Address common challenges in infrastructure delivery

The GI Hub today launches Improving Delivery Models, an initiative that showcases proven delivery model improvements that enhance the quality of infrastructure.

Many of the challenges faced in delivering infrastructure can be traced back to the early-stage processes of choosing the delivery model and structuring the project.

This initiative aims to improve the delivery efficiency and ultimate outcomes of infrastructure by helping practitioners, policymakers, and decisionmakers select the best model for their projects and then tailor it to their objectives.

Using global examples and guidance, Improving Delivery Models unlocks the infrastructure delivery puzzle, showing proven improvements made by G20 governments and industry to address common challenges.

Avoid time and cost overruns, and achieve better outcomes

The improvements detailed in this initiative will help avoid cost and time overruns and deliver transformative outcomes through infrastructure while supporting cooperation and collaboration.

In consultation with G20 governments and in collaboration with leading experts at Jacobs, the GI Hub created a framework, case studies, and library of key reference documents that guide how to:

  • Resource, plan, and shape infrastructure projects
  • Define and mitigate procurement, packaging, and risk strategies at an early stage
  • Build the capabilities and capacities needed for successful infrastructure delivery
  • Improve contractor relationships and cost estimation accuracy
  • Deliver better whole-of-life management of infrastructure projects.

Join our webinar for insights on Improving Delivery Models and to get started using the resources  Join GI Hub and Jacobs on 26 October at 8:00AM EDT / 2:00PM CEST / 11:00PM AEST for a launch presentation and panel discussion with stakeholders involved in some of the largest transport projects in the world, including Grand Paris Express, Sydney Metro, and Toronto Metrolinx.

Explore Improving Delivery Models and register for the webinar here.

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