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The Summons is used to personally serve your spouse with the divorce papers. This form notifies your spouse that you have formally filed for divorced and gives them a copy of the Cover Sheet and Complaint for Divorce.

When your spouse is served is important, and it must be done legally. The date is important because your spouse will have a limited number of days, often 21 to 30, to respond to the complaint and make their own case for what they want out of the divorce.

Check with the court’s self-help center to determine how you can legally serve your spouse. Some states, like Hawaii, allow you to mail the summons with a signature requested, while other states require you to have a third party hand the paperwork directly to your spouse, notifying them that they are served.

Many states’ sheriff’s offices have a division for service of process through which you can hire a deputy to serve the paperwork for a nominal fee. There are also process service companies that you can hire.

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