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Filing state and federal taxes need some level of expertise. Lack of expertise in this may incur penalties, fines, and probably audit.

Taxslayer saves you this stress. It aids you to file your state and federal taxes online with all the expertise required. claims that with its tax prep services, paying taxes online is easy, seamless, and safe.

It is not amiss to ponder on the effectiveness of this app. Is TaxSlayer legit or scam – is one reoccurring question among individuals who come across this app. This article on Taxslayer review 2022 provides answers on what TaxSlayer does, how it works, its cost, and its features.

The table of contents below reveals the order in which these questions and more are duly answered.

What is TaxSlayer?

Taxslayer is a company that provides the software, forms, regulations, and resources its customers need to file for state and federal taxes.

It uses modern technology, a dependable and knowledgeable team of tax experts to ensure its clients’ file taxes accurately and on time.

TaxSlayer is an online tax preparation tool that helps customers file state and federal taxes online. It offers four tax prep options to its clients to choose from. Individuals who are confident tax filers and do not need a lot of help can enjoy these offers.

TaxSlayer tax filing options range from the free versions to programs for self-employed customers that are suitable for entrepreneurs and contractors.

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What are TaxSlayers Four Tiers of Software?

Individuals looking for a simple tax solution can benefit from any of these TaxSlayer’s four-tier options.

#1. Simply Free

This tier option allows customers to prepare, print, and e-file their tax returns. It is the most basic tax preparation software option.

Simply free tier option encompasses W-2 income and tracks student loan interest and education expenses. If you’re doing taxes on your own for the first time, this tier is a great option; especially, if you have straightforward tax needs.

Read this piece on TaxSlayer reviews for clarity on what this tier option costs.

#2. Classic

This tier option comprises everything in the Simply Free tier with an upgraded form. If you opt for this tier, you will have your credits covered irrespective of any income type.

The Classic tier option supports all income types with no forms or schedule restrictions. An outstanding feature is its ability to fast-fill tax returns with last year’s information to save time.

#3. Premium

The premium package incorporates all Classic packages with additional features. For instance, in addition to all Classic features, clients get extra help from IRS-certified experts. They can help clients find all of the tax breaks they deserve.

#4. Self-employed

This tier option by TaxSlayer offers clients free federal tax returns filing and all required forms for active military members. Clients who opt for this tier will pay $39 for state tax filing and $47 for federal filing.

How Does TaxSlayer Work?

It is now a clear fact that TaxSlayer helps you file state and federal taxes. To begin this process and complete it, follow these steps below:

Step 1 – Create a free account

You would need to set up a free account to use TaxSlayer. To complete this procedure, input your financial data. This data comprises your income, debt, expenses, and other information that impacts your tax situation

Step 2 – Get Walked through the tax return process

Once your account creation is done, Taxslayer walks through the tax return process. This will aid the company to determine your income, expenses, deductions, and credits.

With the deduction and credit finder, the company searches for possible write-offs that will maximize your refund.

Step 3 – Submit your tax returns

Follow the prompts after filling in your information to submit your tax return. When this is done, you would simply wait to receive a notification once the IRS has received and accepted taxes.

TaxSlayer Website – What Customers Should Expect

The company’s website has an interface that sets it apart from its competitors. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to skip around.

A first-time user can create his own list of specific tax forms. Interestingly, there is a banner along the side that keeps track of where you are in the process.

However, TaxSlayer doesn’t have full-blown on-screen concept explanations as some other competitors do. For instance, paid packages don’t have the ability to import photos of W-2s. It allows you to import documents online or simply upload a PDF.

Recently, the self-employed part got revamped. Now users can get a bird’s eye view of all their business activities. Basically, this handy feature allows customers to see when they have forgotten to deduct any expenses. It could also find industry-specific tax breaks.

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How Much Does it Cost to Use TaxSlayer?

Taxslayer offers four-tier options to its clients. So, how much it costs to use TaxSlayer depends on the tax prep option you opt for.

The basic package – Simply free allows users to file federal taxes and one state tax return for free. The next prep option -Classic cost $17 for federal tax returns and $29 for state tax returns.

