Debby Ryan On Her Skincare Essentials and Fashion Evolution

Take us inside a typical fitting with you and Chris. Do you like to do a big try on or do you usually gravitate towards just a few items on the rack?

Well I live in Columbus, Ohio, so it’s a lot of staying in touch and sending things back and forth that we’re inspired by. A lot of the time when I’m traveling, it’s bowling with bumpers. I’ll send him a picture of a piece with another piece, and he’ll give feedback on styling, tying it together and making adjustments. I’m really into thrifting and repurposing random pieces around me, and he’s so knowledgeable about designers and loves to support up-and-coming designers and lines. Now, when I see him for a week like this, we’re usually trying on and putting together looks for all foreseeable events in one fitting. My friends Sarah [Hyland] and Wells [Adams] are getting married this weekend, so he’d put a look on me and it’d be, “Is this premiere or rehearsal dinner in wine country or zoom press?” based on the vibe or formality or comfort or whatever.

How do you think your red carpet style has evolved over the years?

I feel I’ve just recently hit my stride in expressing myself, as opposed to retrofitting my comfort to embody a look, like working backwards as an actor: building a character based on the lines. I’m wearing stuff that I like and get excited about finding and putting together, but I’ve also begun to think about it way less. What you wear is showing people how you want to be seen, it telegraphs your priorities, and it oscillates so wildly. Though, we’re all a little new every day, so I feel like it evens out.

Let’s talk glam. When it comes to prepping your skin, what are some of your go-to products?

You cannot buy anything that does to your skin what circulation, sweat, and hydration does. That said, iS Clinical Active Serum is my holy grail of skincare. I like cold (water, products, tools) and lots of moisture. One thing that makes Hinako such an incredible makeup artist is her emphasis on skin maintenance. My friends who are visual artists, whatever their medium, acknowledge an importance of the canvas as much as the tools, and it’s a comforting, empowering process because it’s not concealing or masking or disfiguring. It’s laying a thoughtful groundwork that holds incredible artistry. Today she brought a machine from Japan that zapped my face muscles.

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