Best Haircuts for Thin Hair in 2022—See Photos

As we transition into fall, you’ll probably want switch up your hair. This holds true for those with thin hair, who are looking for the best haircuts for thin hair to create volume and body. We all know the feeling: The weather is changing, our wardrobe is changing, and suddenly we feel the need to try a new hairstyle. But if you have thin hair—whether it’s through hair loss or genetics—finding a style that suits you can be frustrating. 

One easy and quick solution: Cut off your hair. 

Typically, hair stylists recommend the bob cut for clients with less thick hair who want more volume. Advanced stylist Raphael Rogue at the Rob Peetoom Salon recommends a classic bob or a pixie cut for his clients with thin hair. “The pixie cut is great for clients wanting a bolder look,” he says, as it is customizable to your lifestyle. For people who still want a bit of length, he likes the classic bob. “By cutting and creating a blunt line, this haircut gives weight at the perimeter of the hair, giving the illusion of thicker hair.”

To take care of your new short hair, Iris Rubin, MD, dermatologist and founder of Seen Hair Care, suggests using a gentle shampoo and lightweight conditioner. “Those with thin hair should avoid heavy oils and waxes that can build up on the scalp and weigh hair down,” Dr. Rubin says. 

Another method to maintain your short hair is to air-dry. Celebrity stylist and R+Co Collective member Ashley Streicher suggests “air-drying fine, thin hair, as it results in much more volume-y, undone texture.” To achieve this look, she recommends a three-in-one texturizing shampoo, conditioner, and styler.  

However, cutting off your hair isn’t always easy. If you find yourself mentally preparing for the big chop, make sure to cover all your bases so your appointment goes smoothly. Luckily, we rounded up the best haircuts for thin hair to give you the boost you need to get started.

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