Dramatic Layers Are the Best Way to Achieve Effortless Volume

Don’t get us wrong, there’s something so statement about blunt, one-length hair, but for autumn (and for summer, too), TikTok has decreed dramatic layers the only haircut you need to have on your radar.

The style has Swedish model, influencer and all-round It-girl, Matilda Djerf to thank for some of it’s popularity. Matilda’s fluffy, ‘70s layers have been her signature for years, but her hair aesthetic really took over lockdown (when ironically we couldn’t get the cut). But, it’s continued to go stratospheric ever since.  In fact, these days Matilda’s not just an influencer, she’s a hashtag, with over 157 million people searching for her name, and 29.9 million watching #matildadjerfhair on TikTok. “The Matilda Djerf blow-out has taken TikTok by storm and is here to stay,” confirms Samantha Cusick, Batiste Ambassador and professional hair stylist.

Layers have arguably been the runaway success of autumn for a few seasons now, with The Shag convincing us that short, rock ‘n roll layers could be the way forward. But if you aren’t ready to commit to something quite so choppy and radical, ‘dramatic layers’ can bring the drama in another way entirely, thanks to heavy,  swooping, outgrown curtain fringes and lots of longer layers to add a rich-looking texture.

The good news is that longer layers are easier to style. They’re less likely to ping off in different directions like cray-cray palm fronds, so for off-duty days, you can just leave them to air-dry, and the lighter weight will encourage your natural texture to do it’s thang a little more. But, it also looks awesome blow-dried. “Dramatic layers with face-framing bangs, styled in huge, extra af, voluminous waves look perfect for any autumnal coffee shop date,” says Samantha.

You’re face-framing action will determine what direction the style heads in, also. Thick curtain fringes will give it a cool, retro appeal, while long  jaw-length and collarbone-length layers will give it a sleeker, modern vibe.

Here’s 12 of our favourite ways to wear dramatic layers…

 Retro fluffy layers

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