Chin Bangs Are a Summery Spin on Curtain Bangs

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with haircuts—and what better way to revamp your look than with some fresh chin bangs? From edgy micro bangs to the chic fringe of Birkin bangs, choosing the right style can be overwhelming. Luckily, chin bangs are here to help you ease into switching up your style, without the anxiety of taking off too much length. 

Chin bangs are the more relaxed and subtle version of the popular curtain bang. They’re cut to frame the face in flattering tendrils, creating soft layers that stop right at your chin. 

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To be clear, this take on bangs is not your typical cropped layers. “Chin length bangs are cut a bit heavier than regular layers so that they look a bit stronger and more intentional,” says Clariss Rubenstein, the celebrity hairstylist behind Jennifer Garner, Mindy Kaling, and Dakota Fanning‘s enviable hair. 

While chin length bangs are perfect for those who want to create the illusion of a stronger jawline , the framing of the cut is critical to achieve your desired look. “If you already have a strong jawline have your chin length bangs cut so they are soft and not severe,” she says. “If you are trying to create more of a dynamic jawline, you can go a bit more blunt with the cut. Definitely go softer for a rounder or square face shape.”

Even summer humidity can’t mess up this look. Rubenstein calls it a “free grown out vibe,” which relies on the length of the fringe to weigh down the hair so shrinkage is minimal to none.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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