes don’t want to get involved in running them. They prefer to outsource this function to experts.

Canteen management is a profitable business idea. Source vendors and set up food stalls.

Check the menu, quality, and pricing to meet the business standards. Inspect there is enough inventory and food at any given time. Ensure smooth functioning of catering services.

59. Juice bars

Juices are healthy hydration options. Across the globe, many juice bars offer a variety of healthy juices. They also include synthetic juices and mocktails.

Juice bars are a low investment, less equipment profitable idea. You could start a physical fresh juice joint or juice kiosk.

60. Coffee shop

Love coffee? or do you like to chill with friends or family at a lovely coffee shop? Consider opening a coffee shop. It’s a highly lucrative business. You could start your own coffee shop, take a franchise, or buy an existing one.

Create a relaxing, refreshing cafe atmosphere. Design a menu with different types of hot and cold coffees. Attract customers with some creative snacking options and free wifi.

61. Vinegar making

Vinegar making can be a small, low-cost, profitable idea. Fresh homemade vinegar tastes better than store-bought bottled ones. You could try making different kinds of vinegar. There is white, chili, rice, apple cider, coconut vinegar, etc.

Vinegar undergoes a 2 step fermentation process. Try Tasting and bottling vinegar batch-wise. You could take orders and deliver them. Sell them to individuals or tie-up with restaurants for regular orders.

62. Batter business

Across the globe, people are developing a taste for Indian cuisines. Batter-making business is a low-cost idea. It is a home-based profitable business.

You could start making idli and dosa batters and sell them in your community. These batters have a longer shelf life. They are healthy fermented food options. Earn extra by starting a dosa & idli food kiosk.

63. Fruit bar making

Fruit bars are a dietary snack and can fulfill small hunger cravings. They are popular among kids and have a longer shelf life. You can consume them for breakfasts, as traveling snacks, energy bites for gym go, etc.

The best pulpy fruits for making these bars are mango, guava, apple, pineapple, etc. You could start a small from your kitchen with less investment. Sell them at supermarkets, farmer’s markets or gyms, and studios.

64. Sea food delivery

Selling specialty seafood can be a unique home-based profitable business idea. Set up workable systems and you can also manage this part-time. Frozen and fresh seafood are always in demand.

You could buy them from a wholesaler, and store them. Plan timely order-based delivery. A few popular sea foods are oysters, shrimps, lobsters, crabs, specialty fishes, etc. You can also have tie-ups with restaurants and individual customers.

65. Vending machine

Setting up vending machines and running them could be a profitable idea. It involves machine costs and stock charges but no rental charges. You can start with a few vending machines and expand later.

All you need to do is find the right products and select the place to put up the vending machine. For example, vending machines with snacks and meals can do well in corporate offices. The main task is to ensure regular refills to the vending machines.

66. Meal kits

People are busy and do not have time to cook a complete meal. They prefer a good home-cooked meal over a fast food meal. This can be a profitable subscription-based business model.

Meal kits are food delivery with packed portioned all ingredients with recipes. You could offer regular packages with different menus for recurring orders. Get started with an online meal kit shop to take orders and deliver them.

67. Food kiosk

Looking for a low-cost business idea? Food kiosks are profitable and small quick-service restaurants. You can find them in plenty in malls or on roadsides.

You can start a food kiosk with any cuisine.

Choose from an Indian chaat shop to a Mexican burger kiosk. Or explore a sushi store to a cotton candy popcorn kiosk. There are many options to choose from.

68. Herb farm

Herb farming can be a profitable niche-based business idea. You can start with a small place for farming. Herbs are versatile. One can use them for medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic purposes.

Some popular herbs you could grow are oregano, basil, rosemary, lavender, etc. You could sell them online or supply them to supermarkets. All you need is the knowledge and expertise to produce them.

69. Equipment rental

Equipment rentals are a capital intrinsic business. It is only a one-time investment cost but generates revenue again and again. The catering business is a booming industry.

Caterers are constantly looking for rental equipment. The rental fees are cheaper than purchasing them.

They don’t have to worry about storing and maintaining the equipment. Hence, many caterers do not have their own catering equipment. It is a profitable business idea as there are many catering businesses across the globe.

70. Honey processing

Honey and honey products are a profitable business idea. To start this business, basic knowledge of beekeeping is a must. You’ll need safety equipment, protective gear, beekeeping suits, gloves, etc. They are essential to work safely with bees. Learn the importance of managing a healthy bee colony.

Many countries offer subsidies to promote the honey processing business. Enquire and take benefit of such policies. You could start a honey brand and make money. Or sell them to other industries that use honey as an ingredient to manufacture their products. Some of them are the ayurvedic industry, medicines, food products, etc.

Final Words

So, there you have it – 70 killer food business ideas to get you started. As you know by now, you cannot go wrong with food, (especially with this guide)!

This is especially true today where there is an incredibly diverse market for food, and you do not need to invest anywhere as much as you would have decades ago.

For that matter, opening an online store has never been easier. This is where Dukaan can help you.

Choose the food business idea(s) that suit you the best, follow the steps mentioned here to start a business, and start making sales immediately. There’s never been a better time to do this!

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