Capacity-building program to drive investment in African infrastructure

This month the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) was delighted to participate in the second Africa Infrastructure Fellowship Program (AIFP). The capacity-building program is designed to upskill African government infrastructure specialists, enabling them to facilitate increased investment in a pipeline of new, sustainable infrastructure that has positive social and economic impact in African communities.

Our CEO, Marie Lam-Frendo welcomed the 2021 cohort of the AIFP at the École des Ponts ParisTech and provided a presentation on infrastructure’s role in economic recovery and outlined related trends in Africa.

We also hosted two workshops for the cohort including:

Workshop 1: Innovative Funding and Financing

GI Hub’s Michael Twycross, Senior Infrastructure Specialist and Daniel del Rio, Infrastructure Specialist provided an overview of solutions for structuring bankable projects and attracting private investment. In addition, they presented GI Hub’s Innovative Funding and Financing tool and related case studies.

“The Innovative Finance and Funding tool was very essential and interesting for me. It showed ways to attract private partners and highlighted new concepts for the sustainable use of resources like the circular economy. It is helpful for emerging market countries like Ethiopia to attract investors, acquire project finance, funding and resources through innovative solutions and synergy.” Muluemebet Brehanu, Advisor to the Secretary of State for Finance and the PPP DG, Ministry of Finance, Ethiopia

Workshop 2: Improving delivery models and risk allocation

GI Hub’s Maud de Vautibault, Director Practical Tools and Knowledge, Michael Twycross and Daniel del Rio presented GI Hub’s newest initiative Improving Delivery Models that aims to address common challenges faced in infrastructure delivery.

“Improving Delivery Models will help me to propose improvements to the challenges we face in project procurement in my country, Cameroon.” Lilly Victoire Monkam Ngako, Deputy Head of the Infrastructure Department at the Directorate of Infrastructure and Support for Regional and Local Development, Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Cameroon

The fellows were also taken through GI Hub’s PPP Risk Allocation Tool and the World Bank’s Guidance on PPP Contractual Provisions. This presentation was followed by a mock negotiation on an airport project that was facilitated by Allen & Overy.

“The workshops presenters were from different sectors and shared practical examples regarding project finance, risk management, contract administration, and environmental impact assessment issues. It enables me to envisage the broader aspect of PPPs and understand that the public sector has a great role to play in achieving the best coordination of such stakeholders otherwise nothing could be achieved.” Mahlet Yared, Team Leader – Construction procurement and contract administration, Federal Housing, Ethiopia

The GI Hub is pleased to be a key partner of the AIFP and wishes the 2021 fellows all the best for the months ahead.

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