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Fatima Town Islamabad has been in the news for some time now and we are afraid not in the positive light. Many controversies have surrounded this housing venture including the widely known lawsuits filed by the investors of this project in the courts. Let us discuss the details of this residential housing scheme so you can learn more about this project.

Fatima Town Islamabad Location:

Fatima Town Islamabad is yet another housing society that is situated near the new Benazir International Airport and is located at only 6 Km away from the motorway at the backside of ICHS Town at mouza Bangu near dhamial in Tehsil Fateh Jhang near Islamabad city. Capital Smart City, Al-Haram City and Blue World City are also situated in the same zone as this housing society.

Project Details:

Fatima Town Islamabad is a project by A.G. B Pakistan and is contracted to Al-Baraka Contractor. The total area of Fatima Town is 32 Kanals of land in Mouza Bangu.

It has been 10-12 years since the launch of the plot and the officials have then have sold hundreds of plots. Same plot no. has been registered to 10 investors and people are not taking to this scam lightly. The owners of this housing society are deemed criminals and are facing many fraudulent charges.

A number of petitions and warnings have been issued against this housing scheme but so far the investors have not been able to get a dime back of their investment making this housing project the most untrustworthy.

The developers of the housing project and the third parties associated with the housing scheme have officially and publicly disassociated themselves from this project and are refusing to take any responsibility.

Development in Fatima Town:

There has been no development what so ever in the project, even though a significant amount of time has passed since its launch due to its questionable status.

Fatima Town Islamabad payment plan:

Various sizes of plots are available in the Fatima town housing scheme phase 2 in residential blocks on a very affordable installment plan and also cash payment. The payment plan for each size of a residential plot installment below.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Fatima Town Islamabad Payment Plan

How to detect and act against real estate fraud:

In a possible scenario in which your assets and finances are compromised, it is important that you go to the appropriate authority.

During the search for any property, it is important that you do not lose sight of everything that concerns this situation: housing options, location, prices, or the legal situation of the property, since you may be exposed to real estate fraud, in which you do not you will only waste time, but also money.

In the legal field, future buyers should not lower their guard and need to be properly advised, as this will determine the viability of the purchase, in addition to avoiding possible fraud.

“It is important to verify that the property is properly regulated. Not necessarily lien-free, but having the documents in order, having planning permission, water, gas, and electricity ballot or having deeds.

There are different aspects where special attention should be paid. One of them falls on the deeds of the property, where you have to make sure that it is in the name of the person/company who sells it and that it coincides with the official identification that is presented at the time of signing the property papers.

The existence of the property is another aspect, and it is not for less since many times a property is not for sale and is published on some Internet site or a nonexistent land is sold. All properties are registered, and in these cases, you can consult it before the Registry of Property.

“The registry assigns a folio to each property that is registered and where there is proof of the entire history of the property, as well as who is the current owner. Having a folio, you can perform a search in order to know your situation, it is important to know that the property being offered really exists”

Another aspect is also to review the property fees, in order to avoid expenses in your pocket.

“It is important to verify that the property is current in payments such as Property and water,” 

Types of Real Estate frauds:

There are three types of fraud that are frequently committed and the same has been observed in Fatima Town Islamabad.

  1. The first is to request quantities to separate the property. This type of fraud consists of requesting advance payments from the buyer without any guarantee of the property.

Either by a natural person or a ghost realtor who seeks to obtain money without showing the property to the interested party and citing it in ghost offices, giving out the delivery of the property and then disappearing with the requested hitch.

  1. A duplicate sale is that the property offered is sold by the owner twice or more, in that sense, that is the second most recurring type of fraud.

In this case, the first person who made the purchase may be the owner and the people who also made the purchase are scammed. Although a contract is signed before a notary, it does not send a preventive purchase and sale notice, and when another person verifies the registration and there is no purchase request, said property can be sold several times.

  1. It is very common to observe advertisements for housing offers on the Internet. However, these properties are not for sale and the buyer is not really the owner of the property, so with deception, he asks for advanced payments to the person interested in buying the property. This is the third type of fraud, so the broker manager recommended a measure not to fall into them.

To avoid this, it is recommended to ask the seller for the property title, to conduct a survey in the area to verify that the person actually lives there and that the property is for sale, in addition to avoiding providing documents with personal data that allow the scammer use them to force the sale.

Measures to consider:

Unfortunately, there is a risk of falling into these types of scams, so it is important that you know what to do and who to go to if you are a victim of fraud.

In the first instance, official complaints can be made when there is a buyer-seller relationship. In that instance, a recommendation is issued where the affected parties are cited to reach an agreement, whether due to breach of contract to avoid reaching larger instances. In this one, the advance payment can be recovered as long as the contract is registered.

Another option is to go to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, where an act is drawn up where the facts are indicated, the contract and the identification of the seller are presented, where the two parties are summoned to determine if it is done a trial that allows to delineate responsibilities and to recover the money deposited if there was any advance payment.

In case of not proceeding with the minutes before the Public Ministry, a third instance would be a lawsuit before a court. In this case, an initial brief is requested, which specifies that he was a victim of fraud, what amount of money is involved, the documents that prove that the amount was actually deposited with the seller and also presents the contract of sale.

The process consists of citing a meeting between seller and buyer. However, many times what buyers face is that the scammer does not go to ratify this demand, since he changes his address to continue with his practices, and proceeds to make edicts in order to reach an agreement. However, the victims choose to set aside this option, since it takes time and many times it is unsuccessful and the money awarded is lost, in case they have given down payment.

How to avoid being scammed in Pakistan?

This housing scheme has still had investors chasing the owners and developers of this project for the payment or allotment/registration of their plots but so far there has been silence from the officials. You are very careful while investing in any property in Pakistan and do your whole research before putting your hard-earned money in a place. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid getting scammed.

Always authenticate the information about the property you want to invest in from all the relevant housing authorities and be sure to check all the permissions specifically NOC of the housing venture and its planning permissions.

If you are sending payment from abroad avoid sending money through Western Union or MoneyGram. In case of selling never accept cashier cheques from outside your county.

Avoid scams by not paying in cash but cross cheque or bank draft so you have a proof of transaction. Keep the record of every transaction that you make. Always make the cheque in the name of the company you are booking property from.

To be safe that you don’t try booking your plot online from the dodgy websites that give the option of online booking. If you have to book your property online always book from the official website of the housing scheme or from the website of reliable and authentic marketing companies such as Sky Marketing.

We advise you to invest in reliable housing projects that are secure and free of any consequences, you should consider Park View City Islamabad, Capital Smart City or if you are on a budget, the most affordable housing society in Islamabad University Town Islamabad.

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