Do You Get Paid To Foster Dogs? Best Ways To Make Money From Dogs

Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well, even little stuff like fostering dogs. And you should do it for the right reason which is to get paid.

Nowadays, those little things we did for fun have become monetized. Some creatives have even turned them into small business ideas which are quite lucrative.

Model this fun turned venture in order to make some cash out of it. This can be achieved by learning about the ways to get paid for fostering dogs.

There are quite a number of them but this article will concentrate on listing the 10 best ways to get paid to foster dogs.


Trust me when I say that almost every house in the US has a dog.

Research has it that 70% of every American home has at least a Chihuahua. What that means is the USA is a great place to foster dogs.

So if you’re thinking of going into the dog fostering business in the USA, then you’re about to make a big income. 

However, the question most people ask are “Do you get paid to foster dogs?” “How does Dog fostering generate funds?” Well, if there is no money from it then it’s not worth calling a business. Discover how that works below!!

What is Dog Fostering?

Dog fostering is the process of taking care of a dog in someone else’s home, while that person is unable to look after their animal at the moment.

Also, dog Fostering is a process where people can care for other people’s dogs while the owners are away. You can also refer to fostering dogs as giving stray dogs a temporary home until they get adopted.

Either way, you get to watch a dog that is not yours under your care for a while.

The good thing about fostering dogs is that it is not a full-time job unless you want to make it one. If you have the time, space, and commitment needed for fostering dogs, then it can be a great way of making money. 

Why Should I Foster a Dog?

Many say that fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

For people who can never have enough of these furry friends, it can be a hobby. If you’re wondering why someone in their right senses should foster a dog then you need to see this.

Here are some reasons to foster dogs 

  • It’s a source of income.
  • Fostering dogs ready dogs for adoption.
  • Also, fostering dogs is a means to shelter or rescue stray dogs.
  • By fostering dogs, many dogs get to end up in the best home possible.
  • It’s a means of social security because most stray dogs are taken off the streets avoiding harm and dog harassment. 

Do You Get Paid to Foster Dogs?

Do you get paid to foster dogs? Yes, you get paid to foster dogs.

Most dog fostering programs in the USA offer an hourly rate pay usually $20-$30 per hour.

Then, for the monthly rate, a part-time foster parent earns somewhere between $200 and $1000 a month.

This is aside from the reimbursements for veterinary bills and pet food expenses you incurred during the time.

In addition, the amount of money you get paid to foster dogs will vary depending on the location and mode of work.

Likewise, you can earn more by taking the dog on a walk on weekends or other days when they’re closed!

However, this doesn’t apply to most other nations. Most nations regard dog fostering as a volunteering service. Therefore, if you want to do a volunteering job then do not expect a dime!

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How Do You Foster Dogs and Get Paid?

Just like any other business and money-yielding venture, you need a plan.

Many say that dog fostering wouldn’t make you rich. But we say, depending on the plan and strategy, you can become a billionaire just by fostering dogs.

Below we have outlined the 10 best ways to make money from dogs. Therefore, here’s what you should do to foster dogs and get paid;

  • Dog walking
  • Dog training
  • Washing Dogs
  • Plan dog Parties
  • Make Doggie Treats
  • Sitting out with dogs
  • Owning a private shelter.
  • Leading Dog Adventures.
  • Drive Dogs to Appointments
  • Become a Dog Photographer
  • Working with a dog fostering organization.

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What Do I Need to Set Up a Dog Foster Home?

All you need is a shelter home with some beds and feeding troughs. You might also need to put in place toys and treats for the dogs. 

How Much Does it Cost to Foster a Dog?

Fostering a dog is expensive! However, the cost of fostering a dog depends on the specie.

The species of dogs determine the charge a foster parent places on the dog.

You do not expect the cost of fostering a Bullmastiff to be the same as a German Shepherd or Chihuahua.

Additionally, the cost depends on the age of the dog. Puppies are easily fostered compared to a middle-aged dog who wants to attack every foot. It’s also easier to foster an aged dog (It’s gonna sleep on you all day!!! No work but great pay!)

Usually, the dog owners will pay acceptance, bedding, and feeding fee. This is different from vet visits, medicine, and fees incurred by spoiling things around the shelter. 

What Skills do I Need to Foster Dogs?

Basically, all you need is to love these furry friends.

For the most part, as long as you have an open heart and a willingness to care for animals in need, then you’re qualified.

However, you can learn more about this by becoming a volunteer with local shelters or non-profits like Pets without Parents. 

What are the Cons of Fostering a Dog?

Aside from the fact that this is a business, many foster parents get too attached to a dog that separation becomes really hard. Dog Foster parents get to lose a part of the family when the dog finds a permanent home.

On the other hand, most dogs in the shelter are not properly trained. So, expect your house to become a total mess while they last.

Meanwhile, this can be a money advantage!

Can I Foster a Dog If I Work Full-Time?

This depends on how well you manage your time and how dedicated you are.  Although possible, it could be challenging. But once you get a schedule and a routine, it’s going to be easy. 

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How Many Dogs Can I Foster at Once?

Depending on how much space you have, you can shelter as many dogs as possible. Also, this depends on your time and the needs of the foster dogs.

For example, you can foster a litter of puppies at once if you don’t have a full-time job and if you have a space in your house that is large enough for them.

FAQs On Get Paid To Foster Dogs

What is Dog Fostering?

Dog fostering is the process of taking care of a dog in someone else’s home, while that person is unable to look after their animal at the moment.

How much do I make to foster Dogs?

In the USA, most dog fostering programs offer an hourly rate pay usually $20-$30 per hour. Then, for the monthly rate, a part-time foster parent earns somewhere between $200 and $1000 a month.

How do you foster to get paid?

Here are some ways you can get paid to foster dogs
1. Dog walking
2. Washing Dogs
3. Make doggie treats
4. Sitting out with dogs
5. Dog training
6. Drive dogs to appointment
7. Become a dog photographer, etc.


When next someone pops the question “Do you get paid to foster dogs?” You give them an unapologetic yes!

Fostering a dog can be lucrative if you follow the tips we have listed in this article, including the best ways to make money/get paid from fostering dogs.

I’m sure setting up a dog fostering plan is what’s on your mind. We wish you immense luck!!!



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