An Honest Review of Revlon’s Blow-Dryer Brush

From flat irons to blow-dryers, hair tools are a tricky topic. The category encompasses so many varieties of the same handful of products, yet people’s allegiances to specific ones are deep-seated and unwavering. (It can be hard to veer from our go-to hairstyles and the tools that get us there.) But there’s one tool out there right now that we’ve heard tons of IRL and internet chatter about that seems to be a universal crowd-pleaser: the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush. We had to investigate.

Making (and taking) hair tool recommendations is tough to do since hair type, hair health concerns, and styling goals all weigh so heavily on our choices. All this is to say that whenever we hear about an affordable hair tool garnering seemingly universal acclaim, we pay close attention. According to the ravenous Twitter fandom, and even the early adopting die-hard fan base here at Who What Wear HQ, this round blow-dryer brush combination is supposed to deliver fast, easy, professional-looking blowouts. Hmm. 

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