Did You Check the Batteries? A Troubleshooting Guide for the Sky Q Remote

Sky is among the most popular options especially if you want access to amazing TV channels in the United Kingdom. It comes with a variety of channels, key among them some very good kids and sports entertainment channels.


Even though other options such as Virgin are catching up with Sky, it still enjoys over ten million users in the UK alone. However, just like other devices and appliances, you might run into challenges when using the Sky Q remote.


Fortunately, some of these challenges are easy to solve and do not require replacement or any external help. If your Sky Q remote is not working, you should first check to see if the batteries are okay. You might need to replace them. 

A Troubleshooting Guide for the Sky Q Remote

You can fix issues related to Sky remote on your own by following several steps. Here are a few guides to get your remote working within a few minutes or even seconds.

Reset the Sky Q Remote

The first step to fixing any issues with your Sky Q remote, after making sure that the batteries are okay, is resetting the remote. 


To do that;


  1. Press and hold the 7 and 9 buttons on the remote for about ten seconds.
  2. Release the buttons after seeing a red light flashing on the remote. This light indicates that the remote is now reset.

Re-Pair the Sky Q Remote

If resetting the Sky Q remote does not work, you might have to re-pair it again with your Sky box


All you need to do is;


  1. Press and hold the 1 and 3 buttons on the remote at the same time.
  2. You will get access to the setup menu.
  3. Navigate through the setup menu and enter your TV’s brand.
  4. Re-pair the remote with the Sky box.

Connect Your Sky Box to the Internet

You should make sure that your Sky box is connected to the internet. This is important in ensuring that the Sky Q remote works well. For instance, you cannot use the voice command function on your Sky Q remote if your box is not connected to the internet. 


To connect it to the internet;


  1. On your Sky box, navigate to settings.
  2. Select status to see if you are already connected to the internet.
  3. If not, connect your Sky box to your WiFi network.

Restart Your Sky Box

Sometimes, you might be having challenges with your Sky Q remote and think that the issues are coming from the remote itself. However, some of these problems are caused by the Sky Box. This requires you to restart your Sky box. 


Doing that is easy;


  1. Check if your Sky box works well by using a standby button on the front side of the box. Pressing this button should turn your Sky box off and on. You should also see its color changing from green to orange or vice versa.
  2. If step one above does not work, you will have to manually restart your Sky box. The best way to do this is to disconnect it from the power supply and then connect it back. Press the start button after this. 
  3. Try using your Sky Q remote to see if it works and keep enjoying the best TV channels.

Check for Stuck Buttons

Depending on the frequency and the number of people who use your Sky Q remote, you might have some buttons stuck in the pressing position. Most people rarely realize this. When one or more buttons are stuck, then it means that you cannot use the other buttons.


To check for stuck buttons;


  1. Move your hand on the buttons or just look at them to ensure that they are all on the same level.
  2. If they are not, you can simply use your nails or a sharp object to remove any buttons that might be stuck.
  3. Try using the remote to ensure that it works.


As you can see, troubleshooting issues with your Sky Q remote is easy. You can do this on your own without any help. If none of these solutions work, you might have to consult Sky for help or even replace the remote.


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