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If you ask someone to name the first bank they think of, odds are the answer will be Chase. The bank serves over half of U.S. households and has grown its consumer and community banking deposits to over $1 trillion. Chase Bank is America’s largest bank by assets, and with thousands of branches and three times as many ATMs, it has one of the largest banking footprints in the U.S.

But none of that is much comfort if you need Chase services and aren’t sure where to look for a branch or machine. Here’s how to find a Chase location near you.

Chase Bank Near Me

To track down the closest Chase branch to where you are, you could use Google Maps to find an address and office hours. But the Chase Bank Locator at will provide more information about the bank location, including:

  • A phone number
  • Services offered at the particular branch
  • Information about ATMs at the location, including the number of machines, services they provide, ATM hours and ATM languages available
  • The name and direct telephone number of a Chase home lending advisor at the branch

How To Use the Locator Tool

To find Chase branches using the bank locator, enter your street address or ZIP code, then click “Search.”


You’ll see a map showing both branches and Chase ATM-only locations. To see only the branches, select “Filters” near the search bar.


Tick the checkbox by “Branch” under “Filter By Location Type,” then select “Apply.”

Now the map will display just Chase branch locations.


If you do your banking on Sundays or want a location offering specific services, like business banking, you can filter the search results to show precisely those things.

Chase ATM Near Me

Chase maintains a network of advanced ATMs at its branches and as stand-alone machines. Many upgraded Chase ATMs feature cardless access and offer a convenient way to deposit up to 30 checks at a time.

They also allow you to do the usual stuff: withdraw cash, make deposits or transfers, see your recent transactions and make payments to Chase credit cards.

To find the nearest ATM, use the Chase locator tool—but don’t filter your results. Most Chase branches offer ATMs, and if you filter your search by selecting “ATM” as the location type, you’ll see only the sites with stand-alone machines.

The broader results will not only show branches with ATMs, but it will also display the number of machines at each branch. When ATMs are available outside a branch’s office hours, you’ll see a note about the ATM hours. Many ATMs at branch locations are available 24/7.

When a Chase location offers only an ATM, it will be described as “ATM Only/No Branch.”


If you’re looking for more information on an ATM location beyond the available services, select the location name for additional ATM details, including the support languages.

About Chase Bank

Chase has spent the last two decades building its branch location empire. In 2004, it acquired Ohio-based Bank One, adding 1,800 branches across 14 states in the Midwest and South. During the financial crisis of 2008, Chase acquired the failed bank Washington Mutual, increasing its branch presence to 5,400 banks in 23 states.

After closing some branches in recent years as part of an industrywide downsizing trend, Chase is once again aggressively expanding its reach. In 2021, the company opened its first branch locations in Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Vermont—and became the first bank to have branches in all of the lower 48 states.

Chase continues to bolster its presence in major metro areas and increase its roster of branches, now at close to 5,000.

In addition to its branch network, Chase offers 16,000 ATMs throughout the contiguous states. The strength of the bank’s ATM network typically mirrors its branch locations, so while you might come across an ATM every few blocks in downtown Seattle, Chicago or Washington, D.C., you’ll find only a few machines in Des Moines, Iowa, where there are just three branches.

Chase Bank does have one ATM location in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, but none in Alaska.

Chase Bank Hours

Branch banking hours vary by location, but most Chase branches are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Some locations are open Saturdays with reduced hours, from 9 a.m. until early afternoon.

Select locations are open on Sundays—and you can find those using the filter on the Chase Bank locator tool.

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