Baking Banana Bread in Lockdown

Hi there, and hope you are having a great week! I am continuing with my lockdown alphabet series posts and this week I am covering the letter B for “Baking” and “Banana Bread”! 

So tell me honestly, did you bake banana bread or anything else during the lockdown? I am not much of a baker (or cook!) but my mother and sister have had a ball baking goodies for us in the kitchen through this entire lockdown period! What started with banana bread, cakes, brownies, and other sugary treats quickly transitioned to more serious experiments around garlic bread, pizza and other novelties which we have never tried at home before! As some of you know, my sister is a food blogger and she has really used this lockdown to try new things in the kitchen. Check out her Instagram profile here for a sneak peek into our indulgences through this lockdown. 

As for me, well you all know I am happiest inside a bakery! I love all things bread and I am sure that is fairly obvious from the name of this blog! So I can safely proclaim “baking” is my all time favorite lockdown trend in 2020.

Why is everyone baking during the lockdown? 

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