Best Photo Apps to Boost your Instagram Game Online


Do you think your Instagram audience is dwindling lately? If yes, then there are a few photo apps you can use to boost your Instagram game online.

Everyone knows that Instagram is 90% photo sharing and admiration. So if you are experiencing a low engagement, it could be that your photos and stories aren’t eye-catchy enough.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of photo apps that can help you boost your Instagram game online and save you lots of time.

This article highlights these apps and how they can help you improve your Instagram game.

Below are the best photo apps to boost your Instagram game online.

#1. VSCO

VSCO pronounced as (Vis-Ko) is a photo editing app that is popularly used by influencers. This is because it offers high-quality lightroom style photo filters that turn your iPhone photos from good to superb with a little bit of tweaking.

In addition, it allows you to change basic photo issues such as exposure, contrast, cropping and straightening, etc.

Similar to instagram, VSCO offers its own social features. That is, you can follow people directly on VSCO, and post and share photos from within the app.

VSCO is available on both Android and iOS devices.

#2. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the photo apps you can use to boost your Instagram game online. You’d notice that sometimes when you take pictures, your photo has a varying degree of darkness and brightness which you may not want to auto-enhance all of it.

This is where Snapseed comes in. Its brush tool allows you to selectively adjust for exposure, saturation, and color temperature, which is ideal for situations where you’d rather selectively edit. 

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3. Unfold

Unfold is an ultimate Instagram app that can be used to make your stories pop. The app has loads of unique design templates that allow you create a curated presentation of stories.

Asides the free templates, you can still buy premium templates that distinguishes your stories from others.

Unfold is available for download on iOS an Android devices.

4. Over

Similar to Unfold, Over is an Instagram layout app. However, it’s a lot more colorful and essentially gives you the tools you need to become your personal graphic designer.

This means that the app is full of graphic collaterals to suit different themes and requirements.

The app was created with small businesses in mind, to help them showcase their products on Instagram.

Just like Unfold, Over has premium templates and themed templates that are released during special occasions and festive seasons.

Over is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

#5.  Avatan Photo Editor

Avatan Photo Editor is another photo app that can help boost your Instagram game online.

In addition to offering effects and filters to lay over your original photo, Avatan Photo Editor makes it easy to retouch photos and create your own customized effects for photos.

The basic version of this app is free. However, to enjoy additional features you’d be required to make in-app purchases.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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#6. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe products are known for their powerful photo-editing abilities, and the Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor isn’t excluded.

To boost your Instagram game using this photo app, capture and edit raw images using the app’s editing tools. It elevates your photos to a professional quality by adjusting their hue, saturation, exposure, shadows, and more.

You can explore its preset filters, get inspired by edits that have been done by other Lightroom users using the Discover section. And learn from the tutorial to upgrade your photo editing skills.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

#7. Pixlr

With Pixlr you can build your own filters with effects,overlays, and textures. When you create something you like, you can save that filter and use it again.

This can be very useful if you’re trying to create a unique image for your brand. Pixlr also lets you selectively adjust your brightness and sharpness. It also includes a red-eye fixer and an array of photo editing tools.

#8. Litely

Litely is another photo app that can help to boost your Instagram game online. If you have pictures that are overly filtered and edited, Litely is the tool you need.

It offers uniquely subtle filters with the aim of enhancing the natural beauty of a photo.

You can drag your finger anywhere on the image to make adjustments, and tap your finger to compare before and after versions.

In addition, you can also choose different variations of the same filter to ensure the filter looks natural with your photo.

#9. A Color Story

A Color Story is a photo-editing app that is all about making the colors in your photos pop.

It contains 20 free editing tools, as well as filters, effects, and presets designed by professional photographers and influencers.

There are also some advanced editing tools, and its Instagram grid planning preview tool helps you ensure your brand’s grids look unified and cohesive.

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#10. Layout From Instagram

Rounding up my list of best photo apps to boost your Instagram game online is this app, layout from Instagram.

This app allows you to create collages easily using this free Instagram app, compiling up to nine photos in various combinations. You can pick photos as you go by using the apps in-built photo booth.

The layout makes it easy to create different collage layouts, pair the collage with filters and add other personalized elements, and share on Instagram.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


There you have it! The best photo apps to boost your Instagram game. Go through the list and choose which app best suits you.

All the best!


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