The premium tier option cost $37 for federal tax returns while state tax returns cost $29. In the same vein, the state tax returns for the self-employed tier cost $29 while its federal tax returns cost $47.

Online business and customer interaction come with a number of challenges. TaxSlayer is not oblivion of this fact. Hence, they take extra measures to reach out to their clients and walk them through the journey.

While they may have some cons, below are some reasons why use

#1. Ease to Use

TaxSlayer website has a user-friendly interface that allows a new users to get an insight into how to maneuver the pages. Also, clients can log in from other devices as long as there is an internet connection.

This is quite beneficial when clients are working on their returns here and there. The mobile apps also make access smooth and seamless.

#2. Different Support Options

TaxSlayer offers support to its users through different mediums. This is to ensure you get a response at every point in time.

To get help as a TaxSlayer, you can get help from

  • General Guidance: Clients can get insights from videos on the site
  • Tech support: Customers can get assistance if they reach out for support through phones or emails. It is free although you could subscribe for premium and self-employed packages.
  • One-on-one tax help: If you use the Premium or self Employed prep option, you get access to on-demand tax help from tax professionals.
  • Notable: You get support always irrespective of pricing. What changes is just functionality and level of support?

#3. Get Free Audit Assistance

TaxSlayer’s premium and Self Employed prep option offer free audit assistance to its clients. This free audit helps you prepare for an audit; however, they will not represent you in front of the IRS.

Users who opt for the other two packages can get this service for just $29.

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#4. Helps you load your Refund

Getting a refund usually entails choosing a direct deposit, applying the refund to next year’s tax, or directing the IRS to buy US savings bonds with your refund. helps its customers load their refund onto a Green Dot Bank prepaid debit card. For clients using a paid package, they are allowed to pay for the software out of your refund.

Is TaxSlayer better than TurboTax?| TaxSlayer Reviews

TaxSlayer and TurboTax offer similar services. But which is better for you will depend on the number of features available. When compared to TurboTax, TaxSlayer offer the same service as TurboTax at a cheaper rate.

It also has better customer service representation than its competitor. It provides different outlets to answer customers’ questions and proffer solutions.

The table below compares Other TaxSlayer Competitors.

On the higher end.

Ease of use
Q&A user flow is one of the best.

Support options
Live video help from a tax pro, online FAQs.

On the higher end.

Ease of use
Clear and helpful interface.

Support options
Live video help from a tax pro, online FAQs, 11,000 locations.

Good value pick.

Ease of use
Simpler, less focus on design.

Support options
Screen sharing, online FAQs, phone and chat

Is TaxSlayer Trustworthy? TaxSlayer Reviews

Currently, Taxslayer is not accredited. According to Consumer affairs, reviews of users on the platform indicate that the company has a 100% accuracy guarantee.

It is worth trying especially since it doesn’t charge any out-of-pocket fees.

Is TaxSlayer Legit? TaxSlayer Review 2022

TaxSlayer is a legit company and reliable. It offers a trusted tax preparation service alongside maximum returns and expert advice.

Unlike other big brands, TaxSlayer offers attractive and usable software at great price points. In addition, it offers meaningful support especially if you’re willing to go for a paid package.

However, It has to work on its incessant deductions from users’ accounts. A Series of complaints and reviews on centers on unauthorized debits from accounts. Although TaxSlayers makes efforts to refund such deductions – the company must put this singular action and stop it from reoccurring.

See the table below for a due comparison of the pros and cons of using TaxSlayer and your tax returns plug. Click the button immediately if this service looks like what you wish to use.

TaxSlayer Reviews – Pros TaxSlayer Reviews – Cons
Four tiers to fit your tax return needs Very few features to choose from
User-friendly interface Not too friendly mobile app
Easy access to online services Incessant and unauthorized deductions from customers
Military personnel enjoy discounts

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Consult experts to avoid incurring penalties that will definitely cost you more. Especially, for generating federal and state taxes.

TaxSlayer offers these services alongside TaxSlayer audit assistance, which helps you prepare for an audit. Although the promises are enticing, it is very important you read TaxSlayer Review.

This will aid you to ascertain if their services are for you or not. TaxSlayers reviews explain its cost, features, and tiers.



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