All You Need To Know About Amazon Storefront In 2023

amazon storefront

Amazon storefront was launched in September 2018 in order to provide a way for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products directly through Amazon and have customers interact with small businesses and have an intimate, mom-and-pop-shop experience through the online platform.

If you want to know more about Amazon storefronts, how to set up a storefront, how much it costs to set up a storefront, how to find a storefront, and how to buy from a storefront, this article is for you.

Amazon is one of the most renowned e-commerce retailers with massive sellers and customer base at its marketplace. You can become a seller on Amazon by learning how to create an Amazon storefront and setting up your products there. 

What is an Amazon Storefront? 

An Amazon Storefront is a mini Amazon website for your brand. It serves as a homepage for your Amazon products and related content, allowing shoppers to browse through your products away from the main Amazon search results or homepage. 

According to Sellerapp, “Amazon Stores is the new DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solution, which allows sellers & vendors to set up their own brand stores on

An Amazon Storefront enables a brand owner to create and design multi-page stores to focus their products, value proposition, and brands on Amazon.

A space on Amazon dedicated solely to selling your brand has significant advantages in competing with Amazon’s 2,500,000 other active sellers.

How Much Does an Amazon Storefront Cost?

An Amazon storefront is free. Companies do not have to pay a fee to open an Amazon Store. However, many companies with an Amazon Store subscribe to the Professional selling plan, which costs $39.99 per month or you can stay by the individual plan which costs $0.99 per unit sold.

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Step-by-Step Process of Setting up an Amazon Storefront

With more than one million small-to-midsized businesses selling on Amazon, your company needs to stand out from the competition.

Opening an Amazon storefront, also called an Amazon Store, can set your brand apart from competitors, as well as build trust with shoppers. To set up an Amazon storefront, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:

Open your browser, go to this link:, and click the “Register Now” button.

Step 2:

Click on the “Start Selling” button.

Step 3 :

Login to Amazon with your registered account or Create a new one if you haven’t already.

Step 4:

Next you will be redirected to a wizard with 5 steps. This will ask you for information such as your address and your phone number. You will have to verify your phone number through One Time Password (OTP), by either a text message or a call.

Step 5:

Next you will be asked to select the marketplace where you want to sell your products. I would suggest starting with your home country’s market and then growing gradually.

Step 6:

Next, you will be asked to enter your credit card details 

Step 7:

This step asks you to enter the following details:
Enter the name of your store. Choose a unique name which sounds catchy and is related to the products you plan to sell.Select Yes/No if you have a UPCs code for all your products? What is UPC code? UPC is your unique product codes.

Are you the manufacturer of the product you plan to sell or you are a representative ? If you are planning to buy products from the market and resell them on your Amazon store, then select “No”.

Step 8:

The next step is verification, you will have to provide proof of the details you mentioned on the previous screens. The two documents you would have to upload are

  • A picture of your identity, and
  • Your bank statement.

Step 9:

Last and the final step is to let Amazon’s team verify your details (documents) provided by you. This may take a few days.

Once the upload process is over, you will see this confirmation message from Amazon.

Once your verification is completed successfully,

Congratulations! Now, you are all set to sell your products on your own Store Online.

How To Find Someone On Amazon Storefront

In order to find someone’s Amazon Storefront, you can search using the storefront name or store ID by doing the following:

  • Visit
  • Click on Other Sellers on the right
  • Click on the store name of other sellers
  • Check for the sellers’ storefront under their name
  • To find their seller ID, look at the HTML bar after the merchant
  • The letter combination is their seller ID

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How To Buy From An Amazon Storefront

After finding someone’s store on Amazon Storefront, the next possible step is to buy from them. To buy from an Amazon Storefront you need to ensure that you’re signed in to your business account before you can browse through to see available products on the website.

Search for the product of your choice on the amazon storefront using the search bar; among the displayed search results, click on one of the products. It will take you to the product detail page on and if you see a Business Invoice badge, only then you can be sure that you will receive a business invoice for such product.

At times you may not see the Business Invoice badge on the product detail page on, in such a case click on ‘New from’ hyperlink located under the ‘Add to cart button. If one of the seller’s ships to business customers, then there will be a Business Invoice badge against their product; you can make purchases for your business with this seller.

Certain business sellers also offer business pricing and quantity discounts on certain products.

To complete the order, please perform the following steps:

Step 1 –

From the product detail page, select the number of products you wish to order and click on Add to Cart button.

The following page will take you to the Review Your Cart page, where you can review the products added to your cart and/ or add/reduce the quantity.

Step 2 –

Click Proceed to Checkout after you have reviewed the products in your shopping cart.

Step 3 –

You might be prompted to sign in to your business account again. Please sign in and proceed.

Step 4 –

Once you have signed in, the next page will take you to the Business order info, where you can enter a Purchase Order (PO) number. Please note that this is an optional field, you can continue with the checkout process by skipping this page. This page is added to help you keep track of the orders placed by your organization/business.

Step 5 –

Click Enter a new delivery address to enter a new address or select an existing delivery address by clicking the corresponding Deliver to this address button.

Step 6 –

Select from the available delivery speed and click Continue.

Step 7 –

Choose your mode of payment and click on Continue.
Review your order details and click Place your Order and Pay.

If you select a credit card/debit card as your payment instrument, you will get a redirect to your bank’s 3-D secure code to authorize your payment. You will see a Thank You page if your order is successfully placed.


If you’re a customer who claims VAT credit, always ensure you’re purchasing from business sellers shipping from your state. While you can purchase products from sellers shipping from other states, however, you won’t be able to claim VAT credit.

Final Words

It’s essential to set up an Amazon storefront to make your brand distinct from competitors. Amazon storefront help gives your brand and identity that makes customer return when treated well at first purchase. Therefore, set up an appealing storefront and give your customer a wonderful experience. 



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